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I got an sms yesterday from a friend i haven’t spoken to in ages saying:

“Please vote for my sister (name) for best smile on Please vote daily if you can. Thank you.”

I went in to check the website and it turns out it is a contest where random Lebanese females uploaded pictures of themselves smiling with shiny teeth and whomever has the highest number of votes will have her picture on the front page of Femme magazine’s July edition.

You can check the most popular smiles here. I asked my friends if they knew about it and apparently many got smses to vote for this and that. I can’t believe people would spend their money on such a thing. Plus, how would Crest know which pictures are photoshopped and which are not ?

I, for my part, will vote for Maya Zankoul‘s smile lol.

17 thoughts on “MyCrest Smile

  1. Riham

    SMS? For me they didn’t reach that yet. Just on facebook “Did you vote for me today????? :D” from people I have not spoken to in YEARS.

  2. Mark

    Hmmm I just got an idea. I wonder if we can choose some random girl and help her win the contest. I’m checking and the most popular girl has like 2000votes, my blog could get a girl at least double that in a single day easily. Najib choose a girl, who do you want to win this 😀

  3. Maya

    I have no idea at all!

    In theory it should not.. the fact that it was accepted means that it means the requirements 😛 Plus it would be funny & unexpected… But I’m just doing it for the laugh & the fun.. I’m sure there are gorgeous girls out there who are dying to get on the cover…

  4. Mark

    it wont work. its a campaign for crest, they’ve paid money for this and they want to show white teeth. Even if Maya got the highest votes she wouldnt win, they would disqualify her. Now if Maya puts up her real photo that can work

  5. Maya

    By the way, it’s not about the highest votes. I just put up the illustration to make a statement.

    If you read closely on their site, it says: “click like on your fav. pic. to *increase* her chances of winning”. So if the pic with most votes isn’t fit, they will not go for it in all cases.

  6. Najib Post author

    True Maya, but then it would be very unfair to whomever wins the highest votes if they don’t get selected. Your picture clearly will get disqualified but if a real girl’s picture is ugly and wins, then Crest can’t just ignore it and choose another.

  7. Patrick

    Thats what I thought would happen if we decided to increase the votes on a bad photo or Maya’s. If first place were to go to Maya or a bad photo, they’ll probably just choose the next “good” one.


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