My Last Valentine in Beirut Facing Censorship Issues

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The order of nurses in Lebanon has apparently filed a complaint against Salim el Turk’s movie “My Last Valentine in Beirut” as they felt disrespected by few scenes of the movie, which has been showing for only 2 weeks now. Salim el Turk stated that he didn’t receive any official letter yet and that he’s against any type of censorship.

What’s next? Ask the authorities to confiscate all the naughty nurse costumes for Halloween and Barbara?

We have officially reached a new level of stupidity in Lebanon.

17 thoughts on “My Last Valentine in Beirut Facing Censorship Issues

  1. A

    i havent watched the movie, so i can’t judge the quality of the movie, but a trailer is supposed to give u a glimpse about the movie’s story and characters and what not. after watching the linked video, i still don’t understand what the movie is about. is it the diary of a prostitute? is it an action movie? a musical?

  2. Scirocc0

    it is an advanced level ! 😀
    assaad … thx for your help 😛
    ba3d ma sarle wa2t shoufo nshalla ozmot abel ma yshilo nosso 😛
    bass 7abbet l di3aye:)

  3. Tarek

    This movie is the worse i’ve ever seen in my life. Lack of story and mediocre acting. People were literally leaving the theater throughout the show. At the end of it, a handful remained. Watch it and you will know what I mean

  4. maya

    Najiiib,I’m at a level im not surrised by anything ,people are soo me3a2adin men everything in Leb that they feel disrtespected by everything while its the army and isf officers who really are verbally harrasing women on the streets but to that they shut up

  5. maya

    Tarek,the point is not if the movie was good or bad ,to be honest LEBanese cinema sux big time ,but that its facing censorship because of silly nurse costumes ,Leb is actually becoming Iran ,embrace it

  6. T

    Walla it’s a good policy that every filmmaker should do in Lebanon!
    Make a controversial seen to get free publicity and then edit that seen!

  7. assaad

    not only, we released the film with 30 minutes removed which made the story in parts irrlevant , but now the syndicate of nursing wants us to remove more than 15 minutes,,
    so if you calculate the film was 1 hour 50 minutes,,, only 1 hour 20 minutes released, and now they want us to remove another 15 minutes, which will destroy what remained from the story

  8. serge

    we need the whole movie on DVDs.
    from australia
    i wanna be able to have R-rated movies in leb like there is everywhere.. its not bad if that happens

  9. Melissa

    Ok people come on now

    So typical … Lebanese people found it an opportunity to blame the lebanese cinema and the “te32id” of the lebanese people ..why don’t you start talking politics now and link it to “wade3 el balad”

    I do encourage the media to become open in talking and showing these kind of movies and stating the facts that we often refuse to admit but its all present in our society nevertheless i am sure that the movie could be done in a better way

    I mean you had the budget to do the movie and 3D ( wow….) so why don’t you try to send a message or make your point in a plot and more meaningful way

    I have to say it bluntly …the movie ( dono if its a movie or documentary)was so bad,boring and lacks a plot but i would give a chance to the filmmamker to try at least another production with better plot better actors and a daring topic

    Better luck next time

    1. assaad

      30 minutes from the film was deleted before released
      fair enough to say , it affected the plot,, dont you think?

      anyway the full version wil be on dvd next year with all the scenes banned( the best scenes)

  10. E

    I would like to take this moments and thank Halloween for showing us that for every profession there’s a sluty version of that profession

  11. Cynthia

    lol seriously?!! 😛 I think the problem is nurses here are all old hags or fat asses and they got offended because the chick in the movie is hot. 7aram 3a2adon men 7alon.


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