Najwa Karam admires Hitler for his charisma?

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Out of all famous leaders and personalities in the world and in Lebanon, Najwa Karam picked Adolph Hitler as one of the many men that, if combined, would make her ideal man. Seriously? Hitler?!?

On last week’s Mtv Lebanon’s Talk Of The Town show, the 46 year old songstress was asked by host Mona Abou Hamze to list different men, that if combined, would make her ideal man. Two of her choices were utterly appalling not to mention extremely disappointing from someone with her influence.

First she chose Hitler, yes you read correctly, Adolf Hitler, she said, for his “charisma” and his ability to carry out a speech. The sad part is no one really raised an eyebrow or even attempted to challenge that irresponsible and ignorant reply. How is it that in this day and age, a public figure, specifically a somewhat liberal woman, would advocate or publicly applaud a characteristic of HITLER? [Ivysays]

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30 thoughts on “Najwa Karam admires Hitler for his charisma?

  1. Mustapha

    I tweeted about this as soon as i saw it. This can cause her serious problems with L’Oreal if someone pursues it…

  2. Gianni

    The sad part is even your readers have not commented on it..yet!! I do not know how to describe a stupid lady who admires a man who was responsible to one of the most horrendous acts of barbarism in human history! Truly sad!

  3. Khalil

    Come on people, this person(alongside all of them lebo “artists”) has the IQ of a cucumber. Don’t give her much attention.

  4. Anonymous

    Well she didn’t admire him for what he had done but rather for one of his traits that made him such a convincing person. And to be fair he did the right thing for Germany by denying a slow state of corruption by the Jews. Look at the United States now, the jews have got it by the throat and anything you say against them wont end very nicely for you. Go ahead and criticize the president, the pope or whoever you want but the second you say anything about the jewish lobby (or Israel), you’re automatically an anti-semite. He did his country a favor to be honest. Now Im not supporting genocide or the discrimination of a certain people, but when someone is messing with your economy and profiting from the welfare state of your people then something has to be done. He did what he had to do.

    1. Najib Post author

      Putting people in concentration camps and killing hundreds of thousands is “something he had to do” ???

      Who’s talking about jews here? This guy killed Romani, leftists, Soviet prisoners of war, Polish and Soviet civilians, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah’s Witnesses and other political and religious opponents alongside the Jews.

    2. Desmond Bey

      “the second you say anything about the jewish lobby (or Israel), you’re automatically an anti-semite”

      Paranoid much?

      “Now Im not supporting genocide or the discrimination of a certain people”

      Uhhh, yes you are.

      “He did his country a favor to be honest.”

      Hmmm. Go back to 1945 and ask a German then.

    3. alexia

      Sorry to dissapoint all of u i was in the studio when she spoke like this part of ot has been removed in the editing! Mrs Mona asked her if should go back in time who would she want to meet she replied “hitler” she asked her why she said ” he is charismatic and a leader” Mona replied ” but also an assassin” to which this singer replied ” he’s not he wanted to germanize the world and i want to lebnonize the world”

      1. Desmond Bey

        He’s not a murderer? Or assassin, as you said? Germanize the world? Yes, he wanted to “Germanize” the world by killing everyone that wasn’t Aryan.

        Read a f###ing history book before you decide to comment.

        Churchill was also recognized as one of the greatest orators of the 20th Century but referencing him isn’t “edgy” or a little bit “dangerous”. She’s an idiot.

        She’s even dumber than I thought and you think you’re making her sound better?
        Using totalitarian, fascist, murdering dictators as a reference point for anything is simply idiotic, whatever point you’re trying to make.

  5. Jean

    She is a public idiot not a public figure. Who in his sane minds listens to Lebanese singers….

    Oh, and anonymous get a life. Instead of blaming the Jews for everything, try adding some value for humanity. Your over generalization is simply pathetic.


  6. rampurple

    I am going to write this comment knowing I could possibly be attacked *gulp*:

    Hitler was admired for his charisma and ability to speech (anyone watched The King’s Speech?)
    The guy committed monstrous crimes, but there is no doubt that when he stood up and made a speech, everyone listened, even if they didn’t understand the language. It is rare to find leaders as such. Lebanese has had only a few in the past, and only one today.

    Where I do call Najwa an idiot, is for naming him as an ideal man (as well as her other choices).

    1. Najib Post author

      Actually you shouldn’t be attacked because the man was known for his speeches and charisma. That’s something all historians agree on and even his sworn ennemies agreed on that.

      However and like you said, you don’t go out publically praising him as one of your ideal men, specially when you are a famous singer and a role model (sadly) for so many Lebanese.

  7. Grace

    Dear all of you ekhdin maw2af mn najwa 3a ra2ya!!! she can admire whom ever the fuck she wana admire! and yes hitler is a hell of a historic figure “whether the Americans likes it or not ” 😉

    1. Desmond Bey

      I love that you are making a stand for personal freedoms. However, when you make your living as a public figure, role model and official spokesperson you learn (unless you’re a cucumber) the difference between private thoughts and public statements.

      In this context, Najwa is a moron.

    1. ..

      @ Michele…The song she had made for Bachar Al Assad was over 12 years ago not now and she’s not the only one, alot of arabs did the same thing as a greeting to him when he ruled and THAT’S IT!

      1. Michele

        Hmmmm! 12 years ago he was no already a dictator oppressing his own people? 12 years ago you mean when his army was still occupying the Lebanese territories?
        A lot of arabs did the same??? is that seriously ur excuse??!!

        1. Najib Post author

          Just like many international artists did, she should apologize and give back the money she got paid for this song to the Syrian people or to help the refugees.

  8. Posh

    I have a feeling this might get a little ugly for Najwa with regards to her L’Oreal deal. Other than that, what educated informed person in their right frame of mind would come out on TV and applaud Hitler’s pinky toe – let alone choose him as one of her ideal men for his charisma as a speaker?!

    1. Desmond Bey

      I admire Jack the Ripper for his surgical skills, Attila the Hun for his organizational skills, Stalin for his man-management skills and Pol Pot for his vision.

  9. ali

    he would have been a war criminal and you can describe him as the baddest person in the history but nobody can deny that he had a very rare charisma and was a smart leader (not smart in killing people but in thinking)

  10. Joe

    Doesn’t she have the right to pick whom ever she wants? Its a free country 😛 wala nes bi7e2ela t2oul ra2ya w nes la2 common ! In addition, she picked him for the fact that he is convincing and not anything else so raw2ouwa ma bada hal ad 😉

  11. Darwish

    I come late to this but as a Lebanese living abroad since more than 20 years now, I learned to clean my brain from racial propagandas and nonsense that is considered part of our Arabic/Lebanese folk… Najwa is like many in our nation, a victim of programmed silly and nonsensical ideas since our childhood. These minds grow up and repeat like parrots what their papa and mama or religious leaders or political parties taught them. They lack vision, healthy knowledge and wisdom… And what Najwa said is considered a normal thing to say in our Arabic lands… Not mentioning the admiration our societies have for Hitler’s book Mein Kampf… Anyways, where I used to work here in Canada, we had an office in Germany and one of my German colleagues came by to our headquarter for a visit; he is a modern young German secular but from a Catholic family. He knew I was Lebanese so he told me: “there is a mystery that in Germany we can’t understand despite the Israeli/Palestinian situation, what is the point (in your Arabic society) of glorifying Hitler, being his fan and admiring his book Mein Kampf, didn’t you know that he considered you monkeys worse than Jews and if he had succeeded to win and expand you would have been on his list of extermination or slavery?”… Of course he is right, and even if I can’t answer for the low minds in my native country, I told him: “Yes I know, we need to think healthier in our Arab world”… So all in all, Najway’s low level thinking (but normal in mainstream Lebanon) comes from some rooted propaganda, myths and racism… Not mentioning that the programmed hatred in the minds of the young arabs for everything called Jewish started way before the Nakba… Najwa might not have noticed with here basic thinking that supporting Hitler is supporting a genocide, but even if she have noticed, for her like many of the conservative minds, racism against Jews (like the one against foreign workers) is considered popular and of course nothing scandalous in our society… One day we will evolve!


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