New Buns?

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Is it just my imagination or did Roadster fix their burger buns? I remember I complained about their buns a few times but the last time I passed by the buns looked and felt different… in a good way (picture above). Did they finally end up fixing their buns?

8 thoughts on “New Buns?

  1. Amin

    they better have fixed their buns!!
    takes a fortune to eat there now after the new price bumps..
    i mean i understand everything getting more expensive, but Pepsi??? REALLY??????

  2. Roadster diner

    We thank you for your feedback and We are glad you have noticed the difference in the bun as we made some minor changes. That means you are a true Rd lover:)
    Thanks to our beloved guest feedback we always try improve our products

    Together forever.

    Rd Marketing manager

  3. lebaneseman

    the best burger is the healthy lebanese burger
    kafta meat 100% cow.salad malfouf and little mayonnaise batata lebanese basal banadoura jabaliyi.kabiss.w alf sahten.
    roadster w crepaway w shtroupmf artificial meat…
    take care boyss


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