New Zealand humiliates Lebanon 108-76

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Looks like our guys are still resting from their first win of the tournament. It sure looks like their first win was indeed a surprising one when compared to the next two games that followed.

First humiliated by France, and today by New Zealand.

I am eager to see how those defending this new coach we got are going to justify today’s loss.

Ya 3ayb el shoum!

10 thoughts on “New Zealand humiliates Lebanon 108-76

  1. Keane

    The coach is here to stay, he will lead us into the Asian Championship next year and the potential Olympic games..
    People are not stupid, taking low blows at the coach this way will get you nowhere and prove nothing, if Freije and Vroman played like idiots today and had no clue of the definition of the word “box out”, it’s not the coach’s fault; besides, New Zealand was just too good..
    You provided false information a couple of days ago (which by the way questions this blog’s credibility) as Lebanon is yet to be eliminated from the World Championship, and still needs one victory over two matches to proceed to the second round..

  2. Toufic

    Keane , you really believe we can win over Spain or lithuania , we got humiliated by france and new zealand !!! Supposedly tab baldwin was NZ ex coach he must know their weak points and we loose by 35 , well i guess then he is a great coach coz we didnt loose by 50 !!!
    Some good players got left out of the team like roy and brian and sabah khoury instead the genius coach took ali kanaan li ma khaso bil deneh and rodrigue akel , were gonna loose by 50 if the coach doesnt find a solutin , vroman and matt are playing like shit coz the coach isnt using them the right way.

  3. Hani

    I think Najib was right in saying Roy was needed in this team!!! It would have been better if the team was only made of Lebanese, Vroman is playing like shit, he doesnt deserve to play in the team! Many other original lebanese deserve it more! We will not win the world cup if we have 10 naturalized players! I am sure a team of only lebanese would have showed us a better performance in the last 2 games!

  4. Najib Post author

    I am not sure what you are trying to prove except the fact that this team and its coach are a total failure and your national pride is blinding u from seeing it.

  5. Keane

    It’s not about what I’m trying to prove, it’s about your “ba3ed 7mare ma yenbout 7ashish” philosophy, aslan I should’ve stopped commenting after your lovely comment yesterday when you said that you don’t care whether we make it to the second round or not when we have a coach like this one..3an jadd ya3ne, if we had only one “ya 3ayb l shoum” to slam, we’ll have to slam it on our team that is losing to the sports’ greatest giants, and not on your comment..
    Perhaps we should name Anibal’s coach as our National coach, he seems to be the only one sharing your views, or is it “l’embarras du choix” which he lacks?

  6. Najib Post author

    Did you bet money or something on this team? No need to get that aggressive 🙂
    Sports’ greatest giants you say?

    Is it too much to ask for our players to be PHYSICALLY Fit for a world championship?

    Most teams had two advantages on us:
    – an actual coach
    – appropriate fitness level.

  7. haissam

    lets just hope that our team will make us a bit more proud next year.
    and gosh keane , calm down its just a game 😛 i didn’t even bother reading through because it was so long hahaha 😛


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