Night Collective Photography Exhibition

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Jounieh Bay

“Night Collective” is a photography group founded by Fernando Borges in 2009. Lebanese & foreign members range from amateurs to professional photographers. They meet every Tuesday night & walk around a pre-selected area, capturing photographs. [Facebook Group]

Lebanese Gaby Nehme, Karim Boukarim and Tarek el Wazzi are members of the Night Collective group and are organizing their second exhibition “Night, Lights & Shadows” between May3 and May19 at the Art Lounge, Wednesdays through Saturdays from 4pm to 9pm.

I checked out some of their pictures and they are beautiful. You can check out all of them [Here] and read more about the exhibition [Here].


One thought on “Night Collective Photography Exhibition

  1. karim

    i noticed that u r showing my photo on ur website… i liked that but the thing is that is photo is not related to the exhibition itself..



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