No Water in Jounieh

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We woke up today to find out that we have no water, not even a single drop and it’s been raining heavily all day! The whole day passed and it kept raining and there’s still no water available.

I mean one would expected water shortage during summer time, but in winter time? Moreover, the mountains are very close to the coastal cities and there were no storms that could have damaged the pipes or whatever brings the water down, so it would be really interesting if someone would explain to us why there’s no water.

5 thoughts on “No Water in Jounieh

  1. haissam

    We have a water well for the whole neighborhood. The water from the well is usually used for cleaning only, and the government water line for cooking, etc.. You should get one, solves so many issues 😀

  2. Najib Post author

    Well it is not very simple to build wells specially if its a building and u have to have everyone’s approval for it as well as the municipality’s.

  3. Gianni

    Use rain barrels to save water and use it by filtering.
    It works in the west and I am certain it would there; unless you want to shower with bottled water. 😀


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