Nora’s fate tells the story of striped hyenas in Lebanon

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We sent our team to the location and explained that we needed to take the hyena for treatment, rushing the animal to a veterinarian where x-rays revealed the extent of her injuries. We were shocked to find that her body was riddled with shot gun pellets. The hyena had an open wound on her lower thigh and a badly broken leg. Immediate surgery was needed to clean her infected wound and a further operation was planned to fix her leg.

The story doesn’t have a happy ending but it’s a must read. [Link]

4 thoughts on “Nora’s fate tells the story of striped hyenas in Lebanon

    1. Joey Ayoub

      Dude, Lebanese are lacking in caring for anything. It’s bullshit that we care about electricity, if that were the case we would have gotten it a long time ago. But we’re too busy re-electing the same baboons and complain about how corrupt the idiots we idiots voted for are.
      Hyenas are a living proof that Lebanon has much more richness than our shallow citizens are currently portraying.

  1. Fadi

    so just because they Lebanese care MORE about food and electricity , that justifies hurting animals and not thinking twice about destroying the environment ??!


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