Not a good start

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So a new burger place opened in Lebanon and I’m not sure if the owner is aware or not but his logo is a blatant rip-off of Johnny Rockets. Johnny Rockets is a popular US franchise that’s available all over the Middle East and they were even open in Lebanon back in the late 90s before they closed down. I remember before they closed down they were having incredible offers on their burgers. If you were a student you could have a burger for LL1,500 which was ridiculously cheap considering Coke cost LL4,500.

Thanks Patrick

7 thoughts on “Not a good start

  1. Mustapha

    Calling this abomination a ripoff of the Johny Rockets logo is a gross unfairness to Johny Rockets..

    This is not a ripoff, this is a distorted caricature made by someone who doesn’t have an inkling of a clue about typography, balance and other graphic design principles..

    This is a case of “Khalo, I know you’re only 9 years old, but I heard you can use corel draw. Please make me something that looks similar to Johny rocket’s logo”.

  2. RS

    Nevertheless, they have very tasty burgers! (wow, it’s the first time I talk about burgers in a month…maybe it’s the beginning of the downfall of the Burger Empire in Lebanon)


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