NRJ Lebanon interviewed Lady Gaga …

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And did not ask her about mentioning “Lebanese” in her latest song!

It is like this guy Steve Peters from NRJ didn’t even listen to the song before making the interview.

24 thoughts on “NRJ Lebanon interviewed Lady Gaga …

  1. M.

    actually i’m having doubts about the authenticity of that interview. it seemed put together from a different interview, i think the french NRJ one, with the voice over of Steve Peters. i’m saying this exactly because if it were a lebanese interview, it should have been more “personalised” i mean im sure she has something to say about Lebanon, or at least he had to ask her about it! it was mentioned in her anthem single for god’s sake. all she had to say for her lebanese fans is “i love you all”?
    something is wrong here. what do you think?

  2. Jad Aoun

    I agree with M. I don’t believe someone from NRJ Lebanon had interviewed her. Radio stations can actually purchase interviews with celebrities including the rights to voice-over the original interviewer.

  3. Najib Post author

    Now that you’ve mentioned it, you guys might be right actually because there were many parts that just didn’t seem right in the interview.

    We should sue NRJ for misleading us 😛

  4. _kaled

    I don’t get it..why is it such a big deal that she said ‘Lebanese’ in her latest single? And not being asked about it in an interview is worth a blog post?
    What exactly are you expecting her to say? “I like to be able to ski and swim in the same day?”

  5. Najib Post author

    It is not a big deal but considering how controversial this singer is, one would be curious to know why she’d mention Lebanese in such a song.

    As for not being asked this question, it is very weird as this has been the center of many discussions even in the states, and for them not to ask means that they were not really conducting this interview as mentioned above.

  6. Carl

    I don’t know about the auhenticity of the interview either, I too think it didn’t sound too personalized.. But if it actually was for NRJ France initially, why wouldn’t they post it on the NRJ Fr. Website too?

  7. annie

    Shakla tal3a men el 3asfouriyye ,would wears meat at an event loool ma ghayra mfakra 7ala eccentric ,in fact she’s a weirdo,I don’t know how pple love her songs ,I don’t wanna be arrogant here but she and her songs suck,FACT

  8. _kaled

    @Najib: Eminem is controversial too, don’t you think?
    Did you know that he referenced Beirut in a track on “The Eminem Show” LP released in 2002.
    I guess if he wore a meat suit he would possibly get more Lebanese attention right?

    Either way, it looks like the intent with this post is to question the authenticity of the station rather than glorify the use of the term in her song.

    If it is the former, sure why not.
    If it is the latter, don’t be too proud. Check the context within which she used the lyric.

  9. Jimmy

    A few points about the word “Lebanese” in her song.
    Remember Gaga is american , her song refers actualy to the lebanese (and arab) community in the US. Her best friend Mika who is a lebanese american faces a kind of ban on his music in the USA, and she knows that powerful lobbies are against radio-playing his songs because he is very supportive of Lebanon.
    And yes lebanese were bullied when they migrated to the US…Helen Thomas a most celebrated lebanese journalist said “they wanted us to feel like outsiders , they called us garlic eaters”. And arabs are always looked at in a suspicious way since 9/11…so yes the use of the word Lebanese in her song Born This Way is justified !

  10. Najib Post author

    Do you work for NRJ or something?
    The blog wasn’t around when eminem sang that song or else I would have mentioned it.

    The post’s aim is to ask why didn’t NRJ ask about this specific topic? If it is because they did not even notice it, it’s bad for them and if the interview is not real, then it’s even worse.

    Now if you know someone who works there, we would appreciate an honest answer.

  11. _kaled

    I don’t believe i know anyone who works for NRJ either..but I think their Beirut office has contact details mentioned somewhere. I’m just an avid reader of your blog, questioning a post! that is all..Keep it up!

  12. Najib Post author

    You mentioned Eminem sang that song in 2002. I came up with that blog and trust me it wasn’t around and by around I mean it wasn’t a new song everyone was talking about.

    Anyway, maybe the best thing to do is email them and ask them and we will see what they have to say.

  13. annie

    Patrikkk ,well she’s the one who’s arrogant and ignorant in her songs w shakla,law someone else sang that song with the same lyrics it would’ve been more respected,ma le2o ghayra teghaniya ,the rythm is awful,Amen

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  15. Edelstein

    What are you talking about, do not get descriminated against? They are hated by muslims and jews (the gov’ts). Each one says they hate Lebs because they are the agent of the other. They get persecuted and are moved to other countries where people then accuse THEM of being “terrists” (a la Bush) and commit hate crimes against (in which no one cares, because their #s are SO SMALL). The country it self is basically a harbor of all the groups that were persecuted against in the region. The Turks committed genocide against them, oppressed them for 400 years, and killed Armenians mercilessly (they were put in Leb. by France, the only half decent things the French ever did in their existance), their massive impact on history is being looted away (they went to S. America & Cuba in 1000 B.C. — WESTERN DOCUMENTS CITE IT including Univ. of Madrid, U of Venecia, Oxford Univ in England), they invented the alphabet, the olympics, and many of the greek stories (who the Greeks admit their culture hving a huge inflience on theirs) but it gets over looked because they are “Brown” people “who may not be able to sustain democracy” (-george Bush, state of the union 2004). They were even great friends w/ the jews, the bible cites them as building solomons temple and being friends, they were friends until recently, even (1950s) until foreign countries began playing religions against one another and causing a civil war. why? natural resources baby!
    then 5 years ago, they had URanium bobms dropped on them.

    They had Syria beofre that occupying and murdering people for no reason for 25 years until 04.

    talk about the forever looked over and villified group. Strength in numbers is true baby, if they had 500 mil people, no one would go around accusing them of being descriminators. This person is part of a group which clearly resents them and wants them eliminated… kind of like Saddam Hussein wanted to exterminate the Kurds and, of course, Hitler’s awful deeds. Why? They don’t like them and are more vocal speaking out against them then people speaking for them.. Oh yeah, they also have some of the only fertile land in the area… people want it (it’s not like there are deserts or anything in that region around it.. oh wait..)

    The only respect I have for this Gaga is because of little comments like that. It’s like mentioning Hmongs (no one knows who they are either, eh?) as a terribly overlooked group. We all know about crimes against Irish and Tibetan people, or even more well known genocides like of the jews in ww2, but these people never get any recognition, just blame… aka this person saying that they are descriminatory… really? so you’re not racsit in insulting a group of people based on no logic… ok

    Thank you Gaga, her writers and producers, along w. her cited a good cause for once. Jews and Italians actually know the leb. plight, and have done well, (they would know descrimination, kudos to pwoplw of these groups standing up for someone (not only in this song, but elsewhere))

  16. Lokerhans

    Patrick you seems like she is arrogant and I agree with Annie , she’s not talented at all , and i think she might be a Jew cause i don’t think the song ‘Judas’ came for nothing 😉

  17. Fadi

    who cares if she was a jew?
    She is Italian in realty and was raised Catholic
    Personally, As a Lebanese, I would rather Live among the Jews in Israel then among the Arabs…


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