NYE rehearsal party

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” Only an exclusive few will realize the greatness of this event and take immediate action to be part of it. The World’s #1 DJ Armin Van Buuren accompanied by the biggest ever selection of international performers and the most extravagant and high-tech setup for the one and only NYE’s eve pre-party of the decade at Biel”.

I stopped listening at “pre-party”. I don’t know about others, but why would I want to attend an NYE-1 party? What’s the point of celebrating NYE a day earlier? And how will I be able to attend another NYE party the next day? Are Pre-NYE parties popular around the world?

I heard there’s an NYE-2 party in Lebanon as well but I forgot where it was.

5 thoughts on “NYE rehearsal party

  1. melon

    they probably couldn’t get him on the night so they settled for second best (as lebanese often do), then they hyped it up with the expectation that lebanese sheeple attend with their typically ridiculous advertising.

    a bit of a negative point of view, but alas, i’m getting tired of our attitudes.

  2. melon

    also, partying’s fun, but we’ve started to become a type of people who just party because we party. When in our history have we been like this?

  3. A Voice from NY

    In New York, we’ve got “Final Friday” Parties (to kick off the Final Weekend on the year) as well as New Year’s Eve Parties and even a few New Year’s Day parties.

  4. choura2yak

    there will be also NYE +1 parties in most restaurants as well. This is the need in the market , Lebanese people don’t see that celebrating NY in one EVE would be enough for them so they are asking for more, maybe in the next few year we will start celebrating NYE since 1 December till 1 February where they will launch Valentine’s Celebrations !
    I don’t know if this is normal, positive or something that gives a good sign but at the end of day : “Aljoumhour 3ayez keda” 😉


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