On Pierre Hashash’s arrest

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Pierre Hashash was intercepted two days ago by plain-clothed army intelligence and beaten with rifles on his head in broad daylight outside Dunkin Donuts in Batroun. He was taken to Batroun’s serail then to Qobbeh prison in Tripoli where he’s being held as we speak. For those of you who don’t know Pierre, he’s an artist and a controversial figure who runs for parliament using sarcastic slogans and banners.

The reasons for which he was detained are still not clear, as some are saying it’s because of insults against the Lebanese Army and its chief that he posted on Facebook, while others are saying his arrest was due to a personal dispute with an army officer. In both cases, the way he was beaten up is unacceptable and unnecessary. As for the legal aspect of his arrest, some are arguing that it’s illegal while the army is saying there are several legal cases against him.

This being said, I find it surprising that the army would behave that way a day before the Independence specially that their slogan for this year’s Independence celebration was “Jayebli Salam” (English: Bringing peace). I also find it hard to believe Army chief Kahwaji would allow such a thing on the eve of a ceremony that he’s been working on personally. It could be a personal dispute like some media sources suggested, but that doesn’t justify one single bit the method used to apprehend Pierre.

So until things are cleared out, I honestly believe everyone should calm down and stop taking shots at the army and its head, because it will only make things worse. Pierre has a lawyer taking care of his case and hopefully some politicians or high-officials have already done their calls to settle this case once and for all.

13 thoughts on “On Pierre Hashash’s arrest

  1. maya

    We are free to say whatever is true against Hezballah or the army Najib,they’re not GODS ,even the President is on the list,even the head of the Army ,we already know how corrupt the army generals have been and how they have gone up in ranks from Aoun to many others ,will soon post it on my fb too ,not scared about it ,this is like Iran,trying to make people shut up ,I won’t fall for this and NEVER SHUUUT UP

    1. Najib Post author

      Actually you are not free as per the Lebanese law to speak against the President. You violate the law by doing so and get jail time. I am not saying it’s right but that’s how it is until someone suggests changing the law.

      As for the army, there are certain laws as well that allow them to arrest you for 48 hours without any charge. Again that’s how it is and if you wish to change it, then you should either run for parliament or back someone ready to change this legislation.

      I don’t know what Pierre did. All I know he should not have been beaten up and dragged that way.

    2. moxy

      i agree with maya, nobody shld be safe from accountability. even the president.
      yet maya’s statement about the “corrupt” are pointing at a certain group, while we all know that the whole political elite is responsible for this. so i hope affiliations and partisanship does not make u blind.
      also i agree with najib that things are not clear about why he is arrested. yet, this is another problem, because he’s already arrested for 72 hours with no legal charges. which is illegal and he should be released by now. which makes me believe that it’s a personal issue.

      Pierre Hashash, even if he killed someone, cannot be beaten in the street and sent to jail unconscious. no2ta 3al sater

  2. j

    maya, he is just saying we should all wait to find out the truth before commenting. in lebanon we always act like we KNOW what happened when there is no concrete proof. we should wait for the story to come out, in the meantime be outraged about the way he was handled but to continue criticizing over speculation over WHY (not how) he was detained is not the right thing to do.

  3. maya

    Najib ,that;s why they put that law in the 1st place to make you shut up sooo this is to SAY KAHWAJIII,YOU SUCKKKK,YOUR ARMY ALSO SUCKS BIG TIME ,THAT’S WHY IT’S BEEN UNABLE TO DEFEND FOR THE LAST 40 YEARS ALONG WITH HEZBALLAH ,BOTH OF THEM

    1. Bilal

      You mean like unable to defend like in Naher el Bared? I’m sure the army had better things to do than sacrifice the lives of hundreds of it’s people just so it could protect obnoxious people like you.

      1. Gianni

        If you had a decent army; Nahr el bared could have been taken with token sacrifice of lives…But you have the “parade army”. So stop defending the draconian and illegal arrests!

  4. maya

    And Pierre Hashash has been arrested because he’s a public figure and public figures influence more ,imagine someone famous talking bad against the army ,that’s why they wanna make people shut up in the 1st place ,be daring and say No,that’s how revolutions start ,but nooo the Lebanese are too silent for that ,Yesss to everything ,yesss we will abide by your rules,yesss make it like Iran

  5. Cynthia

    I don’t like it when people generalize theres alot of corruption in the army a guy pulled a shotgun on my brother last summer over an argument who has rights to pass we went to press charges after taking his license plate and knowing his name and where he lives and everything but they mocked us and did nothing because he has a wasta his uncle is a high ranking official in the army he can’t be touched. Although that really changed my mind about the army i dont like to generalize and say theyre all rotten coz im sure theres some pretty decent ones.

  6. maya

    Most are rotten Cynthia ,factts,Nahr el Bared Bilal was a joke to get a better image ,if they can really defend Lebanon ,they could in many Israeli and Syrian wars

  7. maya

    What they really do is leave the criminals out for a long time then carry out some cleansing for a week and stop,that should be done all the time ,not when some General decides to get a better image and you know how it is all the Lebanese start praising him,hehhehehe they’re manipulating you people,this is how the game works ,someone steals you ,you need the isf ,they defend you ,they catch the thief ,you praise them ,same thing with voting system ,prices soar ,people get poorer ,you vote for them ,they give a couple of hundreds ,and it’s over


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