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Onlivery is a new Lebanese app developed by ELIXIR that allows you to order food online from over 55 restaurants. I was a bit skeptical about trying the service at first but it turned out to be real easy and practical. Upon downloading it, you get both an email and an SMS (Since SMSes can take forever to come in Lebanon) with a code to activate your account. Once registered, you have to enter a valid mailing address and a list of restaurants that deliver to this address will automatically show under “Restaurants”. Of course you can enter as many addresses as you want and every time you select one, you are redirected to the corresponding restaurants based on the location.

Upon placing your order, there’s a cool feature that allows you to customize your dish/salad/sandwich/burger or whatever you are having. For example if you don’t like onions or pickles in your sandwiches, you can tick them off. You can also specify before submitting your order if you need cash change. I noticed there’s a delivery charge of 1500LL for most of the restaurants I chose but I am not sure if it applies to all. The only drawback I found was that you can’t place many orders from different restaurants at once but I am sure they’ll work on improving it if the app picks up and the list of restaurants grows bigger.

Onlivery is free of charge and available for iOS and Android devices. [iOS] [Android]

13 thoughts on “Onlivery

  1. Mustapha

    Nice.. If it really works as you say, we should support it. But if it’s a free app, prepare to be getting many ads and “special offers” in the future..

    1. Charbel

      These kinds of apps usually take a small percentage of the bill amount from the restaurants they deal with, as a monetary model.

  2. Paul

    Amazing app. It’s great to see technology like this being implemented in Lebanon! It’s going to be very useful. Thanks Onlivery!

  3. jad


    I would like to know more about the application if i want to make an application for a restaurant items online with delivery system.


  4. Elixir Group

    Hello Jad

    you can send us your contact details and we will get in touch with you to discuss the development and ways of assisting you.


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