4 thoughts on “Only 5 percent of Lebanese know anthem

  1. Ronman

    blame the schools, we only sang the national anthem on independence day and every other Monday or so, it was never regular.

    during the couple of years i spent in U.S schools, the in class TV would broadcast the morning School news-cast and at the beginning we had to sing along the star spangled banner, while saluting the flag that hung over the blackboard, and after that we would put our hand on our heart and “pledge allegiance to the flag”.

    it kind of annoyed me to be honest, because i was not an American and never planned to be one… but recently I’ve realized that if you want people to love their country and stand tall to its symbols of patriotism, nationalism and independence this has to be done,

    over here, I always parodied ‘Kollona lil Hizeb’, because in fact many Lebanese have, for most of their adult life, pledged allegiance to their sect, their political party, and last and very least their Country…

  2. Jenjen

    Well,I studied at the Evangelical Skool in Zahle, and every Monday morning all the students were obliged to stand in ques and sing the national anthem before entering the classes.

    But after knowing that our national anthem is fake, it is of Moroccan origin, I regret standing there every Monday and repeating the anthem like a parrot:)

  3. Ronman

    fake is not the issue, here, the words can only be original, the tune ‘might’ be borrowed or inspired. not arguing Guss’ fake-ness or stupidity, but i think the matter deserves to be sorted out with a proper long winded research not a 3 minute news report that looks like it was hastily put together. i wouldn’t mind the thing to be inspired by, but hopefully not based entirely on that…if it’s a poetic rythm, i will accept that…

    as for standing every Monday and reciting the anthem… that is not enough… it should be done with each class individually and every morning and a flag should be placed on top of every board instead of a cross or any politician’s head…


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