Outdoor Activities in Antelias

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Under the patronage of the minister of public work, and in the presence of Miss Lebanon 2011 Yara El Khoury, Antelias municipality officials launched their first annual outdoor activities for children including:

1- 3k run on a busy highway from Jal el Dib bridge till Antelias bridge. Competitors are allowed to jump between cars to gain positions and can run against the traffic as well.

2- Crossing under the Antelias bridge competition organized for the first time in Lebanon. LBCI will be covering the event to recruit talented competitors for future “Cheyef 7alak” ads.

3- Dirt Biking from Admideast until Saniour Restaurant. Road has been demolished and destroyed for weeks now, preparing for the competition. Restaurants and pubs open there and enduring huge losses were encouraged to serve free food and arguile to the viewers and participants.

The opening event was a 10k bicycle race for children under 12 from Antelias municipality back and forth passing by the Antelias bridge (See Picture of winner above).

7 thoughts on “Outdoor Activities in Antelias

  1. JD

    I really thought you were serious until I read “Competitors are allowed to jump between cars to gain positions and can run against the traffic as well”.


    LMFAO here. Oops I said the F letter 🙂

  2. Fares

    It’s bridge not brigde. Looks like you are still using IE, cause spell check in chrome or firefox would have caught that :D.

  3. Joe

    more fun stuff:

    4- Fishing toxic creatures from the sewage infested river

    5- Jumping off the cement coast while enjoying a nafas arguileh in marina dbayeh

    6- Rock climbing in the destroyed historical valley of Ksar Akil (aka big nasty quarries)


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