The Reason Behind “Phantom” Traffic Jams in #Lebanon

How many times did you get stuck in traffic only to find out there were no obstacles on the road? We always expect to see an accident or some road works but the real reason for most of the traffic jams here in Lebanon are a**hole drivers cutting off people and driving recklessly in an attempt to get to their destination 2 minutes earlier. These so-called "Phantom" traffic jams can be easily avoided if everyone…

Royal Jordanian Mocks Trump’s “Muslim” Ban Once Again

RJ took another hit at Trump's Muslim ban by slashing their prices and changing the Ban to "Bon Voyage". The old ad that came out before Trump won said “Just in case he wins ... travel to the US while you’re still allowed to”. Of course no one expected Trump to go ahead with his ban, just like no one expected him to win. In all cases, and since the ban was paused for now,…

Lebanese Basketball [2016-2017]: Foreign Players Scoring Almost 70% of Total Points

A year ago, and following the idiotic decision to allow three foreign players in Lebanese basketball teams, I went through stats from almost 50 games and found out that foreign players are scoring up to 70% if not more of the points scored in a single game. I did the same exercise this year for 3 rounds of games and the average is almost the same as last year's . Homentmen is currently the team…

A Lebanese Fight in Australia

Wen fi Lebnene fi Machkal. Basically the old man is upset someone parked in front of his house and the lady is explaining that it's not his spot and that anyone can park there. It's funny how they didn't lose the accent after all these years but they should be ashamed of themselves for cursing in front of the kids like that.
Animals & Wildlife

1-Ton Mola Mola Fish Caught by Tripoli Fishermen

1 year ago
Fishermen caught a massive Mola Mola fish, also known as Sunfish, in Tripoli this morning. The ocean sunfish is one of the heaviest known bony fish in the world and weighs between 250 and 1000 ...

Get Your Loved One A Shawarma Bouquet This Valentine

1 year ago
A Shawarma shop “Snack Ramez” in Mazraat Yachouh is selling a Shawarma bouquet for Valentine, claiming that it’s worth a thousand red roses. Technically speaking, the price of one red rose on Valentine’s day would ...

Krikor Baskinta – A 55 Year old Bakery

1 year ago
Krikor has been running his small bakery in Baskinta for the past 55 years with the help of his wife Laure. He prepares and rolls his own dough, his wood & gas oven only fits ...

Brazilian Star Ronaldinho Partying in Beirut

1 year ago
Football star Ronaldinho landed in Beirut few days ago and was spotted partying at Taiga in Beirut. I have no idea what he’s doing here; my guess it’s for a summer camp since he’s FC ...