Wen el Dawle?

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bike via YasaLebanon

I’ve always wondered why these crazy motorists are not stopped by the cops specially that they perform their stunts on the highway. Well it seems the cops don’t notice them somehow.

PS: I am still finding this picture hard to believe and trying to check if it could be fake or not, even though it was posted by Yasa.

Stop Comparing Beach Parties To Cabarets And Porn Movies!

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Every now and then, there’s a new article that comes out and bashes what’s happening at beach resorts in Lebanon and during beach parties. All of a sudden, foam parties turn into nudist parties and beach parties with exotic dancers turn into porn movies and cabarets. The funny thing about this article from Al Jomhouria is that the author seems to be ok with the nudist beaches in Mykonos and the gay-friendly atmosphere, yet is outraged by exotic dancers and hot beach parties. Moreover, have you seen what a cabaret looks like? Did you ever watch a porn film? How can you possibly compare dirty dancing and a drunk chick in a bikini to a porn movie?

There’s nothing wrong happening at these beach resorts in Lebanon and I am sure a lot of people are enjoying these parties and having a blast. These things happen all the time in Greece and Cyprus and people who don’t like it just don’t go there. It’s as simple as that.

Last but not least, the only way Lebanese will stop being so superficial and care about other’s looks is when they stop judging people for what they are and let them do whatever they wish to. That’s why no one cares how you dress or what you look like in Mykonos and homosexuals are accepted in their community.


Le Spie Uccidono A Beirut (Secret Agent Fireball) 1965

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Le spie uccidono a Beirut (Also known as Secret Agent Fireball), which means The spies Kill In Beirut, is a 1965 Italian spy movie that is inspired by the James Bond series and was filmed in Italy, Beirut, Germany and Paris in France. Richard Harrison stars in this movie as agent Bob Fleming 077. I found the whole thing on YouTube and went through it quickly to find the scenes filmed in Beirut.

I would have watched the whole movie but I only found the Italian version online. Le Spie Uccidono A Beirut is rated 5.5/10 on IMDb.




92% Of Lebanese Find It Unacceptable For The US To Monitor Communications Of Citizens

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The American government has reportedly been monitoring communications, such as emails and phone calls, in the U.S and other countries. Pew conducted a survey asking people from around the world whether they find it acceptable or not for the US to monitor communications from citizens, American citizens, suspected terrorists and country leaders.

Here’s what the Lebanese had to say about that:
– 92% found is unacceptable for the American government to monitor communications of Lebanese citizens.
– 76% found it acceptable for the American government to monitor communications of suspected terrorists.
– 77% found it unacceptable for the American government to monitor communications of US citizens.
– 87% found it unacceptable for the American government to monitor communications of Lebanese leaders.

You can find other Pew polls [Here]. One interesting survey on the rise of Islamic Extremism in the Middle East revealed that 92% of Lebanese (the highest %) were very concerned about Islamic Extremism in their country.

Thanks Mark!

Buffalo Steak House Open In Kaslik

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I wonder if it’s a good idea to open a steak house in the middle of Kaslik. I don’t recall any other restaurant opening in that center next to Lina’s but most of the diners, cafes and burger joints that opened on that street ended up closing down, except for Crepaway, Zaatar W Zeit and Burger King.

I will definitely pass by and give it a try when it opens as I’ve never been to Buffalo Steak House before.

Update: It looks like it opened in April. Thanks Ryan!