Red Bull King Of The Rock Lebanon 2014

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For all street basketball fans, the Red Bull King Of The Rock is back for its third consecutive year in Lebanon. It’s a 1 on 1 game and basketball in its purest form. Qualifiers will take place on June 13,14, 20 and 21. The Final will be held at an unusual place, the abandoned Marche du Pont in Zouk on Saturday the 28th of June at 8:30PM.

The winner will get to represent Lebanon at the Red Bull King of the Rock World Finals in the prison exercise yards of Samasana Island on September 6.

Last year I was out of Lebanon and this year I will be out of the country during the first weekend of qualifiers, but hopefully I will be at Rebound on Saturday 21 for the second round of qualifiers. Check out more details on the event [Here].

See you all there!

– Friday 13th of June – Sagesse University, Furn El-Chebak

– Saturday 14th of June – Mocean, Kaslik

– Friday 20th of June- Balamand Univeristy, Koura [King Of The Rock + Queen Of The Rock]

– Saturday 21st of June – Rebound, Jdeideh [King Of The Rock + Queen Of The Rock]

Registration is at 4:00 PM, games start at 5:00 PM.

Finalists will play at MARCHE DU PONT, ZOUK on Saturday the 28th of June at 8:30PM.

LebanonFiles Has The Full Story (Not Really) On The Troubled MEA Flight From Riyadh To Beirut

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When I first saw the headline in red, I thought I was going to read about some kidnapping attempt, or some fight on board, or some mechanical failure (God Forbid) that led to an emergency landing, or some passenger gone crazy, but what I got instead was that the plane underwent some severe turbulence and few passengers felt nauseous.

Of course turbulence is a very serious matter and I hate it (and get scared) when it happens, but my point is that they should have at least bothered and got more details on whether anyone got injured or hospitalized, and how did the crew handle this matter because there’s a comment on the article saying that no one tried to comfort them. They could have called MEA or interviewed some of the passengers instead of saying there was turbulence and that’s it.


PS: LebMediaMonitor originally posted about this.

Lebanon Among The World’s 10 Unhappiest Countries

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Iraq, Iran and Egypt are the unhappiest countries in the world according to a Gallup report. Lebanon ranks 10th.

Gallup measured negative emotions in 138 countries in 2013 by asking people whether they experienced a lot of anger, stress, sadness, physical pain and worry the previous day. Gallup compiles the “yes” results into a Negative Experience Index score for each country. The higher the score, the more pervasive negative emotions are in a country.

Results are based on telephone and face-to-face interviews with approximately 1,000 adults in each country, aged 15 and older, conducted in 2013 in 138 countries and areas. For results based on the total global sample, the margin of sampling error is less than ±1 percentage point at the 95% confidence level. For results based on country-level samples, the margin of error ranges from a low of ±2.1 to a high of ±5.3. The margin of error reflects the influence of data weighting. In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls.

What The Lebanese Basketball Federation Should Do …

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I’ve watched all the videos being shared online on the Riyadi and Sagesse fight in Game 4 and I reassert what I said yesterday that the federation and those in charge of organizing the games are the ones to blame first and foremost.

Nevertheless, mistakes happen and fights do erupt even in the NBA and the Euro League and for that sake, teams and players should be fined for breaking the rules. Having said that, let’s go back to how the fight started based on what the videos have shown:

1- Sagesse were winning by 9 points with few seconds left and Spencer (Hekmeh) had the ball, yet instead of just waiting for the seconds to go, he went and dunked the basketball which is considered as an unsportsmanlike conduct specially that no one was defending him anymore. Loren Woods (Riyadi) came close as he was upset about the dunk, both started arguing and Spencer slightly pushes Woods away. This is where Chris Daniel comes in for some reason and pushes Woods, then all the fans start invading the court to cheer for their team. If you look closely, Woods took some hits from nearby fans as he was being pulled out.

2- As fans were all over the field, one of them goes straight at Ismail and hits him for some reason and this is very obvious in more than a video. That’s where Ismail lost it and ran after him, kicked him and started beating fans left and right. At this moment, things went out of control and 3 of Riyadi’s players found themselves fighting with undisciplined fans.

3- Few minutes later, Riyadi players were escorted out of Ghazir by the Lebanese Army.

This being said, here’s what the Lebanese Basketball Federation should do in my opinion:

– Only 500 Sagesse and Riyadi Fans will be allowed to watch the remaining games.
– All the fans that were involved in the brawl should be banned from the next 15 games. Both teams should help identify the individuals involved in Game 4 and the previous 3 games.
– Ismail Ahmad should be banned for 1 game for going after a fan and hitting him. Just to be clear, I don’t think any of the other Riyadi players should be banned or fined because they were surrounded by tens of fans and got involved unwillingly in the brawl. Ismail on the other hand went after one of them and even though I admire him as a player, it’s an unacceptable behavior.
– Riyadi and Sagesse teams should be fined for letting fans inside the court once the game is over. The Federation should issue a clear statement that no fans are allowed inside the court at any time during the game or while the teams are still on the court.
– The Federation should force all Lebanese basketball teams to register their fans with all the required details. This will help identify trouble makers when a fight erupt.
– If religious or racist chants are heard in any of the games, the team shall be fined and fans behind the chants banned from attending 5 games.
– ANY team who threatens to withdraw from the championship at this point will be banned next year.

We’ve had enough of these stupid fights and some of the comments that I heard following the game were disgusting and sick. These fans are not basketball fans and shouldn’t be allowed in. It is the responsibility of the team and the federation to put the game above all, and take necessary and pro-active measures.