Cool Lineup At The Summer Misk Festival

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Goran bregovic with his band wedding and Funeral

Gypsy music maestro Goran Bregovic, Salsa and Latin jazz master Yuri Buenaventura and Global House Sensation John Martin are performing at BeitMisk on July 10,11 and 12.

I unfortunately can’t make it to John Martin’s concert but I got tickets to Yuri Buenaventura and I am looking forward to it. Even though I don’t listen to jazz that often, I love live performances.

Here’s the [full schedule] for the Summer Misk festival.

Electricity Only For Tripoli During Ramadan

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Mikati Taken from Najib Mikati’s Twitter Account

I have no clue what’s wrong with Tripoli officials these days. First they ban breakfasts in the city, then they declare that convoys and fireworks are not allowed as well during Ramadan and now this. What about other Muslims fasting around Lebanon? What about those who are not fasting and can’t afford to pay for a generator? What sort of logic is that?

A Blessed And Peaceful Ramadan To All!

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I wish I could have just wished everyone a Ramadan Kareem and moved on with other posts but given what’s been happening in the past week in Tripoli and before that in Abra, it looks like some people, aside from the terrorists and suicide bombers, are trying to ruin Ramadan for all the Lebanese.

As you all probably know by now, there’s a memo that was circulated in Abra first, and then in Tripoli asking restaurants and cafes not to serve breakfast during Ramadan. While Abra’s memo was supposedly revoked, few parties in Tripoli are keen on keeping the memo and don’t seem to realize the damage that they’ve done so far.

To be honest, I am sickened by most of the comments and reactions I’ve been hearing on this matter, and I believe these memos are as bad for Muslims as they are for non-Muslims. I’ve lived and worked with Muslims my whole life and I never had any problem with them in regards to fasting and eating during Ramadan. I was never asked not to eat by any of them, and it rarely occurred to me that I shouldn’t be eating because I know that’s not how fasting works either for Muslims or Christians. I was at a brunch yesterday and those who were fasting just sat on an empty table and didn’t feel offended one single bit. Moreover, I would always make an effort and fast the whole day when I am invited to an Iftar at some friend’s house as it’s an interesting and fun experience to have. Souhour is quite special as well but I’ve tried it once or twice only.

What I’m trying to say is that we don’t need someone telling us what to do and where or when to eat. We don’t live in an Islamic or Christian Republic and most Lebanese are respectful when it comes to fasting and religion. It’s really as simple as that and these memos will only give us a headache now and in the future.

Lebanese Student Jade Bassil Got 20/20 On The French Baccalaureate

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I don’t know how she managed to pull that, but she got 770 over 760 which is even more than 20 over 20. As she said in the report, the electives helped her gain extra points, but still there are exams like the philosophy one where you can’t possibly get more than 15 or 16 (I got 8/20) unless you are a genius!

In all cases, congrats to her and I hope she’ll get a full scholarship at some respectable university.

beIN Sues TeleLiban For Airing World Cup Games

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I am sure the issue will be settled somehow soon but it looks like beIN wishes to humiliate us some more before the World Cup ends.

beIN Sports has filed a lawsuit against the state-run Tele Liban for airing the World Cup games for free and without permission, TL announced on Saturday evening.

“beIN decided to sue the nation’s television channel TL over airing the World Cup matches,” sports analyst at the state’s network Ali Alawiyeh announced right before the Brazil-Chile game kicked off on Saturday evening.

Tele Liban started broadcasting its first 2014 World Cup match on June 16, although a deal reached between the government and beIN Sports’ sole agent in Lebanon did not involve granting TL the rights to air the tournament. [Naharnet]

“Bouss Ma Tkhafsh” Or The Henna Lipstick

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I was checking out Lana’s blog and I saw this post about a lipstick called “Bouss Ma Tkhash” or “Kiss and Don’t worry”. Apparently it’s a lipstick that our mothers and the older generations know about and that you can use to kiss around without leaving any marks. I asked a couple of friends I know and they laughed and told me it was pretty commonly used back then.

Needless to say, I am not interested in it but I thought the story and the nickname were funny and worth sharing.

Check the whole post [here].