What’s new on BlogBaladi?

Almost a month ago, I announced the blog's new layout and I've been working ever since to finalize a few remaining details before launching them properly. You've probably noticed most of these changes by now but for those who didn't, here's what new on the blog: New Layout & Mobile version: It took more than a year and tons of changes to come up with the new layout. As mentioned earlier, I focused a lot…

A Powerful Video & A Message of Hope By Silvio Chiha

Here's another powerful and stunning video showing Lebanon’s natural beauty though the eyes of Silvio Chiha, an internationally known Lebanese water skiing champion. Silvio is sending a message of hope to all the Lebanese, showing them the true beauty of Lebanon but he's also asking them to take good care of their country and stop polluting and ruining it, to leave our beaches alone and stop privatizing them, to act more responsibly and appreciate what…

#MannequinChallenge Hits Beirut

The Mannequin Challenge is basically an internet video where people remain frozen while a video is being recorded. It only started trending few weeks ago but we already have a couple of #MannequinChallenge videos in Lebanon: One by Phoenicia Beirut and another by Red Bull Lebanon. Check them out: PS: Expect to start seeing these challenges at Lebanese weddings.

As if We Needed More Traffic in the Morning

There was a huge traffic on the way back to Jounieh surprisingly this morning, all because they were hanging a banner or a poster on the highway! It took them around 40 minutes to realize 7 AM is probably not a good time to do so so they stopped the works. I wonder who gave them permission to work at this hour and close down a highway and whose picture was it? A good idea…

Tomorrow’s Supermoon is The Largest and Brightest Since 1948

1 year ago
Tomorrow’s moon will be the closest and brightest moon this year and the largest since 1948. It also won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034. A super-moon occurs when a full ...

In Pictures: The 2016 Beirut Marathon

1 year ago
Over 40,000 took part in this year’s edition of the Beirut Marathon. The organization was much better than last year and I loved the setup on Martyrs Square. Thousands were running for the first time, ...

Tech Tips and Gadgets: If You’re Running in The Beirut Marathon

1 year ago
Whether you’re an amateur runner, a parent with kids, or even a semi-pro. Here’s a list of tips and gadgets, to help you get the most out of your tech devices during the Marathon. Pro runners ...

Pictures Showing Construction Works at Ramlet el Baida

1 year ago
Back in June, excavators were spotted destroying one of the entrances to Beirut’s legendary coastline and pictures circulating today clearly show construction works on the shore. Beirut’s last public beach is being turned into a ...