Is Education Minister Elias Bou Saab Seriously Asking This Question?

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BouSaab via EliasBouSaab

Update1: Minister Bou Saab denied that he was relying on the poll to decide whether to close or not, but the poll is still up on his Facebook page.

Update2: Education Minister Elias Bou Saab has decided to order the closure of private, public and vocational schools on Wednesday.

I am sure all students will refuse to close schools tomorrow and massively vote to keep them open. The results until this hour are a clear proof of that lol!


What did the Lebanese Google in 2014?

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I couldn’t find Lebanon as a country under “Google Trends” but I remember Executive Magazine once did manual searches on popular terms and published the results, so I did the same exercise with more searches. You can do the same by going [here] and searching up to 5 terms for the past year or more.

What I did was perform searches related to popular companies, banks, smartphones, sports, neighboring countries, popular TV stations, famous singers and others. Check out the results below:










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The Best Greeting Card To Our Lebanese Ministers and MPs

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IMG_2273 (1)

Sakker el Dekkene surprised our MPs and Ministers by sending them a $100 fake dollar bill that says “In gangs we trust” instead of the original “In God We trust”. The aim was to surprise them and encourage them to refuse the bill in order to build a proper country “ملغومة ارفضها تيصير عنا بلد”. Ever since it started, Sakker el Dekkane received over 1600 acts of bribery, which showed that the average bribe per person is more than 1500 dollars a year.

The most corrupt ministry is the Ministry of Interior as per Sakker el Dekkene’s reporting tools, while the Ministry of Finance is reported to have the largest amount of wasted corrupt money especially in land registration and in customs. Here are the projects proposed by the NGO’s president Rabih el Chaher in an attempt to fight corruption and stop briberies.

Projects that may be considered important to develop are as follows:
1- Build a national authority to fight corruption and define a strategy to reduce acts of corruption in Lebanon.
2- Ensure the Independence of the Judiciary; enhance the relationship between public prosecutors and police stations; enforce the work of the central inspection and judicial inspection.
3- Reduce squandering in customs.
4- Reduce squandering in procurement; put pressure on the government to adopt terms of reference for the bidding process; and put pressure on the parliament to vote for amendment of the outdated public procurement law.
5- Track and penalize illegal acquisition of wealth through ‘min ayna laka haza?’ The fight against corruption should develop beyond formalities and should penalize all public sector employees who got richer at the expense of public interest.
6- Develop e-Government to eliminate intermediaries between citizens and public sector.

If you wanna know more about Sakker el Dekkene, check out their website [Here].


Lebanese Daniel Khorassandjian Among The 3 Best Referees At The 2014 WTF Cup Taekwondo Championship in Queretaro, Mexico

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referees Daniel Khorassandjian (first from left)

Lebanon’s Daniel Khorassandjian was among the three winning referees at the 2014 WTF World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships that were held in Queretaro, Mexico last month. Daniel was also named among the best referees back in 2012.

Update: I was just talked to Daniel and he told me that this is his 9th best referee award in 4 years, which is quite impressive! Here’s the list of events where he was named best referee:
2 times WTF 2012 2014
2 Times Asian Tkd Union 2012
1 Las Vegas Taekwondo Hall Of Fame 2013
1 Russian Open 2013
1 Kazakhstan Open 2014
1 Asian Clubs Championp 2014
1 west Asian Chmpionship 2010


Galette Des Rois, Zlebyé, Armenian Christmas And A Tradition To Waste Electricity

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The majority of Christians in Lebanon and around the world celebrate Epiphany tonight and the tradition is to eat the Galette des Rois and some zlebyé. The traditional Galette is filled with frangipane, an almond-based filling, and a slice is given to each person sitting on the table. The one who gets the lucky charm (la fève) hidden in the galette gets to wear the king or the queen’s crown. This year I got a galette from Cannelle and another from Kay (Stop & Shop) and the one from Kay was much better.

While the galette is a French tradition, the zlebyé is made in Lebanon during epiphany every year and is basically a fried dough with sugar and cinnamon. It’s really good and the best way to have it is when it’s still hot. Aside from the food traditions, a lot of families keep their balconies lit up tonight as the day marks principally the visit of the Magi (Three wise men) to the Christ child. I don’t mind the tradition but I wish we could replace it with candles as we need to save electricity in this country.


On another note, the majority of Armenians in Lebanon celebrate today Christmas so Merry Christmas to all my Armenian friends!


Lebanon To Impose Visa Restrictions On Syrians For The First Time

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refugees Picture via UNRWA

Syrians were able to stay in Lebanon for up to six months previously, but this will no longer be possible as any Syrian who wishes to enter Lebanon will have to obtain a visa at the borders. This measure should have been implemented long time ago in order to control the flow of refugees trying to escape the war but it’s better late than never.

The new regulations will come into effect on January 5 as mentioned on the General Security website. This is the first time that such measures are taken ever since Lebanon’s independence. Hopefully, the borders will be secured soon as well in order to stop illegal entries as well.

Will Solidere Really End In 2019?

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Update: Solidere’s term was actually extended to 35 years in 2005, so its term ends in 2029 not 2019 as is being said, open to extension. via Karl

We all know that the St Georges Club in Beirut and Solidere are not friends, and it seems the St Georges is optimistic that Solidere will come to an end in 2019. The reason why they are saying so is because Solidere was created in 1994 and its life span was limited to 25 years and cannot be renewed legally. Honestly, I am pretty sure they will figure out a way to renew Solidere’s contract or replace it with a similar company under a different name. Nevertheless, I wonder who will take over Solidere’s tasks if the company ceased to exist.


Thanks Hadi!