Launch of Joumana Haddad’s “Superman is an Arab” in Arabic

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It’s happening today at Biel in Beirut between 7pm and 9pm. For those of you who don’t know who Joumana Haddad is, you can check out my previous post [Here].

Joumana is a quite an exceptional woman and she’s been bravely fighting sexism in Lebanon and the way women are perceived in our society. She’s got loads of death threats but nothing seems to be slowing her down and I truly admire her and love her for that!

I won’t be able to make it to the book signing today but I am definitely getting my book signed.

How Saad Hariri Commemorated Nelson Mandela’s Passing

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via QifaNabki

Qifa Nabki argues that it was an insulting tweet as Saad Hariri referred to Mandela as a rare piece of brown gold. I do agree and don’t see why he (or his PR guy) had to mention “brown” or any color in his tweet.

Here’s the tweet in English:
“Mandela nearly reached the age of a hundred, and remained until the last minute of his life a rare piece of brown gold glittering over humanity, presenting live examples of the values of forgiveness, reconciliation, the recognition of the other”

Lebanese Rima Njeim Trying To Break The Record For The Longest Airing Live Radio Show

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I didn’t know who Rima Njeim was up until yesterday. Apparently she’s famous in Lebanon for her radio show and she’s attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest airing live radio show (40 hours Live on Air). She’s also doing it for a humanitarian cause which is pretty cool.

Here’s a [link] to MTV’s Interview with Rima. Notice the great camera angle :S

Good Luck Rima!

Update: Rima Njeim now holds the Guinness World Record For The Longest Airing Live Radio Show!


Nice Try

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The picture above has been circulating online to tell people who are nagging about the floods in Lebanon that streets and roads get flooded everywhere, even in developed countries like the US, England and Australia. Of course floods happen everywhere but that’s not the real problem in Lebanon and I think Lebanese should complain 24/7 to the authorities about the shitty infrastructure and useless measures being taken during rainy days.

Just a few words to those claiming this is normal:
– People got stuck for hours (More than 2 hours on average) just because it rained a bit, not cause of a storm.
– There were barely any police units on the roads to assist people stuck inside their cars. Thumbs up to the Civil Defense units though for doing an impressive job despite being badly equipped.
– The authorities released a statement asking people to stay home after everyone was already stuck in traffic.
– A vital road like the airport one SHOULD NEVER be flooded by water and closed for 5 hours.
– In developed countries, the authorities take extraordinary measures for upcoming storms. This was just a normal rainy day. What are the measures being taken for next week’s Alexa storm?
– Shouldn’t there be a hotline dedicated to situations like that?

Emergency Numbers in Lebanon:
Civil Defense 125
Lebanese Red Cross 140
Internal Security 112 (Emergencies)
Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport 150
International Operator 100
OGERO (Telephone Service) 1515