Rej3it 7alimeh

Yesterday was a good reminder that politics haven't changed much in Lebanon. Two members of the same political party arguing over a press conference and then MP Khaled Daher insulting and disrespecting another MP during the government's confidence vote. Let's see how long it will take them now to agree on an electoral law, and how "bad" this law will be this time.

How To Create & Send GIF on Whatsapp

I was sending GIFs over the weekend to greet some friends and most of them had no idea how to create and send a GIF on Whatsapp and whether it's available for Android & iOS. To be honest, I wasn't aware of that option up until the weekend when a friend of mine sent me a GIF , and I thought he was using some third party app, but it turned out to be a…

#HopeForJose: Two-Year old Jose is Planned to Undergo Surgery Soon

Joseph Gerges is a 2-year old boy who was diagnosed with a Severe Combined Immune Deficiency due to a mutation in gene SP110 that leads to life-threatening liver fibrosis. The only cure for the SCID to prevent liver fibrosis is allogenic bone marrow transplant from a healthy donor and the cost is around $850,000. Jose's parents and friends have been campaigning for weeks and they were finally able to reach their goal and will be…

Minister Melhem Riachi Wants to Dissolve The Lebanese Ministry of Information

The Ministry of Information is useless and should no longer exist and it seems the newly appointed Information Minister also believes the same. Riachi made it clear in his most recent press conference that his first task as Information Minister is to get rid of the ministry and replace it with a ministry that promotes national dialogue instead. Information Ministry is mainly used as propaganda tool in dictatorships and non-democratic countries. I don't know much…

Bourj Hammoud’s Dancing Santa

1 year ago
There are plenty of dancing Santas during the holidays but at least this guy has got some cool moves and not just stupidly waving his hands lol! ...

Spending Our First Christmas Without a Loved One

1 year ago
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, a joyous time meant for parties and celebrations with friends and family but this year was the worst Christmas of my life, the first Christmas without ...

Christmas Ads [2016] – Lebanon

1 year ago
Here’s a nice compilation of this year’s Christmas ads in Lebanon. I am starting the list with one awesome Bûche de Noël dubbed “Tarbuche” and signed by Le Noir – Atelier de Chocolat. Merry Christmas ...

The Worst Christmas Music Video

1 year ago
I have no idea Rima Dib is or what she’s trying to accomplish. Don’t let your children watch this video, they will have nightmares on Christmas eve. ...