#BeirutWall Is Down

via Nader Houella It barely lasted 24 hours. The question is though who put it up in the first place and how much did it cost to install it and remove it? More wasted money. Here's a showing the wall being taken down.

The Beirut Wall Of Shame Turned Into A Piece Of Art In Less Than An Hour

via Patyl I still can't believe they actually built a cement wall to block the entrance to the Serail and prevent protesters from getting any further. I'm totally against what happened two days ago and I'm glad Interior Minister Mashnouq distinguished the troublemakers from the genuine protesters but I don't see the need for a wall. In all cases, I passed by yesterday to check it out and graffiti artists were already there turning the…

Five Funny #YouReek (#YouStink) Pictures & Videos

A Beiruti snack called Ramez - Mazraat that sells chicken got inspired from the #Tol3it_Ree7etkon campaign and 3as3us's #Farroujna_Lil_Watan episode and kicked off the #‏طَيبي_ريحتكن‬ campaign. I have no idea who originally shot this video but Ninar shared it first and Tchuup sent it to me. It's hilarious lol! If you know who originally took it, please let me know so I give him/her the credits. Batman was spotted at the protest giving interviews I…

The Best Photo & Video Of The #YouReek Protests

1 year ago
Photo by Karim Mostafa A Lebanese policeman was in the middle of the clashes when he completely lost it, sat down on the side of the road and started crying. When protesters spotted the police ...

How To Handle Tear Gas During Protests

1 year ago
If you are planning on participating in the #YouReek protest or any kind of protest, it is important to know how to protect yourself from tear gas canisters. The effects of being tear-gassed usually last ...

What The Hell Happened Yesterday In Riad el Solh?

1 year ago
When I wrote a post yesterday morning on how to gear up for today’s protest, I never thought for a second that we might actually need to protect ourselves from tear gas canisters, water cannons, ...

The Types Of Recycling We Don’t Want In Lebanon

1 year ago
Throwing garbage in nature is a crime and Lebanese who are illegally dumping their trash in valleys, mountains and in the sea should be put behind bars. Ghaleb Cabbabe came up with a smart campaign ...