The First School For The Deaf In Lebanon

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IRAP is one of the very few associations I respect and support in Lebanon. They’ve been working hard to help rehabilitate audio-phonetics and they produce high-end products that encourage people to buy and aid them. Their cookies are available in almost any supermarket and are really good.

They need to work on their website and Facebook page though, as both pages will help them spread their message.


Sakker el Dekkene Is Organizing An Anti-Corruption Tour Across Lebanon

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Kabse 3al Fassed - Map

If you spot a small colorful and thought-provoking car in your town in the next couple of weeks, it’s the Sakker el Dekkene car which is touring Lebanon in a nationwide anti-corruption awareness campaign. The “Kabseh” starts on September 10th in Jdeideh, then went to Jounieh, Byblos, Tripoli and Aramoun. Here’s the schedule for the days to come:

– September 22: Sir al-Dinnyeh
– September 23: Halba
– September 24: Hermel
– September 25: Baalbeck and Zahle
– September 29: Jeb-Jannine and Rashayaon
– September 30: Hasbaya and Marjeyoun
– October 1: Nabatieh
– October 2: Bint Jbeil and Tyr
– October 8: Jezzine and Sidon
– October 9: Beiteddine and Aley
– October 10: Baabda

If you happen to be from these towns, don’t hesitate to report any bribes in order to help Sakker el Dekkene fight against corruption. You can simply log in to or download the Dekkene’s smartphone Application (search for ‘sakkera’ on iOS and Android). You can also call its hotline: 76 80 80 80.


Pictures From The Beirut Art Fair 2014

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20140918_191710 Plastik VIP stand

If you haven’t been to the Beirut Art Fair yet, I strongly recommend you do. I was there yesterday for the opening and I loved the exhibitions and stands. Here are some of the pictures I took but there’s a lot more to see.

The Beirut Art Fair is taking place between the 18th and 21st September at Biel.

20140918_193455 Talented Autistic Artist Ali Tlais (Alfa 4life booth)

20140918_191142 Les Plumes Galerie Elsie Braidi Beirut










Nicolas Audi à La Maison d’IXSIR Restaurant Now Open

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When I attended the opening of Ixsir winery two years ago (and took a picture with the one and only Carlos Ghosn), I asked the Ixsir people if they are planning to open a restaurant here and the answer was that they are planning to do so in a year or two. It took them almost two years but the restaurant is now officially open for lunch from Tuesdays to Sundays. However it will be closed on Mondays.

I think the Ixsir winery location in Basbina, as well as the venue itself and the breathtaking view it has offer the perfect setup for a restaurant and having Nicolas Audi‘s signature on it is like the cherry on top of the cake. I am definitely planning a visit soon before winter comes and will update you with the details.

Check out more info on Ixsir’s [Facebook page] and [website].

PS: If you’d like to call or reserve, here’s the number and contact person: (71 – 773 770 with Mr. Antoine Azzi).

Every Law Adopted By The Lebanese Parliament Costs $1.2 Million Dollars

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Based on the below LBCI report, every law issued by the current Lebanese parliament cost us more than 1 million dollars. What they did was compute the productivity of the parliament by summing up the expenses we paid our MPs vs the number of sessions held and laws adopted in the past 6 years.

Here are the numbers as stated in the report:
– Lebanese have paid in tax money their MPs over 400 billion Lebanese Liras ($266 Million Dollars) in the past 6 years (Salaries, bills, maintenance etc ..).
– This amounts to almost $139,000 a day.
– In 2009: 0 sessions were held and 0 laws were passed.
– In 2010: 4 sessions were held and 57 laws were passed.
– In 2011: 5 sessions were held and 69 laws were passed.
– In 2012: 3 sessions were held and 42 laws were passed.
– In 2013: 3 sessions were held and 2 laws were passed.
– In 2014: 2 sessions were held and 48 laws were passed.