UK Ambassador Tom Fletcher vs. Lebanese Blogger KarlRemarks

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British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher wrote an open letter to Lebanon on its 70th Independence Day, only to be followed by an open letter (meant as satire) from Lebanon to Britain courtesy of KarlRemarks.

The video above is what the Ambassador had to say about Karl’s letter.

I love reading Karl and Fletcher and I am loving these exchanges!

Quick Review: The Hunger Games Catching Fire

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Pic from Collider

I was never a fan of science-fiction novels and I don’t read books before watching their movie adaptations, so I can’t really tell how well the book-to-movie adaptation was for the Hunger Games or any other similar sequel. All I know is that I loved the first Hunger Games movie and the second one didn’t fail to impress. Even though it’s almost 2 hours and a half long, Catching Fire is incredibly suspenseful and powerful and leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next. I loved the characters, specially Katniss which was played to perfection by Jennifer Lawrence, as well as the cinematography and attention to details. The twist at the end was brilliant and I can’t wait to watch the next one and see what really happened.

The one thing I was a bit disappointed in were the games and action scenes. The action-packed scenes are modest in the movie and the games are not as exciting as the first movie even though the candidates are much better this time.

What To Do After an Explosion Or A Terrorist Attack

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Picture from BuzzFeed

Whenever an explosion takes places in Lebanon, and unfortunately there’s been way too many this year, people tend to react the wrong way by rushing towards the bombsite. Even though the intention is to help the victims and take them to the nearest hospital, such a reaction could be life-threatening specially when a second event occurs.

This is exactly what happened outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut few days ago, when the first suicide bomber detonated his explosive belt at the embassy’s entrance only to be followed few minutes later by a second explosion caused by another bomber detonating his 60KG explosives-rigged Trail Blazer.

Here’s a list of guidelines that should be followed whenever an explosion takes places, as communicated by the Red Cross in Lebanon and based on some online findings:

If you are near the bombing:
– Leave the area immediately. Stay Alert and Away from the bombsite as one event can be followed by another.
– Avoid crowds. Crowds of people may be targeted for a second attack.
– Avoid unattended cars and trucks as they may contain explosives.
– Stay away from damaged buildings to avoid falling glass and bricks.
– Clear the way for rescue units and security forces.
– Wait for the Red Cross and the Civil Defense units to evacuate the victims. Some of them can be treated on the spot and don’t require moving to a hospital.
– Stay away from the crime scene as walking around it could jeopardize the collection and preservation of evidence.

If you are inside a building:
– Stay away from windows, mirrors, overhead fixtures, filing cabinets, bookcases, and electrical equipment. Instead go to a safe room and hide properly.
– Don’t step out on the balcony.
– Keep the fire extinguisher next to you just in case a fire erupts.
– Open doors carefully; Watch for falling objects.
– Do not use elevators.

More booby-trapped cars coming to Lebanon

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This is not the first time we get leaked documents about new booby-trapped cars sent to Lebanon. I hope all the reports are wrong (So far they are) but I am wondering how this document is reaching the local media. If the security forces want the list out, they would have published it on their website, otherwise it should be kept confidential.

On another note, this is the first time I hear about a Soung Young car.

Lebanon’s 70th Independence Day

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By Stavro

Here’s a nice roundup of some of the Lebanese ads, videos, posters, caricatures about Lebanon’s Independence that were shared in the past few days.


By Bas’ Libnani

By DSC Lebanon

By Phoenicia

By Bank Audi

By Trident

By Al Rifai

By Roadster

By LeMall

By Byblos Bank

By Alfa

By Touch

By Douaihy Sweets

By Abdul Rahman Al Hallab

By Zaatar W Zeit

By Shawarmanji

By Exotica

By Lebtivity

By LeCommodore