The Week Middle East: Is Lebanon Sinking?

The Week Middle East featured our PM Tamman Salam on its cover page with the title "Is Lebanon Sinking?" in reference to the ongoing garbage crisis. I tried looking for the magazine but couldn't find it at Virgin or anywhere so I looked it up online and bought the issue as a souvenir haha! The article on Lebanon's garbage crisis is on page 6 and it says "River of Rubbish: Lebanon's inability to act". It…

How is Saudi Arabia a Better Country for Women than Lebanon?

An Online campaign shedding the light on women rights in Arab countries. International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 in Lebanon and around the world every year. It is a a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and more importantly a reminder for us here that Lebanese, and Arab women in general, are still second-class citizens. The Lebanese laws discriminate against women and don't guarantee their basic rights.…

The Lebanese Passport: Probably The Most Expensive & Least Useful One

Here's a hilarious sketch by CHINN's Abbass Jaafar on the Lebanese passport, the countries that we can fly to without a visa and the tons of documents that we need to prepare to get a short-stay visa. The Lebanese Passport is the world's 9th worst passport and among the most expensive passports in the world, if not the most expensive. This reminded me of an old satiric post I wrote when the European Parliament agreed…

How to Detect Fake 1000 Lebanese Lira Bills

I am not really sure if it's profitable to produce and use 1000 LL counterfeit bills but there are plenty in circulation apparently. I don't think I'll ever bother to check if a 1000 LL is counterfeit or not and I doubt that merchants/shops will do. Nevertheless, here's how you can verify that your 1000 bills are not counterfeit: via MTV

Municipalities are Also to Blame For The Garbage Crisis

1 year ago
Making good use of open manholes The majority of municipalities in Lebanon are to blame for the garbage crisis as much as the Lebanese government is. They’ve been doing very little to manage and recycle ...

Fayha Choir Shutting Down After Winning “Choir of The Year”

1 year ago
Fayha Choir’s “Choir of The Year” award will be the last apparently as those in charge of the choir have decided to shut it down. The reason is mainly a financial one as they are ...

A Terrifying Aerial View Of The Garbage “Mountains” Across Lebanon

1 year ago
This footage was shared today on طلعت ريحتكم’s Facebook page prior to their “Final Warning” demonstration on Saturday at 4pm. Lebanon’s trash collection crisis is now in its eight month with still no resolution in ...

Tripoli’s Fayha Choir Won “Choir of The Year” in Dubai

1 year ago
Photo Credits: Natheer Halawani The Fayha Choir, from Tripoli Lebanon, won during the weekend “The Choir of The Year” award at the Choir Fest Middle East 2016. ChoirFest Middle East is an annual festival in ...