FAIL: Al Jadeed News App

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I downloaded the Al Jadeed News App few days ago and it seems they always show their numbers in reverse order, which means that the 18 reported kills from last night’s blast turned into 81!

I hope they fix that bug ASAP. I already reported it to them.

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In Pictures: Car Bomb in Beirut’s suburbs

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The car bomb that took place between Roueiss and Ras el Abed today has killed at least 18 and injured over 100 people. Caretaker PM Miqati said tomorrow will be a day of national mourning.

Quite a tragic day for Lebanon. Sincere condolences to all the victims’ families.

Update: Here’s a video showing the group who claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Bloody Sunset in Beirut tonight – Source

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Ghadi The Movie – Trailer

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It says social comedy but the trailer looks depressing.

The trailer of Ghadi, a film by Amin Dora, a social comedy written by and starring Georges Khabbaz giving you a closer insight about a special kid and the struggles of his humble family. Expect strange phenomena to affect the behavior and beliefs of their little Lebanese town’s population.

Toum NYC

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Toum NYC is a food truck that sells all types of Lebanese traditional dishes in New York.

Toum (or Garlic) is one of the many things we like to brag about as Lebanese, here and apparently abroad. I have friends who can eat a whole plate of Toum with their chicken. Personally speaking, I can’t stand garlic and it gives me headaches.

Let’s just hope Toum doesn’t became all of a sudden an Israeli specialty like Hummus and Dabke.


Kharma (Chocolat)

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I love this kind of Kharma but it is hard to find. The first time I tasted some was at some friend’s in Jezzine. They are called Kharma (Chocolate) because of their color and taste.

PS: You can eat the whole thing not just the inside, unlike the normal Kharma.

Jan Blomqvist at Skybar this Friday

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I’ve been listening to “Big Jet Plane” by Jan Blomqvist on repeat for most of the week and I just found he’s going to be at Skybar this fucking Friday! I’m going to miss it since I’m not in Lebanon but if you’re there you should really check him out. I missed Booka Shade at Pier 7 last month and now this.

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Environmental Catastrophe befalling Lebanon’s Cedar Forest

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Former MP Gebran Tawk is apparently destroying a part of Bcharreh’s ancient Cedar Forest to set up an outdoor venue for his son’s wedding. Nadine from LBC Blogs managed to get some pictures of what’s happening near the Cedars Forest. You can check them out [Here].

“Sources told AL-Akhbar newspaper that Former Deputy Gebran Tawk is planning the wedding of his son on a piece of land adjacent to the ancient forest.

Bulldozers began settling the ground and transporting rocks and gravel in preparation for the ceremony which will last for 3 days, and which will be attended by nearly three thousand people.

It is worth noting that the ancient forest is listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO; a list that requires the protection of classified sites and their surroundings within an area exceeding 500 square meters; however, the preparation activities carried out in the vicinity may obliterate the existence of the forest…”