Beirut Among The 50 Unpredictable And Non-Clichéd Places To Travel To In Your 20s

Beirut made it on EliteDaily's List of The 50 Unpredictable And Non-Clichéd Places To Travel To In Your 20s and I actually agree on their description of Beirut as being a "great place to eat, explore and party". Beirut is a great city to visit if you are in your 20s as you could rent a small apartment or stay at a cheap motel in Mar Mikhael, Hamra or Gemayze, explore the city during the…

A Letter From Yves

Yves deserved candles not bullets, he deserved birthday cakes and celebrations not a funeral. I didn't know Yves, neither did many of us, but we all helped spread his story and ask for the arrest of his killers because we are fed up with thugs and criminals mocking justice and doing whatever they like. We forced some politicians to come out and deny covering for these criminals and we should continue to push until justice…

Fairouz Old House In Beirut To Become A Museum

2 years ago
The old Beiruti house Fairouz grew up in won’t be demolished and turned into a skyscraper. Instead the municipality of Beirut will take over the house and turn it into a museum to honor Fairouz’s ...

#JusticeForYves: Yves Nawfal’s Killer Arrested At Last!

2 years ago
The ISF Intelligence Branch arrested in Brital Charbel George Khalil, who is accused of killing Yves Naufal. They also found the Jeep that was used in the murder. Great News! ...

Lou3bat al Nissa2 Old Lebanese Movie Trailer

2 years ago
Update: Here’s a [link] to the full video. Chawki Matta, Houwayda, Rafic Najem and Madeleine Tabbar are in that movie. I saw somewhere in the comments that the guy singing at the end is Sami ...

Is It Legal To Share Charlie Hebdo’s Cover In Lebanon?

2 years ago
Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo were printed and distributed today with a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad holding a “Je suis Charlie” sign on the cover page. Above the cartoon are the words “All ...