Some Idiot Was Playing Football On The Jounieh Highway

Every time I see such videos, I wonder why doesn't anyone give a call to the ISF or the Lebanese Army and have these people arrested? There's always a policeman on the Kaslik roundabout which is 2 minutes away from where this video is taken and there's an army base also 3 minutes away if not less. Since the Lebanese authorities want to implement a new traffic law, let's start by monitoring the highways and…

Felipe Nasr Finishes 5th on His F1 Debut

Brazilian-Lebanese F1 Driver Felipe Nasr finished 5th on his F1 debut and gave Sauber their first points since 2013. Sebastian Vettel also finished 3rd in his Ferrari debut which is encouraging news but Mercedes is still far behind and Rosberg & Hamilton weren't really battling it out today. Let's hope the season won't turn out to be as boring as last year and Ferrari catches up after few races.

The Museum of Civilizations To Be Unveiled On March 24 In Beirut

I first wrote about the “Museum of Civilization” back in June 2014, when Lebanese Design Firm GM Architects were presenting this museum design at the Time Space Existence exhibition of the 2014 Venice Biennale. The firm was the only one representing Lebanon and their project was aimed at addressing the Biennale’s theme of fundamentals by exploring the historical basis of architectural culture in the rich and varied context of their home country. I thought their…

Can You Identify This Miserable Man?

I'm very tempted to call that number! via Wajid Here are some funny stories and pictures I collected from the past week. Enjoy :) Al Jadeed mocking LBCI's TV mistake but the joke is on them really. Sex sells :) Is this Walid el Muallem? Via Dana Anaween Areeda making fun of Fadl Shaker I don't know who did this but spot on :) Al Rifai hates traffic too

The Lebanese Sisters Revisited By Beirut Plus TV

2 years ago
Barke 7adan halla2 talfanlé 3al blog taba3e! Hahahahahaha! [YouTube] ...

Another Epic Reply From Alfa On Twitter

2 years ago
I thought the guy’s tweet was actually funny this time and not a troll like last time but Alfa’s reply was spot on. Here’s the full conversation: Thanks Carla! ...

A Talking Piano At ABC Dbayyeh

2 years ago
An interactive piano set inside ABC Dbayyeh mall was inviting people passing by to play and making fun of those who can’t with messages like “Please Stop” or “Practice makes perfect (Try 10 years)” while ...

Interview With The Lebanese Priest Who Sexually Harassed A Woman

2 years ago
After a video came out showing a Lebanese priest called Antoun Farah sexually harassing a woman, New TV went and interviewed the priest as per his request. Clearly this guy is delusional but what I ...