We Want A Clean Hekmeh – Riyadi Game Tonight!

Hekmeh and Riyadi are meeting tonight at 5pm in what promises to be the hottest and closest Lebanese basketball game of the year. Unfortunately, the question that always asks itself in this fierce derby is whether the game will end with a fight or not? Let's hope tonight's game will be a clean one with a clear winner and respectful fans and players. Good luck to both teams!


Yves is a young man who was celebrating his 27th birthday in Kfardebian with some friends and they got into a small fight with a group of guys. As a result, Yves left the place with his friends but was ambushed on his way back and shot several times. Yves was rushed to the hospital but he succumbed to his injuries and died later that night. His friend was also injured but he got treated…

VIDEO: How Powerful Was The Zeina Storm That Hit Lebanon?

2 years ago
Here’s an amateur video sent to me by Hadi. If I were the driver, I wouldn’t be laughing as salt water is very bad for the car and the engine. Another storm is expected to ...

How You Can Really Help Refugees During Winter In Lebanon

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At least two children froze to death in Lebanon’s refugee camps the past week and thousands of others are still threatened by this merciless winter. If you wish to help them by donating clothes, blankets ...

A 1976 Charlie Hebdo Cartoon About Lebanon

2 years ago
This cartoon was published on the 19th of August 1976 by the French satirical magazine. It translates to “Seedy people knife themselves. Rich people are in Côte d’Azur”. I found this cartoon [here] and I ...

Myriam Klink Figured Out The Best Way To Help Refugees Dying Of Cold In Lebanon

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Syrian boy died from the cold in a refugee camp in Lebanon Thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are facing a merciless winter and children are dying of cold inside camps. Many refugees don’t have ...