Avoid The Dekwaneh-Achrafieh Bridge

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Picture taken back in November 2013

This is a relatively new bridge and it’s already falling apart. Maskhara!

BEIRUT – The Internal Security Forces urged citizens to avoid driving on the Dekwaneh Bridge after structural damage put it in danger of collapse. “The iron joints of the Dekwaneh Bridge were damaged, creating gaps, which now constitute a threat to the safety [of drivers],” the ISF’s General Directorate said in a statement issued on Wednesday. “Citizens are kindly asked to avoid the bridge,” the statement added [NowLebanon]

This is how the bridge looked like yesterday – Pic via elNashra

Lebanon Finally Approves IKEA’s Solar-Powered Flat Pack Shelters For Syrian Refugees

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Instead of approving these shelters months ago and preventing a disastrous situation for the refugees during the winter season, the Lebanese Government decided to wait until now to say yes. Someone should re-assure the Lebanese authorities that Syrians refugees hate it in Lebanon just like Palestinians do. Moreover, building decent camps to let them settle temporarily is a much better plan than letting them integrate into local communities then treat them in a racist manner.

Earlier this year, Scandinavian flat pack furniture masters IKEA unveiled an easily deployable solar-powered shelter that can provide sturdy, safe housing in an emergency. Designed in collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, the shelters are ideal for situations such as the ongoing mass displacement of individuals fleeing from the war in Syria. However, as many Syrian refugees enter Lebanon, the Lebanese government has been hesitant to approve the use of the IKEA shelters for fear that they might prove too permanent. Now, after six months of negotiations, the IKEA housing will finally be available to Syrians in Lebanon, but they may not be ready in time to protect many from the harsh winter. [Link]


Here’s more information about the IKEA shelters:

The IKEA Refugee Housing Units are 188 square feet and can safely house up to five people. While that may sound on the small side, it is twice the size of the current standard tents provided to refugees. Additionally, solar paneled roofing provides a safe source of light, removing the need for hazardous kerosene lamps. Reflective paneling on the shelter’s exterior provides insulation to keep the interior cool during the day and warmer at night. The shelters can be constructed in just four hours, and while the tents currently distributed by the UNHCR typically start to disintegrate within six months, IKEA’s shelters can last for up to three years. [Link]

O1NE Beirut Opening Postponed To December 25

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ShadowPP ONE AUH  7860
How O1NE Beirut will look like from the inside

O1NE Beirut won’t be opening on December 19th as announced earlier this week. The venue is ready but there were delays in delivering some equipment due to a supplier as I was told. The official opening date is December 25th.

I was able to take few exclusive pictures from inside the O1NE that I shared below. The interior will be very special and very similar to the O1NE in Abu Dhabi that Mark posted about previously.

The 3D video mapping covering the full 360 degrees of the interior will be something unseen before in Lebanese nightclubs so get ready for a whole new and exciting nightlife experience!

Both interiors of O1NE Beirut and Abu Dhabi are going to be very similar with the biggest difference being the fact that Lebanon won’t have private rooms with balconies overlooking the club (for now). The private rooms in Abu Dhabi can hold around 50 people each which basically means you can hold your own party inside the already larger party taking place (think Inception). The club had a long catwalk stretching from one side of the club to another surrounded by a lounge area on both sides and a bar at the very end. You also had raised areas around the hall similar to Skybar Beirut with plenty of tables and seating.




Lebanese Football Tweetup Updates

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I got the Brazuca ball last week courtesy of Adidas

The tweetup was supposed to take place last Saturday but we had to postpone it a week because of the Alexa storm. As mentioned earlier, we will be picking up the teams this time and they are almost full already. Nevertheless, everyone’s welcome to join as a lot of tweeps are coming just to watch the game and have fun.

The game is scheduled on Saturday at 8pm at V-club In Jal el Dib in Beirut.

PS: For further updates, follow me or the hashtag #MUFCvsFCBTweetup for further updates.