Love During The Siege: Fighting Hunger Through Hope and Love

The Samir Kassir Award for Freedom of the Press is held on June 2 every year, which is the anniversary of Samir Kassir’s assassination, and is funded by the European Union. The winners of the 2016 editions were as follows: - Opinion piece category: Maher Massoud from Syria, an opinion writer for many Arab newspapers, magazines and websites and a researcher at the Institut français du Proche-Orient . - Investigative article category: Mohammad Tarek from…

Riyadi Beirut Rewards its Fans By Keeping Them Away From The Finals

Instead of rewarding their fans by offering the most loyal ones VIP tickets or special passes, Riyadi Beirut decided to keep the fans away from Game 4 in the Finals and book the whole stadium for the families of the team's management, the staff, the players, the sponsors and their friends. Maskhara, just like this whole Lebanese Basketball League is.

Meet Charbel Habib: The Only Lebanese & Arab Competing In the 35-day Long Peking – Paris Rally

What needs to be proved today is that as long as a man has a car, he can do anything and go anywhere. The Peking-Paris rally is often considered as the greatest motoring adventure and attracts every 3 years over 100 teams from all over the world to compete in the 35-day long rally. This year, a Lebanese team formed of Charbel Habib and his co-driver Walid Samaha is proudly taking the challenge and will…

Reliving The First F1 Showrun in #Beirut

2 years ago
Photo by Naim Chidiac The first ever F1 showrun in Beirut took place on Sunday the 22nd of May. I couldn’t make it but I compiled some of the best pictures and videos shared online ...

What Do You Think of Roadster Diner’s New Logo & Look?

2 years ago
Roadster Diner just opened a new branch in Hazmieh’s Backyard and introduced a new logo and look. I think this is the first logo change ever since Roadster opened and it’s very different from the ...

#StopJannaDam: Drone Footage Of The Forest Destruction Taking Place

2 years ago
The below video was shared by the Lebanese Eco Movement yesterday. If I’m not mistaken, one of the spots shown is one of the most beautiful ones in Jannet Artaba that was featured in Live ...

An Interview I Did 16 Years Ago

2 years ago
I was looking through my father’s papers when I spotted a picture of myself and a small interview I did with a local newspaper. I am not sure if it’s Annahar but the interview was ...