Manousheh NYC

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Manousheh is a pop-up restaurant that sells Saj in New York. I always preferred Saj bread to the normal Manakish one but you need like 3 Saj wraps to be full. Tlamé is another type of bread that comes a bit thicker than Saj and is usually found in the North.


Funny anatomy of a Manousheh:
Man: like “Oh, man!”
Ou: As in “Ooh Lala!”
Sheh: Like “Chef” without the f


Minister of Information Requests Warning against Marcel Ghanem for incitement to sedition

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I agree that the pictures displayed should have been verified and Kalam Ennas did apologize for that mistake but I fail to understand how those images managed to “ignite provocation and tensions and incite to sedition and destabilization in the country”.

In fact I don’t understand how Lebanon’s No.1 talk show gets a warning like that while other TV shows that keep the show running while their guests curse and insult each other get away with it. Personally speaking, I think Kalam Ennas is the only show that truly depicts the reality of what is happening and is worth watching.

Funnily enough, Prime Minister Mikati was not aware of the warning requested by the Information Minister and disagrees with its content.

If I were Marcel Ghanem, I would get Walid el Daouk on the next episode and ask him to explain to the viewers the reason for issuing such a warning.

On August 23, the talkshow’s producer and host displayed obnoxious images of charred bodies he claimed they belonged to the victims of a two deadly blasts in the northern city of Tripoli last week.

They photos later proved to be belonging to victims of a fatal fire at a Morocco bank in 2011.

In a letter to the National Audio-Visual Media Council, Daouk slammed Ghanem’s practice as unprofessional and irreverent, and not complying with the honor pact LBC had signed.

“Therefore, we hereby request the National Audio-Visual Media Council to urgently address Kalam el-Nas producer and host, Mr. Marcel Ghanem, with a warning over the content of his show igniting provocation and tensions and inciting to sedition and destabilization in the country, in an express violation of the terms upon which the institution was given broadcast license and of Law 382/94,” Daouk said in the letter. [Source]

Highly Endangered Species spotted in Beirut River

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A video was posted by Al Joumhouria today showing a weird species swimming in the Beirut River. According to Nadine from LBCBlogs and after asking Animals Lebanon, the animal is a softshell turtle which is a highly endangered species.

Thanks to Animals Lebanon however, I was told that this softshell turtle was indeed as much native to the country as it is to the Mediterranean. I was also told that this animal was on the highly endangered species list.

“Certainly with fishing and hunting, pollution, and habitat destruction or degradation they are becoming more endangered and certainly rare here. As with many species there is very little being done in Lebanon to study populations, distributions and threats. Hopefully we will get to a point where we can reference work that is being done here. It is actually quite sad in a way that people here aren’t aware of what amazing and interesting species exist,” said Jason Mier, the Executive Director of Animals Lebanon.

With no sort of set rules and regulations to control animal/species welfare in the country, add to that a complete disregard to the status of the environment and the disruption of the eco-system, I think the worst is yet to come given the overall general situation in the country and the fact that we as a population know so little of our own wildlife.

I paid the Beirut River a visit a couple of weeks ago and it’s the most disgusting place you could ever go to.

BMW Club Lebanon Annual Meeting in Kfardebian

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via Michel

BMW CLUB LEBANON organized its 8th annual meeting this year at Piste Warde in Kfardebian and were aiming at breaking the Guinness World Record of the largest number of BMWs regrouped in one place. I am not sure if they broke the record or not but I was going through their Group on Facebook and I saw a lot of dangerous and crazy stunts without any safety precautions whatsoever.

I am not sure who’s organizing these events but they better take proper measures next year before someone gets killed and we end up achieving a tragic Guinness Record.

WTF is she thinking?