Details About Sabah’s Funeral

via Sabah the legend FB page The funeral will take place on Sunday 30th of November at Saint Georges Cathedral in Beirut at 2 pm. The family will be present at the church on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to receive your condolences between 11 am and 6 pm.

Gulf Agrees New Contract For Domestic Workers While Lebanon Refuses To Change Its Archaic Kafala System

Domestic workers in the Gulf will be entitled to end of service indemnity and overtime pay for extra work. Employers won't be allowed to confiscate their passports or documents, or forbid them from leaving the house. The new contracts also limits the working day to eight hours. Of course this is not the ideal contract yet, but it's a major improvement from the previous one and the one we have in Lebanon. It's sad how…

Ten Things You Should Know About Lebanese Singer Sabah (Jeanette Gergis Al-Feghali)

1- She has participated in over 80 movies and over 25 plays. 2- She has produced more than 3000 songs. 3- She was known as "Al Chahroura" because she was from Wadi Chahrour and her uncle who was called "Chahour Al Wadi" . 4- She got married at least 7 times. 5- She performed in the world's most prestigious halls like L'Olympia in Paris and Sydney Opera House in Sydney. 6- A TV series "Al…

American Students Singing The Lebanese Anthem

1 year ago
I wonder how many Lebanese know the whole anthem. [YouTube] via StopCulturalTerrorism ...

The Culture Trip: The 10 Best Lebanese Product Designers You Should Know

1 year ago
The Culture Trip wrote a nice article highlighting the 10 best Lebanese product designers. The designers mentioned are Atelier S/Z, Bokja, Karen Chekerdjian, Carlo Massoud, David/Nicolas, Kashida, Marc Baroud, Nada Debs, Niloufar Afnan and Najla ...

Weird Lebanese Laws: What You Could Be Arrested For While In Lebanon

1 year ago
I was checking this list of “20 Things You Never Knew You Could Be Arrested For While Abroad” and spotted Lebanon on the list. Here’s what they said about us: If you’re a guy, sure ...

Beirut And Tripoli Slaughterhouses Temporarily Closed

1 year ago
I read in the past few days that slaughterhouses in Beirut and Tripoli were temporarily closed as they failed to meet health standards regarding the way animals are killed and how the facility is maintained. ...