Lebanese Bayern Munich Fans vs. Manchester United Fans Football Tweetup

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We will be playing with the World Cup 2014 Ball – The Brazuca courtesy of Adidas

I’ve been playing and watching Football for more than 15 years now. I follow the FIFA World Cup (Men and Women), Euro Cup, FIFA Confederations Cup, Champions League. My favorite leagues are the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga. My all-time favorite team is Bayern Munich and I support the German team in the World Cup.

I also enjoy live-tweeting during football games and I’ve noticed lately that there are fan clubs being formed in Lebanon, some of them which are very active like the Manchester United one, so I talked with some of them and decided to organize a friendly Football game between ManUnited fans and BayernMunich fans next week.

I will be picking the teams with a friend of mine this time as we’re organizing the whole thing, but if it works out then we’ll definitely plan another Football tweetup and figure out a way to let other people join in. Of course everyone’s welcome to join as a lot of tweeps are coming just to watch the game and have fun. The game is a friendly one but we will be playing seriously and for the win as the rivalry between Bayern Munich Fans and Manchester United goes way back.

To make things even better, we will be the first to play with the World Cup 2014 official ball, the Brazuca that was unveiled few days ago by Adidas.

I got the New Messi Shoes (Adizero F50 Trx FG) 3 months back and I’m loving them! Hopefully they’ll help me make my team win

PS: I will tweet the place and time in the next few days and you can follow me or the hashtag #MUFCvsFCBTweetup for further updates.

Own a Picasso For 100 Euros And Save An Ancient Lebanese city

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Pablo Picasso’s grandson is selling 50,000 raffle tickets at 100 Euros each for a chance to to win “The Man with the Opera Hat,” a cubist work nearly 100 years old. The reason why he’s doing that is for the rescue of Tyre, “a city devastated by decades of military conflict, including Lebanon’s 15-year-long civil war”.

Yup you heard me right! You could own a Picasso for 100 Euros only and by doing so, you will be helping an old Phoenician city in Lebanon. Olivier Picasso got the idea from his friend who was fed up with “boring” charity dinners.

You can read the full article from CNN [Here].

Lebanon’s Win Against Korea Among The Six Best FIFA World Cup 2014 Qualifiers

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Out of the 800 qualifiers played over two and a half years, FIFA picked 6 games as the best qualifiers from the road to Brazil, and Lebanon’s awesome victory over Korea in 2011 was one of them.

Here are the other 5 games chosen by FIFA:

American Samoa 2-1 Tonga, 22 November 2011
Colombia 3-3 Chile, 11 October 2013
Ghana 6-1 Egypt, 15 October 2013
Panama 2-3 USA, 15 October 2013
Sweden 2-3 Portugal, 19 November 2013

Roadster Diner, Deek Duke and Zaatar W Zeit 2000LL Delivery Charges

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20131204_082304-1 (1)

Zaatar W Zeit started charging delivery charges few months back, then Roadster Diner and Deek Duke followed. The charge is 2000 Lebanese Lira regardless of the distance and was set to maintain the quality of the delivery service, as I was told by all three restaurants.

Honestly, Zaatar W Zeit is the only one of these three that needed an improvement in the delivery service and I haven’t seen any major improvements ever since the charges were implemented. Roadster and Deek Duke have a perfect delivery system so the delivery charges are unjustified to me. In fact, it is letting customers tip the delivery guy less because they’re being charged for the service, so unless the charges are going to these guys or they got some raise, they won’t be too happy about it and quality will eventually drop.