Five Ways To Make Use of Beirut’s River Of Trash

1- Open the first bobsleigh track in the Middle East and bid for the Winter Olympics 2- Put the garbage bags on both sides to promote road safety and use them as safety barriers for drivers. 3- Color the bags on both sides in red, cut down a tree and put it in the middle and take an aerial view to make it look like a Lebanese flag. 4- Hire photographers to take better pictures…

The Zbelification of Lebanon at New York’s UNDP Conference on Environment

Celebrating The Chinese Year Of The Snake - The Largest Snake-shaped Garbage in the world It looks like our Environment Minister is on his way to New York to take part in the UNDP Conference on Environment. Our minister, a potential candidate for the The “In-Denial Minister” position that will soon be introduced in Lebanon, is keen to show the world how we were able to make use of our garbage crisis to beautify, or…

The Only Petition I am Signing

by AlAnhar Here's how we can solve the garbage crisis in Lebanon: Ask Saudi Arabia to halt all sorts of aids to Lebanon and reconsider their relations with our country until the garbage crisis is solved. If this works, the garbage crisis will be solved by Friday :D Piles of garbage line a road in the Beirut suburb of Jdeideh, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016.

#BlogWaladi: Five Things I am NOT Enjoying As a Parent

After sharing the five things I am enjoying the most as a parent, here are the five things I am NOT really enjoying: 1- Bottle cleaning Separate each part of the bottle, rinse the bottles and attachment with a special brush using a special detergent, then fill the bottle sterilizer with water after making sure it's clean, put the bottles and attachments and turn it on. Once done, re-assemble the bottles and put them in…

Garbage Placed in Front of Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah’s Grave

1 year ago
Nabatieh Municipality is claiming the picture is fabricated Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah is a Lebanese electrical and electronics research engineer, mathematician and inventor par excellence. He was born in Nabatieh in 1895, then traveled to the ...


1 year ago
Mother’s Day is less than 1 month away and a lot of Lebanese working or living abroad won’t be able to spend that special day with their mothers. In order to make that happen, a ...

10 Things Lebanese Talk Shows Have in Common

1 year ago
The funniest comedian by far in Lebanon – Fady Reaidy Every time there’s a new comedy-oriented talk show in Lebanon, I watch the first couple of episodes to see if it’s any good or as ...

The Mecanique is a Joke

1 year ago
I stopped going to the Mecanique years ago after hearing the horror stories of waiting for 4+ hours in line added to the fact that there’s wasta everywhere. More importantly, cars are not inspected properly ...