Project By International Lebanese Firm “Domaine Public Architects” Chosen By Adobe For The Launch Of Photoshop CC 2014

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The product launch and thirty second feature presentation is accessible on Adobe’s website [Here].

You can check out Domaine Public Architect’s projects [Here].

The American multinational computer software company has selected an architectural project design by international Lebanese firm “Domaine Public Architects” for the launch of its new Photoshop CC 2014. The project is featured on the main page of the software product company with the slogan “See the world from a whole new perspective”. The selected project is featured in a thirty second presentation, illustrating how the software can be used by designers to create unique projects.

About Domaine Public Architects

Domaine Public Architects was founded in 2011 by graduates from Harvard University. The firm’s portfolio of work includes projects in the United States, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Spain, Mexico and the Middle East. Its experience ranges from galleries, apartments, private houses, hotels, to large scale residential projects and master-plans. The practice provides full architectural, landscape and interior design, masterplanning and furniture design services for public and private clients.

Video Showing Zghorta’s Mayor Toufic Moawad Fatal Car Crash

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LBCI shared today a security camera footage showing the moment Toufic Moawad’s Audi Q7 crashed into a truck on the Dora highway. Looking at the video, and regardless whether the drive had been drinking or fell asleep or was speeding, this truck should not be parked that way on the freaking highway! Moreover and like Yasa has pointed out in the picture below, Toufic could have survived the crash if the proper road safety measures were taken on the back of the truck.

In all cases, whatever we say won’t bring back Toufic who was loved and admired in his hometown.

May he rest in peace.



Lebanon vs Worldwide Obesity Levels: 15.9% Of Boys Under 20 Years Are Obese

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According to a new study by the Lancet, the world is getting fatter and the prevalence of overweight and obesity has increased in children and adolescents in developing countries to 12.9% in 2013 for boys and 13.4% in girls. Here are some of the numbers related to Lebanon and the Arab countries that I’ve collected from the study.

Obese Boys < 20 years
Lebanon – 15.9%
Bahrain – 9.3%
Iraq – 8.2%
Kuwait – 16.7%
Jordan – 8.0%
Palestine – 11.9%
Qatar – 18.8%
Saudi Arabia – 9.4%
Syria – 13.9%
UAE – 12.2%

Obese Men >= 20 years
Lebanon – 26.3%
Bahrain – 31%
Iraq – 25.7%
Kuwait – 43.4%
Jordan – 27.5%
Palestine – 29.8%
Qatar – 44.0%
Saudi Arabia – 30%
Syria – 24.2%
UAE – 27.1%

Obese Girls < 20 years
Lebanon – 12.5%
Bahrain – 10.7%
Iraq – 8.2%
Kuwait – 23.3%
Jordan – 8%
Palestine – 12.5%
Qatar – 15.5%
Saudi Arabia – 14.8%
Syria – 15.4%
UAE – 12.6 %

Obese Women >= 20 years
Lebanon – 29.3%
Bahrain – 24.9%
Iraq – 37.5%
Kuwait – 58.6%
Jordan – 45.6%
Palestine – 42.4 %
Qatar – 54.7%
Saudi Arabia – 44.4%
Syria – 39.9%
UAE – 33.2%

The number of obese boys and girls in Lebanon is quite high and alarming. You can download the full report [Here] (sign up required).

Is Diego Maradona Really Coming To Lebanon?

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I read on Beiruting that Maradona is coming this September to Lebanon to reach at a high school in Broumana but I can’t find the news anywhere else. It would be awesome if we could meet him in person while he’s here.

Lebanese football federation agrees with Diego Armando Maradona to teach in lebanon, in September 2014 he will teach in one of the most important high schools in Broumana-Lebanon.

Fête De La Musique 2014 Tonight!

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The 2014 edition of La Fête De La Musique is taking place today from 06:00 pm until 02:00 am. I think I might pass by Martyrs Square and check out the local and regional bands that are playing. Here’s the full schedule:

Thermes Romains:
Sur la magnifique scène des Thermes romains, les sons pop et folk des groupes libanais viendront se mêler aux ballades entraînantes et électro des parisiens d’Exsonvaldes avant de laisser place aux rythmes endiablés du Brésil.
20h15 – 20h45 Sandmoon (indie pop folk)
20h55 – 21h25 Oak (folk rock)
21h35 – 22h05 Safar (pop, jazz)
22h15 – 23h10 Exsonvaldes (rock, électro)
23h20 – 23h50 Semitic Genetic (rock, électro)
00h00 – 00h30 Segundo Bloco (samba funk percussions brésiliennes)

Beirut Souks
20h00 – 20h30 Valiant Sheep (Rock)
20h40 – 21h10 Butterfly (Rock)
21h20 – 22h00 The Coolcumbers (Rock alternatif)
22h10 – 22h40 Albatross (Reprises Pink Floyd)
22h50 – 23h30 Epic (Rock)
23h40 – 00h10 April Band (Rock, métal)
00h20 – 00h50 In Sanity Q (Rock)
01h00 – 01h30 Rebellion (Rock, métal)

Beirut Souks /Zara
19h00 – 19h30 Audysea (folk, pop)
19h40 – 20h10 Camille & Lory (rock acoustique)
20h20 – 20h50 Gilbert Simon (rock)
21h00 – 21h20 Jebebara (percussions)
21h30 – 21h55 Rocketeers (Hip Hop)
22h05 – 22h30 Mustafa Slameur (slam)
22h40 – 23h05 Karim – Le libre.K (Hip Hop)
23h15 – 23h40 7Ta2at (Hip Hop)

Martyrs Square
19h40 – 20h10 Khebez Dawle (Post Rock)
20h20 – 20h50 Loopstache (Electro Indie Pop)
21h00 – 21h30 Wetrobots Ft. Bosaina (Indie Rock)
21h45 – 22h15 Pindoll (Post – Jazz Rock)
22h30 – 23h15 Wanton Bishops (Indie Blues Rock)
23h30 – 00h00 Empty Yard Experiment (Progressive rock)
00h15 – 00h45 Zahed Sultan (Electronic Alternative)

Uruguay Street – Samir Kassir Garden
A l’ombre de Samir Kassir, le blues, le jazz et le funk berceront les amateurs férus de swing. Une succession de groupes libanais viendra rendre hommage aux plus célèbres compositeurs et présentera des compositions originales tout au long de la soirée.
19h00 – 19h30 Ada & Georgy (Indie Rock)
19h40 – 20h10 Chris Thomas (Blues)
20h20 – 20h50 MoodBells (Blues)
21h00 – 21h30 Funky Blues Brothers (Blues)
21h40 – 22h10 Guru (Blues, funk)
22h20 – 22h50 Nachaz (Blues, rock)
23h00 – 23h30 Slow Train (Blues, rock)
23h40 – 00h10 Afrobeat Collective (Fusion, percussions)
00h20 – 00h50 Ruby Road (Blues, rock, jazz)
01h00 – 01h30 KMKL (Rock, blues, reggae)

Zaitunay Bay
18h00 – 18h30 Adrien (variété)
18h40 – 19h10 Rand (pop)
19h20 – 19h50 Al Kamandjati & Beit Atfal Assoumoud (oriental)
20h00 – 20h30 Maya Hobeika (oriental)
20h40 – 21h20 Lara Eidi (folk, rock, blues)
21h30 – 21h45 Dave Zak (percussions)
21h55 – 22h10 Never Solo (violon électrique)
22h15 – 23h15 Amadeus (Quatuor électrique)
23h25 – 00h00 Meen (rock libanais)

ROOFTOP DE L’USINE SLEEP COMFORT – Karantina, rue de la mer, derrière vanlian
De 22h à 5h
ETYEN (Live)
KELLY HR (Subliminal)