Woman Comes Back To Find Her Mar Mikhail House Partly Demolished: Developer Promises To Buy Her A New Home

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Updates: One of the people who commented, is saying he is the lady’s son and the developer didn’t offer anything or even show up. On the other hand, Prad is saying the contractor had warned the woman prior to demolishing the building next to hers and had signed an agreement with her two months ago to terminate her rental agreement.

Given these two versions, it would be nice if LBCI, MTV, FTV or any local TV investigates this issue further and let us know what really happened because such an issue is more important than Jägermeister Demonic Worshippers.

I tried getting new updates regarding this story since it spread yesterday, and the only news I got was from Habib who said the developer promised to buy her a new house.

However, whether the developer damaged the house intentionally or not, the woman was fortunate enough not to be in the house when the walls were taken down and this is a serious mistake that cannot be ignored just like that. I say the developer should be heavily fined, forced to fix the lady’s house and have his project suspended until further notice.



Four Seasons Beirut Lebanese Street Foods Photo Contest

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The Four Seasons Beirut Hotel is running a pretty cool competition asking people to take shots of their favorite Lebanese Street Foods and share them [here], or on Instagram/Twitter by using the hashtag #LBStreetFaves (and tagging @FSBeirut) for a chance to win a stay at the hotel.

I think it’s a pretty smart and fun competition and I will be looking for new street kiosks and shops to try out in Lebanon. Moreover, I hope FS Beirut will compile the pictures on a website or some page in order to let tourists have a glimpse of our Lebanese street food.

You can find more information about the competition [Here].

PS: I’ve stayed at the Four Seasons Beirut few months ago and it was an amazing stay! Expect a review soon.

The Lebanese Association For Democratic Elections (LADE) Launches Mobile App to Monitor Elections

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The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, also known as LADE, is a civil, independent and nonprofit organization specialized in monitoring the elections, studying the electoral systems and laws and pushing local political parties to introduce reforms in line with the international standards of electoral laws.

Knowing that a lot of violations occur during the Lebanese elections (like dead people voting for example), and that the next parliament elections should take place in 6 months time, LADE launched this week a mobile app which will allow citizens to have access to elections-related information, monitor the polls and more importantly register violations and report them to LADE observers.

Throughout this app, LADE observers will be capable of monitoring and registering a larger number of violations thus improving the accuracy of the electoral process and democracy evaluation. Moreover, the violations, once verified, will automatically appear on an interactive map on LADE’s website. Moreover, citizens will have a clearer image of the electoral process, whether in terms of the percentage of participation, the percentage of males vs females in districts etc …

For example, LADE has found out that 18 out of 26 districts in Lebanon have a female majority, and that women form more than half of the voters but their representation is no more than 2% in the parliament. These numbers should incite women to join the electoral battle and get more involved in the political life.

The app is available for download on the [AppStore] and [Android].


What If Charbel Zoe Had Picked PitBull’s Outfit?

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Carmen-Electra Charbel with Carmen Electra

For those of you who don’t know who Charbel Zoe is, he’s a fashion designer who won the international fashion designer award in 2013 and has worked with a lot of celebrities abroad. More importantly, he was the one who designed JLO’s outfit at the World Cup opening ceremony. Surprisingly enough, very few Lebanese had heard about him before the World Cup even though he had worked before with JLo, but he’s now the talk of the town and everyone’s praising him for this great achievement and the stunning dress or jumpsuit or outfit or whatever that thing Lopez was wearing is called.

To be honest, it’s obvious that Charbel is great at what he does and is very talented, but for me JLO looked like she was wearing some sexy circus outfit. Of course I know nothing about fashion and I am just talking nonsense, but I am pretty sure most Lebanese would have called any local artist wearing such an outfit in a concert or an event a slut.

In all cases, it’s a good thing Zoe wasn’t the one behind PitBull’s outfit because it would have been really hard to praise him.


Lebanese Have The Right To Watch The World Cup

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cable via Chi7as

This image sums up the anger and frustration that a lot of Lebanese were feeling yesterday during the opening game of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Most of the Lebanese who don’t have a dish and pay their cable guy 10$ a month were unable to watch the game fully or at all. The reason is that everyone was waiting for Qatar to have mercy on us and let TeleLiban broadcast the world cup for free, but that didn’t work out. As a result, most cable providers were unable to do the proper setup in one day and couldn’t get any other channels. Some people, including myself, got TFI at first but then it disappeared and then came back in the last half hour.

I hope that this will be a lesson for our officials to make sure they procure the rights to show the World Cup 4 years from now without having to beg Qatar or any other country for that sake.


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10436173_672243176156394_6124765695030080344_n via StopCulturalTerrorismInLebanon

I am not sure if this is a stunt or not but I thought it was fun. If it’s a stunt to advertise for some yoga or meditation classes, she chose the perfect spot as all the drivers go crazy at this intersection.

Lebanese Flag Spotted At The Brazil World Cup Opening Ceremony

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leb via Mayssa

There’s another picture circulating with the same guy holding the Amal party flag. I don’t know if it’s a photoshopped one but I will stick to that one. Speaking of the ceremony, I didn’t like it much to be honest and the first game that followed was a huge disappointment, as Brazil sucked and the referee was the uncontested man of the match, specially with that outrageous penalty he gave to Brazil.

Helping A Young Lebanese Talent Pursue Her Dreams: Send Reine To Ballet Camp in New York

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Reine seems like a very talented ballet dancer and has been working hard for years to pursue her dream. Going to a two-week intensive ballet class in New York may change her life forever and I think she deserves that chance. British Airways has already offered Reine and her mother two free round-trip tickets to New York and her dance instructor in New York has offered them a place to stay in her home. What’s left is for Reine to collect the trip expenses to make this trip a reality.

I know that some people might say that Reine’s trip is not an urgent matter, and that there are more imminent causes and social issues to support, but I think developing the talents of disadvantaged and marginalized youth is as important as tackling other matters and I salute The Nawaya Network for their awesome work!

Reine only needs around $3000 to make her dream come true. You can donate [Here].

Reine is a 13-year-old Lebanese girl with a strong passion for ballet. Her dream is to become a ballet teacher and to perform professionally on stage. She has lived all her life in a small, low-income neighborhood in Beirut, taking ballet lessons after school at a local NGO called Ayadina Association. She has never before had the opportunity to travel outside of Lebanon… until now.

Since 2012, Reine has been enrolled in The Nawaya Network, a local NGO that develops the talents of disadvantaged and marginalized youth.

In Summer 2013, a dance instructor in New York noticed Reine’s passion and talent from her online video on www.nawaya.org, and contacted The Nawaya Network to invite her to attend a two-week intensive ballet class in New York this July 2014!

Skybar Beirut Opening Tonight

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The grand opening was supposed to be last week but was delayed due to the bad weather. Instead it is taking place tonight and the party will go on till Sunday! Speaking of Sundays, Skybar is apparently organizing sunset parties where everyone can enjoy a laid-back evening starting 6pm.

I don’t have much information about this new concept but it sounds pretty cool.

Update: Gino got details on the new changes being introduced to SkyBar this summer, check them out [Here].