What would happen if an Asteroid hit Beirut

Taken from Guardian.co.uk

A 15-meter wide meteor hit Russia yesterday creating a shock wave of energy that collapsed buildings, shattered windows, caused explosions and injured up to 1,000 people. A day before after, a 45-meter wide asteroid, named 2012 DA14, made the closest recorded pass by the Earth by almost 17,000 miles.

To understand better the damage that an asteroid the size of a school bus can cause in a country in Lebanon, check out this cool simulator [KillerAsteroids] where you can drop Asteroid of 3 different sizes on a city of your choice. Here’s a small simulation showing Beirut before and after a small and medium asteroid hit it.




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Dictateur manager apologizes to Dalal Mawad


What they did is still very wrong but it’s good that they issued an apology.

Thumbs up to Dalal for posting about it!

The Dictateur’s owners official reply on the incident that happened with Ms. Dala Mawad:

On behalf of the Dictateur owners and manager, we would like to apologize to Miss Dalal Mawad for the inconvenience that has happened yesterday. We definitely don’t believe in insulting or assaulting our customers, we go to extreme measures to insure that they have a pleasant stay at our place, but yesterday a misunderstanding obviously got totally out of hand, and for that again we apologize.

As for smoking ban, Dictateur fully respects Law 174, and we’ve been very clear about where our customers can or cannot smoke; our garden and terrace are outdoor spaces where smoking is allowed. Our lounge is a closed space so we prohibit smoking there, and we have been very strict about making sure it remains smoke free. As for the bar, yes it’s a bit in the grey area, since it has 2 open elevations, and different parties are interpreting it differently. However we highly appreciate any further clarifications regarding that case.

Mardig Troshagerian

Dictateur violating anti-smoking Law 174

Picture taken from Dictateur Facebook Page

Read below what Dalal went through when she was complaining to Dictateur’s manager that someone is smoking inside. Regardless of whether Law 174 is right or not, the manager had no right to yell at her that way (Based on what she said) and should apologize.

Dictateur is a pub in Mar Mikhael.

Tonight was valentine’s night. My friends and i decided to go to “Dictateur”, a bar in Mar Mikhael. For the couples among us, this was a night to share a toast for “love” and for the single folks, an opportunity to have fun and maybe meet someone. The bar had a valentine’s special “speed-dating” game.
There was both a closed door and a “quasi” outdoor space (it’s a section with an open rooftop). We sat outside, where the game was taking place and I was watching my friends play. People were smoking where we were, which I thought was ok since there was no ceiling.
At some point, I spotted a woman smoking inside, a clear breach of law 174, which prohibits smoking in closed public spaces. At first, I didn’t react, thinking that the bartender would eventually tell her to stop. But he didn’t. A few minutes later, other men were also smoking.
It was not the first time i witnessed indoor smoking, and as in other times, i tried to play my part of a being a “good” citizen. I wrote a post on the Facebook group of law 174, and called 1735 to report the violation. Basics.
But, I wanted to give the manager the chance to justify what I had seen. I spotted a waiter and asked for his superior, told him I would like to complain about the smoking.
A few minutes later, a small man, in a white shirt and beige pants shows up, clearly wearing a mocking look on his face. He said he was the manager and that i had no right to complain because this was an outdoor space. I explained that the people i spotted were actually smoking inside and i had a picture of them ( which I actually do). He aggressively yelled at me accusing me of being ” anal”, he said he couldn’t care less if I complained or not, that I could leave if I wasn’t happy, and said something about ” stupid people like me”, who keep reporting violations about his bar to no avail. ” Go waste your time on something else,” he said yelling, ” i’m sick of people like you.”
At this point, i felt like i had to leave. It was the only way to protest my frustration. i felt helpless.
I told him it’s because of people like him that Lebanon will never be a better place, that change starts with small things, that the rule of law was the rule of law, whether it’s as simple as a smoking violation, or as grave as a crime.
Many people witnessed the argument.
But it doesn’t end here. I packed my things and was paying my share of the bill, when he showed up again. When he saw that i hadn’t left yet, he started shouting at me,” leave, leave, leave now, ten others will come,” making weird hand gestures.And when some of my friends tried to defend me, asking him to be polite, and to apologize for yelling at me in public, he verbally assaulted them as well, following me outside and calling me a “slut”.
Many people who witnessed what happened probably didn’t know why it happened.
I was told the owner of the bar sends his apologies on behalf of his manager, and that the police did come to check the place after i called them. But, that to me is not the problem. Dictateur is one among many other places breaching law 174. There is an endless number of restaurants violating the law with the blessing of the ministry of tourism. Many of us, my friends included, have been encouraged by the civil campaign for law 174 and the concerned ministries to report violations. Some got phone calls from restaurant and bar owners threatening them, right after calling 1735, and others, like me, got humiliated in public.
So my question is, who protects citizens like us, who are trying to protect the law? [Source]

961 Beer Sydney Launch


Mabrouk for 961 Beer!

I like Almaza better though.

961 Beer began during the dark days of the July 2006 siege on Lebanon. Tired with the lack of quality beer in Lebanon, Mazen Hajjar and his friends started to brew beer in his very own kitchen.The first batches were brewed in 20 liter kettles. The beer has taken the world by storm and is Launching here in Sydney. La Lupita is proud to host such an event and will pair these beautiful arromatic beers with the street food of Mexico influence and shaped by the Lebanese immigrants of the 19th and early 20th Century. It is a relatively unknown fact argueably two of the most popular street tacos in Mexico are influenced by the migrants of that era. [Source]

Security guards at Le Mall Dbayyeh

“Manzou3a el Makana estez ma fi ma7al”

Every time I go to Le Mall Dbayyeh during peak hours, I spend at least 15 minutes looking for a parking spot and another 15 waiting for the elevator. However, that’s also the case (not as bad though) in almost every mall so it’s not a big issue.

My problem is that Le Mall Dbayyeh security guards are lying to people telling them the parking is packed while it shows (see picture above) there are a lot of empty spots. The first time it happened to me, he told me the counter is not working so I went and parked somewhere else. The second time it happened, I insisted on going in and found the parking was almost empty. Yesterday the same thing happened again but I ignored him and found tons of empty spots.


I don’t know who’s asking them to lie, but that’s just wrong.

On a side note, I am finding Le Mall a better place to hang out than ABC. Restaurants are more spacious and better located than the ones in ABC Dbayyeh, specially the ones on the front facade.

Lebanon drops 8 spots in the Press Freedom Index 2013


“The Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders does not take direct account of the kind of political system but it is clear that democracies provide better protection for the freedom to produce and circulate accurate news and information than countries where human rights are flouted,” Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. “In dictatorships, news providers and their families are exposed to ruthless reprisals, while in democracies news providers have to cope with the media’s economic crises and conflicts of interest. While their situation is not always comparable, we should pay tribute to all those who resist pressure whether it is aggressively focused or diffuse.” [Source]


Kuwait leads the way in the Arab world, followed by Lebanon, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Check out the full list [Here].

WIFI in Roumieh Prison


Not only do Islamist prisoners in Roumieh have 62-inch TVs and mobile phones, but they also have access to more than one WiFi Connection within the prison.

Those WiFi networks were discovered after the last foiled prison break attempt but the guards were not given “permission” to remove them yet.

What’s next? A network place? Playing Counter Strike with the guards?

One Billion Rising: V-Day Smart Mob in Lebanon


ONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. On February 14, 2013, V-Day’s 15th anniversary, women and men will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities across the world as they express their outrage, demand change, strike, dance, and RISE in defiance of the injustices women suffer, demanding an end at last to violence against women.

The One Billion Rising Lebanon team is taking part in this day as they are stepping out and striking, dancing and rising in Beirut Souks at 6:30pm.

[YouTube] One Billion Rising Flash Mob in San Francisco

Here’s the event program:


1• OPENING: V-Monologue -excerpts from Project Unbreakable- to be read and emoted in English/Arabic by playwright/director Lina Khoury

2• The Dance: “Break the Chain” (Smart mob)
This is the One Billion Rising anthem and dance for about 4.5 minutes. We as a group of women and men will dance, inviting the public to join in rising and dancing. A team of men and women will hold One Billion Rising banners.

3• CLOSING: Positive Message (excerpts from Eve Ensler’s poem, Rising) – to be read by Junaline Bañez-Moussi, one of the organizers of the OBR Lebanon campaign.

At closing, we will ask the public to write on a Vision Wall (In Beirut Souks) on what 1 Billion Women Deserve!

I will post the video as soon as it’s available online.

Learn more about it [Here] and join if you can!