Red Bull Awakens the Jeita Grotto!

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Watch Duncan Zuur showing off his wakeboarding skills inside Jeita’s Grotto. Crazy Stuff from Duncan and Red Bull!

Under the name “Red Bull Awaken the Grotto”, the famous Dutch wakeboarder performed incredible wakeboarding tricks inside the grotto’s lower chamber! This unique ride, held in the grotto for the first time, took place during Zuur’s visit to Lebanon. His stunts included jumps and slides off a boat ramp, which was especially set up in the water.

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Internet Speeds In The Middle East: Lebanon vs. UAE

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In Lebanon:
It takes on average 14 seconds to download a 5 MB photo.
It takes 8 minutes and 26.33 seconds to upload a 50 MB video.
It takes 28 minutes and 4.21 seconds to download a 600 MB video.

In the United Arab Emirates:
It takes 2.63 seconds to download a 5 MB photo.
It takes 50.70 seconds to upload a 50 MB video.
It takes 5 minutes and 15.79 seconds to download a 600 MB video.

If you wish to compare internet speeds between two countries, check out this [Link].


You can see below the download and upload internet speeds in the Arab world. Lebanon has the 2nd worst connection in the region while UAE tops the list.

United Arab Emirates
Average download speed: 15.20 Mbps (48/187)
Average upload speed: 7.89 Mbps (31/187)

Average download speed: 7.67 Mbps (87/187)
Average upload speed: 2.07 Mbps (125/187)

Average download speed: 7.10 Mbps (96/187)
Average upload speed: 5.08 Mbps (59/187)

Average download speed: 5.12 Mbps (119/187)
Average upload speed: 2.01 Mbps (129/187)

Average download speed: 8.87 Mbps (80/187)
Average upload speed: 3.45 Mbps (85/187)

Saudi Arabia
Average download speed: 9.93 Mbps (71/187)
Average upload speed: 2.40 Mbps (115/187)

Average download speed: 2.22 Mbps (174/187)
Average upload speed: 0.80 Mbps (175/187)

Average download speed: 3.89 Mbps (140/187)
Average upload speed: 3.68 Mbps (79/187)

Average download speed: 3.16 Mbps (158/187)
Average upload speed: 1.52 Mbps (146/187)

Average download speed: 2.85 Mbps (168/187)
Average upload speed: 0.79 Mbps (176/187)

Average download speed: 1.61 Mbps (181/187)
Average upload speed: 0.60 Mbps (184/187)

Lebanon Among The 20 Countries Where People Get Kidnapped The Most

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A lot of kidnappings in Lebanon take place in the Bekaa – Source

Lebanon ranked 6th out of 20 countries where people get kidnapped the most. We even scored better than Syria which is quite the achievement!

Read the full report [Here].

Asia and the Pacific had the most recorded kidnaps-for-ransom in 2013, up to 35% of global cases from 31% in 2012. Risks remain in Africa, especially in Nigeria where “the overwhelming majority of incidents taking place in the oil-producing Niger delta.”

“A large number of cases continued to be reported in the Middle East, fuelled by the unstable security environment created by the Syrian civil war,” according to the report. “Kidnapping-for-ransom has become a common problem in Syria and Lebanon, with Lebanon ranking sixth in Control Risks’ global top ten in 2013.”

Here are the top 20 countries for kidnap-for-ransom in absolute terms for 2013 (as of September 30):

1. Mexico
2. India
3. Nigeria
4. Pakistan
5. Venezuela
6. Lebanon
7. Philippines
8. Afghanistan
9. Colombia
10. Iraq
11. Syria
12. Guatemala
13. Yemen
14. Libya
15. Egypt
16. Brazil
16. Kenya (tied)
18. Nepal
19. Malaysia
19. South Africa (tied)

Nine Sharks Killed in Tyre

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Nine sharks, each averaging around 50 kilos, were hunted down and killed in Tyre today. I don’t know what’s the law regarding shark fishing in Lebanon, but given that we barely see any sharks in our seas, maybe it would have been better to capture these sharks or just leave them alone.

Neuf requins d’une cinquantaine de kilos chacun ont été pêchés dimanche au large de Tyr, dans le Liban-Sud, rapporte l’Agence nationale d’information (ANI, officielle).
Les requins auraient été désorientés par la tempête de neige Alexa qui a frappé la région du Moyen-Orient cette semaine, explique Majed Bawab, l’un des deux pêcheurs à l’origine de cette découverte. [Link]

25+ Trucks Fully loaded with clothes and blankets + $20,000 raised for The Syrian Refugees in the North & Bekaa Area

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1489027_10151773802361373_1723884673_n Picture via I am Not a Tourist

I passed by Biel yesterday to donate 6 bags of clothes collected from friends and family to the Syrian Refugees in the North and Bekaa Area and it was just heartwarming to see hundreds of people coming to give away clothes, blankets and anything that could help these refugees. The best part was that this was an initiative started by individuals and not political parties and it quickly went viral and got people interested in helping.

The organizers will be today in the North and Bekaa areas to distribute the warm blankets and clothes. I truly hope this will be one of many initiatives to help the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and specially the children who are the most vulnerable during winter time.

1486923_10153605980235080_972519343_n The Bekaa today – Picture via Gino

On a last note, some people have been saying that we should be helping out deprived Lebanese families before thinking of helping the Syrian Refugees. I honestly don’t know if I should bother answer these people, but let me just say that I personally help out people who are in need regardless of their nationality and the humanitarian crisis that Syria is going through these days requires all of us to step in and help at least those in Lebanon.

Let’s stop being racist and selective as we’re talking about human beings here and if we don’t help out the 1 million+ Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, we’re basically screwing ourselves as Lebanese first and foremost.