Not All Prepaid Cards Will Be Banned in Lebanon

The Central Bank has decided last week to prohibit banks and institutions from issuing or selling prepaid cards, as part of its campaign against money laundering. "BDL gave the concerned parties till Sept. 30, 2016 as the deadline to take the necessary measures to settle the problem of existing prepaid cards. These cards are not allowed to be recharged in the meantime". Bearer shares were also banned by BDL. Just to clarify one point here,…

GoPro Camera Records Amchit Motorcycle Crash

A motorist caught on his GoPro a bike running into someone crossing the Amchit highway. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident and the biker explained in a comment that he wasn't driving at a very high speed and was surprised by the person crossing the road. To be honest, they did look like they were going a bit fast but the blame is on the guy crossing the road and the authorities for…

Beirut Souks New Department Store: A Gorgeous Design Signed Zaha Hadid

If you've been to Beirut Souks recently, you would have probably noticed that the North part of Beirut Souks that is currently under construction is starting to take shape. The department is under design by "Zaha Hadid Architects & Samir Khairallah & Partners" and consists of a 5-storey development of 26,370 m² usable area "comprised of a department store at the northern end and a mixed-use facility – retail at ground and lower-ground levels and…

Em Hortons Now Open in Lebanon

via Adriana Em Hortons beat Tim Hortons to Lebanon and opened its first shop in Halat, North Lebanon. We tried to reach Tim Hortons to comment on the story but did not get any feedback. In other exciting news, you can now buy genuine and original "Converce" for LL 10,000 in Jdeide.

Here’s How Beirut’s F1 Grand Prix Would Have Looked Like

2 years ago
Lebanon almost won the bid to host an F1 track back in 1999. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone was fond of the idea and F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting visited Lebanon to inspect the proposed track. ...

Beirut Stinks So Let’s Shine The Traffic Lights First

2 years ago
Garbage smells, mosquitoes invasion, allergies, diseases and then you find this guy cleaning the traffic lights one by one in Down Town Beirut, and the concerned ministries giving us warnings on Twitter. On another note, ...

The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Garbage in Lebanon

2 years ago
If you’re having trouble dealing with the garbage situation in Lebanon, follow the below guidelines: 1- Keep a picture of our current Environment Minister with you at all time. It’s a very efficient blocking tool. ...

What The Naameh Residents Are Going Through Because Of The Landfill

2 years ago
The garbage crisis is first and foremost a health crisis and Naameh residents are the most affected by this crisis. Residents neighboring the landfill should have been given a financial indemnity as promised and moved ...