How Corrupt Are The Lebanese?

A survey was conducted by Sakker el Dekkene in order to evaluate the attitude of Lebanese citizens towards corruption and their willingness to compromise on their principles and bribe officials. 7810 doors were knocked and 4873 persons were contacted to obtain a sample of 1200 respondents across the entire country and the results were as follows: Corruption behavior: - 62% of the Lebanese population would not wait in line - 25% of the population would…

Week13: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

Look for the boat - Picture by Natalia Ladki You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram . I'm also on Instagram and you can follow me if you like. Best time for a bottle of wine - Picture by Micharamia Enjoying the snow while it lasts - Picture by NajahRechmani It's almost Monday - Mabsout? Picture by JPFares Baskinta - Picture by Antony

Can You Smoke Arguile While Dancing Dabke?

I am sure you all opened that post to check out how someone can dance and smoke arguile at the same time, but the aim was to shed the light on a Facebook page "Sa2afetna" launched recently and aimed at bringing back our true culture and encouraging people to make a difference and share the stories that matter most. Of course it doesn't hurt to share fun videos from time to time but the problem…

Simon Has Unfortunately Lost His Fight Against Leukemia

Simon Badaoui dedicated his life to helping people since his early age and was a Lebanese Red Cross volunteer. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with leukemia five years ago and an online fundraising campaign was started last year to cover all the expenses needed for his surgery and treatment. All of Lebanon supported Simon and the expenses were covered in few days only, but unfortunately Leukemia is not easy to fight and Simon died two days…

Video Showing Israeli Attack on UN Spanish Peacekeepers In South Lebanon

2 years ago
Corporal Francisco Javier Soria Toledo, a Spanish UN peacekeeper was killed on Wednesday when Israel shelled the borders following a Hezbollah attack. This is not the first time Israel targets UN peacekeepers in Lebanon and ...

A Short Animated Movie That Depicts Living In Beirut

2 years ago
Check out this hand-draw short movie by Marylin Haddad that beautifully sums up everything we go through in our beloved Lebanon. It’s about a girl called Leila trying to dance in order to survive her ...

So What Did MP Strida Geagea Really Say?

2 years ago
OTV shared a video two days ago showing Strida Geagea saying “Nchallah ya Rab” when Journalist Denise Rahme informed her about what happened in the South two days ago between Hezbollah and Israel. As it ...

How To Stop Celebratory Gunfire In Lebanon

2 years ago
Pictures via Amr Celebratory gunfire is dangerous as the falling bullets off walls, break through glass windows and occasionally cause injuries or tragic deaths. This is a known fact and we’ve had quite a few ...