A Video Showing New Traffic Law Violations In Lebanon

This video was shot by a student for a school project and shows several violations in Beirut. I've also been spotting many violations on a daily basis but I've also noticed Lebanese are not speeding anymore and driving safely which is a good sign. I think the ISF and Interior Ministry are doing the right thing by taking things slowly, but I still want them to punish officers who break the law more severely in…

Three Caricatures To Sum Up Lebanese Events This Past Week

via Al Jomhouria A couple of words here: I strongly believe this matter should be treated legally as our juridical body is still far better than any other body in this country. via Claude el Khal Summer is here but we still don't know yet how hot it will be. The sure thing is that everyone will be partying in Beirut no matter what! via Claude el Khal

Violence, Camouflaged: Powerful Portraits Of Lebanese Women

By Lebanese Photographer Lamia Maria Abillama This is not a campaign to support the Lebanese Army, but a powerful series of portraits by Lebanese Photographer Lamia Maria Abillama entitled "Clashing Realities". Several Lebanese civilian women, like May Chidiac, are shown in their homes wearing military uniforms "a symbolic representation of the encroachment of political violence into personal space", or in other words to symbolize the violence that these women experienced at some point in their…

I Challenge MP Kabbani To Use Public Transportation For One Week

2 years ago
Our Public Works, Transportation, and Water and Energy Parliamentary Committee Head MP Mohammad Kabbani told a journalist that he doesn’t need to buy a car in Lebanon if he doesn’t get paid much because, and ...

How To 69 On The Saida Highway

2 years ago
There are three things that came to mind while watching this video: 1- Where are the cops on that road? It’s one of the busiest ones in all of Lebanon. 2- Why doesn’t he have ...

Global School Rankings 2015: Lebanon Ranks 58th Worldwide, 3rd Among Arab Countries

2 years ago
BBC are calling these rankings the “biggest ever global school rankings” as they were “based on an amalgamation of international assessments, including the OECD’s Pisa tests, the TIMSS tests run by US-based academics and TERCE ...

Lebanese Young Entrepreneur Ziad Sankari Recognized By US President Barack Obama

2 years ago
I met Ziad Sankari back in 2012 as we were both speakers at TedxLAU. I remember very well sitting right next to Ziad and asking him about CardioDiagnostics as it was a brilliant idea and ...