Domino’s India – Lebanese Rolls Commercial

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I posted about these rolls a year ago when Domino’s India first introduced them last year and it looks like they’ve done a commercial to promote them. I wonder if Domino’s Pizza in Lebanon will get them since they seem to be pretty popular in India.

Domino’s India introduced their latest craving in the form of “Lebanese Rolls.” The new item quickly garnered Facebook love and is available as both a vegetarian and chicken version.

Both variations boast a “delicious cheesy layer” that’s “sprinkled with Lebanese seasoning,” with the chicken roll being described as “exotic.” While this usually indicates the possibility of new, foreign flavors, Indian blogger Deepansh Khurana claims that rolls’ aroma and taste weren’t distinct enough from everything else on menu (likening it to Domino’s Pizza) and “strictly NOT Lebanese at all.”


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Lebanese Basketball Federation Decides To Ban Ismail Ahmad For 1 Game, Fine Both Teams

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Following the events that occurred in Game 4 between Riyadi Beirut and Sagesse,The Lebanese Basketball Federation decided the following:

1- Ban Ismail Ahmad for one game
2- Game 5 will take place on Sunday June 15 at Manara with the presence of 300 fans.
3- Sagesse and Riyadi will be fined respectively 43 and 26 Million Lebanese Liras.
4- Game 6 will take place in Ghazir and no fans will be allowed in.
5- In case the the series is tied at 3-3, the final game will take place in Manara.

I think the decision is fair for both teams, and I really hope Riyadi doesn’t withdraw from the championship because Ismail deserves to be stopped.

Ipsos Survey In Lebanon Tips Brazil To Win The 2014 World Cup

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Lebanon IFS [High-Res]

The survey was conducted during April and May 2014 in Lebanon and shows Brazil as the favorite to win the World Cup, followed by Germany, Argentina and Spain.

Needless to say, the survey is wrong as Germany is definitely going to win this year 😀

The Ipsos Football Score or IFS was designed to categorically rank the various football teams based on specific variables like favorability, likeability, loyalty, popularity, uniqueness (tactics and abilities) and their chances of winning their title; and depending upon the importance and significance of each of these variables, we arrived at a comprehensive and definitive score for each team.

You can find below the results of survey conducted in Bahrain, Egypt, IRaq, Jordan, KSA and Kuwait by IPSOS as well.

Brazil IFS

Germany IFS

Spain IFS

What Ismail Ahmad Said About The Riyadi – Sagesse Fight

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This is apparently the first interview Ismail did after the fight between Riyadi and Sagesse in Game 4. The radio station sounds pro-Riyadi to be honest and even though Ismail is a great player, I think he should have apologized for assaulting the fan regardless of who attacked first.

The Lebanese Federation is expected to take its final decision today in regards to both teams and the fans.

Official Exams Must Be Held On Thursday

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I don’t know what’s wrong with the Syndicate Coordination Committee but they are obviously not thinking straight and need to step down once and for all. I am sure that they have righteous demands even though I am against approving the new wage scale that they are proposing, but delaying official exams is a very bad move and affects the students first and foremost.

I fully support the Education Minister in keeping the exams on time and holding them with or without the SCC’s collaboration. If SCC’s argument is that standards must be followed in holding official exams, there are also standards to be followed in protesting. Speaking of official exams, maybe it’s a good idea to let a private company oversee them because we all know how things go during the Brevet and Baccalaureate exams.

The Syndicate Coordination Committee warned on Sunday Education Minister Elias Bou Saab against holding official exams without teachers and proper monitors, renewing its call on parliament to approve the new wage scale draft-law.

But the minister hit back later in the day, announcing that “there is a very high probability that the official exams will be held on Thursday.” He stressed that “no one intends to strip them (the exams) of the official nature in order to privatize them.”

“It is only for the education ministry to decide whether or not to hold the official exams,” Bou Saab underlined. Earlier, the SCC said during a press conference: “If parliament does not approve the new wage scale draft-law on Tuesday, then the official exams will not be held on Thursday.”

Parliament is scheduled to convene on Tuesday to address the draft-law amid concerns that lack of quorum will prevent the session from being held. The SCC added: “There are standards that should be adopted in holding official exams. [Naharnet]”

Who Closes The Dbayyeh Maritime Road And DownTown Beirut’s Main Road On A Monday?

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It took me almost 2 hours to get to work today because the maritime road in front of the ISF HQ in Dbayyeh was closed due to the military parade planned for their 153rd anniversary. The traffic had almost reached Zouk and cars were barely moving. To make things even worse, the road from Annahar bldg in Beirut was closed due to the parliament session.

The police ended up opening Dbayyeh’s road after realizing the traffic they’ve caused, which is definitely a good sign, but I urge our interior minister, who’s a pragmatic person from what I’ve seen, to put an end to these catastrophic and badly timed road closures. Traffic on a Monday morning is always bad, so it’s definitely not the best day to be closing down busy roads. Celebrations should be strictly held on Sunday mornings or any day of the week in a remote area.


Lebanese Environment Minister Mohamad Machnouk Condemns Fencing Of Raouche’s Coast

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machnouk Source

As mentioned a month ago, there are plans to turn the Dalieh area near Raouche Rock to a private luxury marine, and fences have already been set up to prevent civilians from coming in.

Let’s hope the minister’s remark will incite the government and concerned parties to stop this project once and for all because it doesn’t look like anyone’s listening to those who have been protesting for weeks.

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