Dawawine: Beirut’s newest cultural center

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More Cultural hubs like Dawawine are much-needed in Beirut.

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A new cultural venue opened its doors in Beirut last month, tucked away on a back alley between Gouraud and Pasteur Streets in Gemmayzeh. Visitors to Dawawine – espace des arts de la scène, du son, et de l’image – will immediately be struck by the space’s conceptual and visual novelty and calm, welcoming atmosphere.

Its central location (if we compare it to the Beirut Arts Center and Ashkal Alwan) marks it out, for one. Its interior, designed by architect Jihad Kiamé, consists of an open space with various sections: a bistro (open every day from 10:30 AM to 11 PM with a European menu), a bookstore devoted to theater, cinema, music and performing arts, a library specializing in the same subjects, a 32-seat cinema, and an adjacent conference room. Big windows, sofas, high ceilings, and a terrace add to the atmosphere. The style is modern, but Dawawine is no White Cube.

Another distinctive feature is the venue’s sophisticated sound system, installed by Architettura Sonora, the renowned Italian firm that has previously collaborated with the likes of Zaha Hadid, among others. Its loudspeakers resemble space ships suspended from the ceiling, or Renaissance terracotta globes. [Now]

VIDEO: Drifting with Abdo Feghali

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The Red Bull Car Park Drift qualifier was pretty cool today and I finally got the chance to drift with Abdo Feghali. I don’t know why people get scared or start yelling during a drift. It was smooth and fun and I wish it took longer.

Tomorrow’s the big final and I am definitely not missing it! Until then, here are few pictures I took today:

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Abdo Feghali drifting a BMW M3

From Inside Feghali’s car

Red Bull #GivesYouWings – Guys On the roof: Jump!

Waiting for Dado to hop on

At the Start

Too many BMWs

Special T-shirt for the occasion

O1NE Beirut

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In case you’ve been wondering what’s that huge pink building near Biel in Beirut, it’s O1NE, the latest Sky Management nightlife project and what’s going to be a true artistic landmark for Lebanon and the region. In fact, I visited the construction site few days ago and had a chat with one of the project’s managers who filled me in on details related to O1NE.


As you can see from the pictures, the place is huge and based on what I’ve been told, 16 talented graffiti artists from all over the world came to Lebanon, despite the situation, to interpret the theme of Music on the 2,500 sqm wall. I met 3 of them including Karski (cool guy) while on site. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a graffiti this big so this looks very promising and I look forward to seeing the final outcome.

The nightclub is expected to open by the end of the year but that’s not official yet. The place is huge from the inside and will have some really cool features which I will mention in future posts once I have some pictures to share.

Until then, you can follow updates of this awesome graffiti work on O1NE’s Instagram account [Here].


PS: For those interested, the artists involved in this project are: Karski (Art Director), Nase, SWK, Binho, Zedz, Telmo, Miel, Nash, Mr. Wany, Mr. Dheo, SATONE, Tasso, Roids, Bonzaï, Koan and Treze.