Five Things Less Important Than Lebanese Flag Shoes

As you all know, highly hazardous and dangerous Lebanese flag shoes were confiscated two days ago for reasons that I still can't understand. On another note, here are few meaningless issues that were taking place the same week: 1- The Lebanese authorities were unable to bring prisoners from inside Roumieh prison to show in court. I don't know how that is even possible. 2- Fadel Shaker, who's a highly wanted terrorist accused of killing Lebanese…

1860 Lebanese Created The World’s Biggest Human Letter

via TimesOfLebanon We entered today the Guinness book of records by creating the biggest human letter "U" which stands for unity, a unity that is unfortunately as superficial as this record as we can't seem to agree on anything lately. Of course there's no harm in spreading a message of hope and peace but I believe other types of initiatives should be implemented to reconcile Lebanese among each other, specially the younger generations. Moreover, I…
Animals & Wildlife

Huge Bat Spotted In Tripoli Mina

1 year ago
The news are saying the bat was hurt but I don’t know if they took care of him or not. ...

How El Nashra Translates To Those Who Don’t Read Arabic

1 year ago
via ElNashra Check out the first three comments. The woman said she doesn’t read Arabic and asked if they could translate it, and whomever is managing that page answers in Arabic. Honest mistake but funny ...

A (Hot) Nurse’s Prayer?

1 year ago
That’s the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a Lebanese hospital so far. ...