Video Showing The Suicide Bomber’s Kia Driving Around Dahieh

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We may be able to take few precautions against booby-trapped cars but there’s nothing we can do when it comes to suicide bombers. One thing that caught my attention though is that it seems as if the car got passed a security checkpoint on its way. If the Lebanese Army or ISF don’t have the proper tools to detect explosives, a good idea would be to have some kind of reader that verifies the plate number and tells if the car is stolen or not. Whether the plate number is fake or the car is stolen, matching it against some secure online database would do the trick. In fact, I wouldn’t be too worried about making that list public since all medias have access to it (don’t know me how) and don’t hesitate in posting who the car belongs to few minutes after every explosion.

Of course that’s not the ideal solution for preventing bombings but it would help detect stolen cars and cut down the chances of a potential attack.

Escape From Paradise: New Awesome Game From GameCooks

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After Birdy Nam Nam in 2011 and Run For Peace in 2012, Lebanon’s GameCooks just released a new puzzle/adventure packed game called “Escape From Paradise”.

I downloaded it few days ago and have been playing it almost daily. It’s a really fun and challenging game and there are always new obstacles to discover. The graphics are also pretty impressive and the game is very quick to load and browse. The only thing I didn’t appreciate is that it asks you if you want to skip levels every time you die two times in a row.

Escape from Paradise is made up of 5 themed worlds each consisting of 30 levels. I am almost done with Le Dezex world and about to unlock the third world.

Here are few useful links to download and try out the game:

Escape From Paradise

Lite version: 1 world – 30 levels

Full version: 5 worlds – 150 levels and access to premium character skins

Escape From Paradise


Lebanese Man Suspected of Killing His Two Daughters Leila And Zeinab then Committing Suicide At Fort Hood Texas

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It was reported a couple of days ago that a Lebanese man and his two daughters were shot to death in their home in the US, but it appears as if it is a murder-suicide case. For those of you unfamiliar with Fort Hood, it is “one of the one of the largest military installations in the world, has an on-post population of about 80,000, including more than 43,000 assigned military personnel”. Almost 70 soldiers have committed suicide since 2009 at Fort Hood

Al-Jadeed TV stated that the Ezzedine family “has expressed reservations on the initial results of the probe”, but it could be a long time before we know the final results.

U.S Army investigators said on Thursday that the civilian in the suspected murder-suicide, Rouhad Ahamd Ezzeddine, 43, the husband of Pfc. Carla Santisteban, 33, appeared to have killed the couple’s two children before committing suicide. The bodies of Mr. Ezzeddine and their two daughters — Zeinab Rouhad Ezzeddine, 4, and Leila Rouhad Ezzeddine, 9 — were discovered Tuesday morning in their single-story duplex-style house in the Pershing Park neighborhood of Fort Hood. [NYTimes]

An App To Tell Loved Ones After Every Bombing In Lebanon ‘I am still alive!’

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Via DailyStar

Sandra Hassan started this app as a joke but I have a feeling a lot of Lebanese will use it. I can’t wait for the “Istinkar” version she is working on for Lebanese Politicians lol!

You can download it for Android [Here].

Every time there is an explosion, we have to spend a lot of time contacting our loved ones and letting them know we’re alright, making sure they’re okay too.
Not anymore!
With this handy app, you just have to open it and tap one button and the fact that you’re safe and sound will be tweeted to the world with #Lebanon and #LatestBombing.
If your friends use this app too then you can just go to your twitter feed and filter for these hashtags to instantly get reassured about your loved ones!
We’re working on newer versions of this app that will support facebook as well.
NB: We are also working on a version for the politicians so that they can tweet out there “istinkar” of the situation with just one tap!

Car Accidents Decreased In 2013 In Lebanon

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accident1 [High-Res] via KunHadi

The Lebanese Traffic Management Center published the number of accidents that took place in 2013 month by month. The total was 3204 accidents, causing 4301 injuries and 560 casualties. August was the deadliest month with 78 kills. I usually check stats on KunHadi’s website (see above) but the December numbers are missing.

Even though the number of casualties is almost the same, the total number of accidents is down by 30% from 2012 which is good news!

Source: TMC

#NotAMartyr Campaign on CNN

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Sad Gino

The #NotAMartyr campaign was started following the unfortunate death of 16 year old Mohammad Chaar who was taking a selfie with some friends when the car behind them exploded. The bombing was targeted against ex-Minister Mohammad Chata7 who unfortunately died along with 5 other people.

The #NotAMartyr campaign spread quickly and the latest mention was in an article by CNN International Correspondent Mohammed Jamjoom, whom I had the chance to meet once during the I Am Not A Tourist event at Biel.

You can read the full article [Here].

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) — Mohammad Chaar wasn’t looking to become a martyr — or a victim. Late last month, the 16-year-old student was just hanging out with his friends in downtown Beirut, out of school and having fun. They all took a selfie to mark the moment, and never expected that moment would become so momentous.
The car bombing targeted and killed Mohamad Chatah, a former Lebanese Ambassador to the United States — but several others also lost their lives.
Minutes after the blast, Chaar appeared in another picture. In it, he’s seen lying unconscious and bleeding on the pavement. He would die later from his wounds.
As is the custom in Lebanon, hardly any time had passed before Chaar, an innocent bystander, had been branded a far weightier title. All of a sudden, “victim” had morphed into “martyr.”

Ras Beirut Police Officers

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Picture via Sara

If you happen to be walking, jogging or biking in Ain el Mraisse, don’t be surprised if you see ISF officers with fluorescent jackets on bicycles. These are members of the newly revamped Ras Beirut Station, previously known as Makhfar Hbeish. The Ras Beirut Section was chosen as a pilot for the PPP project to test the effectiveness of new policing methods in improving personnel performance and raising public trust in the ISF.

Read more about it [Here].