The Islamic State Versus Lebanon

I don't think we will have a new civil war in Lebanon and I strongly believe the Lebanese and the Army will keep Da3esh away from here. While the Islamic State and the Al Nusra Front lack the capacity for a full scale invasion, many fear their car bombings, kidnappings and beheadings might prove so destabilizing that the nation might once again spiral towards sectarian civil war.

AUB Among The Best Five Arab Region Universities

The American University of Beirut was the best ranked in Lebanon, followed by the Lebanese University in 37th spot, Universit√© Saint Joseph de Beyrouth in the 50th spot and finally the Lebanese American University which was ranked 52 out of 91 universities. The rankings seem pretty reasonable except for LAU which I believe should be at a much higher position. You can check out the full list and the methodology followed . The inaugural U.S.…

Lebanon’s Top 20 Entrepreneurial Companies in Science and Technology

Rami Khawandi, the founder of the Tari2ak app which I posted about few weeks back made the list Executive Magazine revised their methodology for this year and compiled 20 of the hottest entrepreneurial enterprises in Lebanon by only focusing on companies that pushed the frontiers of science and technology. I listed all 20 companies below but I advise you to visit the for further information. 3D TEK: Fadi Sfeir Band Industries: Hassane Slaibi, Bassam Jalgha…

ACs Not Working At The Beirut Airport

1 year ago
via Salma My friend Salma tweeted yesterday that air conditioners are not working at the Rafic Hariri Airport and I’ve read a report a week ago about the same matter. I don’t know what the ...

Stay Baladi and #KeepWalkingLebanon

1 year ago
I took part in Johnnie Walker’s latest campaign #KeepWalkingLebanon and prepared a #Baladi inspired tweet to show my support. It’s a really cool campaign to show that you can’t put out the Lebanese spirit as ...

MTV Misspelled Messi’s Name

1 year ago
We are not talking about any football player here but one of the greatest footballers of all time. It’s Lionel not Leonel MTV! ...

Lebanese-Brazilian GP2 Driver Felipe Nasr Will Drive For F1 Sauber In 2015

1 year ago
I’ve already posted on several occasions about Felipe. He was quite impressive in GP2 earlier this year, drove for Williams at the Bahrain F1 GP and has been confirmed as one of Sauber’s drivers for ...