Middle East Airlines Issues Clarification Regarding Roula el Helou’s incident

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From what I’ve just read, it looks like a big misunderstanding and I agree that people shouldn’t make use of one incident, even though it’s not the first, to attack and disrespect MEA as a whole. In all cases, I think it’s better if Roula settles this matter internally with MEA in order for it not to happen again.

May Chidiac also commented regarding this incident.

The Associate Press Removed The New Government’s (Altered) Protocol Photo From Its Archives

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After learning of the photograph’s manipulation on Sunday, the Associate Press decided to remove the new Lebanese government’s picture from their archives and advised their customers not to use it. They also called the Photoshop “unacceptable”.

AP recently fired Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer Narciso Contreras for altering a picture of a Syrian opposition fighter. Here’s a [Link] to the picture if you are interested.

Asked to comment about it on Sunday, presidential media adviser Adib Abi Akl said: “So what?” He said the official photos were sent to the media and “it is your choice to use them or not.”

Earlier, he said that according to the Lebanese protocol all the top three leaders – the president, prime minister and parliament speaker – have to be in the group photo. The first shot was taken with Berri and the ministers present, after which Berri, who was headed for Kuwait, had to leave for the airport. When the missing ministers arrived, the group stood again for a new picture without Berri, who was then added by Photoshop.

After learning of the photograph’s manipulation on Sunday, the AP removed the image from its archives and issued an advisory to customers not to use it.

“Adding elements to a photograph is entirely unacceptable and is in clear violation of AP’s standards,” said AP vice president and director of photography Santiago Lyon.

How To Take Part In The #HappyFromLeb (Pharrell Williams’ Happy Song) Lebanon Version

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I already posted last week about this, so here’s a reminder for those who wish to take part in the Lebanon version of Pharrel William’s Happy Song. All you need to do is the following:

– Film yourself either alone or with your friends or anyway you want for at least 10-15 seconds dancing the Pharrell Williams’s Happy song. You could film yourself dancing at home, on a sidewalk, in the park, in the parking lot, on the roof, anywhere you like.

– Make sure the camera is fixed and set properly just like you can see it in the video clip above.

– Check that the video is a good quality one, save it as .mov or .mp4
& email me najib@blogbaladi.com. If you are filming using a smart phone, use it horizontally and avoid using the zoom.

I’ve already received few videos and am expecting more this week. Moreover, I was contacted by students from two different universities in Lebanon who are working on a similar project and are willing to help which is great. Having said that, I will set the coming Saturday February 22nd as a final deadline for receiving videos, so hurry up and email me at najib@blogbaladi.com if you wish to take part.

FAIL: Only “Gad” Can Judge Me

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via LebaneseMemes

The driver could be a Gad el Maleh fan but he better be careful because Gad is not welcome in Lebanon. In fact, his show got cancelled few years back because someone decided to edit Gad’s Wikipedia page and circulate a false picture of him fighting with the Israeli Army. Needless to say, Gad has a lot of fans in Lebanon and a lot of them made the trip to watch him live in Dubai on the 13th and 14th of February.

Jackie Chamoun and Alex Mohbat Race Schedules

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Jackie Chamoun and Alex Mohbat – The two Skiers representing Lebanon at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

For those interested in seeing Jackie Chamoun and Alex Mohbat race, here’s the schedule for both athletes as posted on their respective Facebook Pages:

Jackie has one race scheduled on February 21 at 2:45pm (Lebanon Time).
Alex has two races, the Giant Slamon on Wednesday the 19th starting 9am and the Slalom on Saturday 22nd starting 2:45 pm (Both Lebanon time).

Best of luck to Alex & Jackie!

Jackie FB page

Alex Mohbat FB Page

New Lebanese Cabinet’s Protocol Photo Photoshopped

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According to Annahar, Ministers Nohad el Machnouk and Rachid Derbas were late for the first picture and by the time they arrived, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri had left, so they decided to take another picture with all the ministers and someone filling in Berri’s place then photoshop Berri into it.

I have to say I didn’t expect a new government to see the light, and I am quite saddened that we couldn’t break Belgium’s word record of 589 days without a government. That would have been quite the achievement!

Here are few good reads on the new government for those interested:
Lebanon’s New Government (Feb 15, 2014) – Qifa Nabki
A Team Of Rivals – BeirutSpring
Eleven Months Later – Who Won? – Moulahazat