Should We Legalize Weed In Lebanon?

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The picture above was Al-Akhbar’s front page picture yesterday and the article basically tells us how some Lebanese cannot live without growing and selling weed as that’s their only source of income.

To be honest, I have nothing against legalizing weed but I think doing it now will give birth to more armed groups and mafias controlling villages and towns, which would make things worse and neither profit the government nor those villages.

PS: The picture above was credited to Hayssam el Moussawi while it was taken by Hanibaael

Launching of the Men Center: We Are WillingTo Listen (مستعدين نسمع حكي)

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This is a great campaign and I hope Lebanese men will be humble enough to call for help when needed instead of expressing their anger in inappropriate and harmful ways.

International Medical Corps & ABAAD and with the support of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality launched a nation-wide media campaign. The aim of this cam­paign was to enhance and promote an insti­tutionalized referral system and to spread the word about the Men Center in the country. The slogan of the campaign is: “Mest’edeen Nesma’ Haki” which reads: “we are willing – and here – to listen”. The slogan has a double meaning of “someone is speaking to you in an abusive manner”. The campaign targets men residing in Lebanon, among other communi­ties, in an inclusive approach to engage them in combating violence against women. [Source]

Lebanon Water Festival

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This year marks the second edition of the Lebanon Water Festival. The festival is open to the public and includes activities such as underwater Photography, Sailing, Water Skiing, Find Swimming, Jet Ski, Wind surfing and Apnoea diving at 120 meters depth.

If you are interested in any of these activities, check out [LebanonWaterFestival], pick one and register for it. The activities are not for free but at a reasonable price.

Lebanon Water Festival is an exceptional opportunity for Lebanon to portray the richness of our country, our coastal line and people, bringing unity among or own regions. Lebanon Water Festival is an annual event that will spread from north to south, glorifying the treasures of each region.

This year already we will unveil to the World, the underwater beauties of Tyr, one of the only underwater Phoenician city!

Al-Akhbar Roamed Beirut with a car full of explosives

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Radwan Mourtada from Al-Akhbar put dynamite sticks and hand grenades in his car and roamed around Beirut, visiting malls and passing by Army and Hezbollah checkpoints in Dahieh. He wanted to test the efficiency of these bomb detectors that we see almost everywhere in Lebanon now but as expected none of them detected the explosives even though they were put in the front and not hidden in the trunk.

To be honest, I don’t think it was necessary to do that experiment as it is well known that these bomb detectors don’t work and the guy behind them was put in jail 3 years ago. Moreover, it could have ended badly for the journalist in question as that’s not the smartest thing to do at the moment.

On a different note, I’ve heard that there are few areas in Lebanon and one mall (City Mall If I am not mistaken) that use sophisticated bomb scanners that are efficient but cost way more than the small useless ones. Radwan did mention he spotted a more advanced bomb detected in Dahieh but it was useless like the others. Unfortunately he didn’t film anything or at least didn’t upload any videos so we can’t really tell what he saw or where he went.

What is sure is that the Ministry of Interior needs to take out all these defective bomb detectors ASAP from the market and penalize those who still are using them. I think most businesses, mainly malls, can afford to spend few extra dollars to buy decent bomb detectors or get trained dogs.

You can read the full article [Here].

Seventeen Lebanese housewives cooked lunch for 600 of the top chefs and foodies in the world

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Khobez wou Milih (Souk El Tayeb @ MAD Symposium 2013)

That’s a pretty cool story.

Seventeen Lebanese housewives, united by the work that they do at Souk El Tayeb and Tawlet, were invited to cook lunch for 600 of the top chefs and foodies in the world during the annual food event of MAD Symposium in Copenhagen.

Thanks Pascale!