Nicolas Sursock Museum in Achrafieh

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Picture taken today

If you happen to pass by Sursock street in Achrafieh, check out the newly renovated Nicolas Sursock Palace. An underground building was newly built for the museum and the whole palace was refurbished and will feature exhibition halls, a 170 seats auditorium fully equipped, laboratories, cafeteria, library and a training Center.

If you want to know more about this project, click [Here].


Alcoholic Energy Drinks To Be Banned In Lebanon

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Let’s wait and see if the decree will get implemented or “Bi2aksso” 3le. What I found weird is that traders were given a limit of 4 months to sell their existing stocks before the ban takes place which doesn’t make any sense.

Widespread and much-consumed energy drinks containing alcohol are no more allowed to be made or marketed in Lebanon, or even imported into the country, as ordered by the Ministries of Public Health and Economy on Monday. Both Ministers Ali Hassan Khalil and Nicolas Nahhas explained, in their joint decision, that all alcoholic beverages containing additives like caffeine would be banned in Lebanon as of next June. [Link]

Daniella Rahme Wins MTV’s Dancing With The Stars

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I didn’t really follow Dancing With The Stars this year, but everyone was talking about Daniella in the past weeks and she apparently deserved the win. Personally speaking, I can’t really tell if she’s a better dancer than Maya (who’s a professional dancer) but one thing is for sure is that she’s gorgeous!

Daniella was voted Miss Lebanon Australia 2009 and Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010.


World’s Largest Toy Car Collection Is In Beirut

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Billy Karam’s awesome toy car collection makes it to AutoBlog.

It’s common for auto enthusiasts to have a few miniatures of their favorite cars around their home or office. They provide a respite of happiness knowing that if you can’t have the real things, at least you can look at them in miniature. However, Billy Karam of Beirut, Lebanon, has taken collecting toy cars to its extreme. His collection of over 30,000 model cars and 400 dioramas is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest collection of car toys.

“You cannot buy the big ones, so you buy a thousand of the small ones instead,” says Karam in the video. [Link]