The Question-Answer Rounds at Miss Lebanon Need to be Dropped

Every year, Miss Lebanon contestants compete to come up with the dumbest answers in the question-answer round and every year, they get bashed online. Since Miss Lebanon contestants are accepted based on their looks and not their IQ levels, I think the organizers should drop the Question-Answer round once and for all, or have it all scripted to make the contestants look good. No one is expecting anything from Miss Lebanon and no one even…

Nissan-Renault Boss Carlos Ghosn To Become Mitsubishi Motors Chairman

Carlos Ghosn is getting appointed soon as the new chairman of Mitsubishi Motors and by doing so, will become the first executive to head three different automakers at the same time. The announcement was made few days ago after the struggling Japanese company sought a bailout from Nissan earlier this year in an attempt to regain consumer trust and get back on track. Ghosn is currently the Chairman of Nissan Motro Co. and Renault Sa,…

How Bad is LBC’s “Take Me Out” Show?

"Na2ashit" is basically the Lebanese version of "Take me out", a popular dating game show in Australia and the UK. It started broadcasting on LBC few weeks ago and it is presented by singer and actor Fouad Yammine. The show features 30 women trying to score a date with a man. To be honest, I struggled to finish the first episode and I saw a couple of videos being shared from the second episode but…

Meet Rola Hteit: The only Lebanese Female Airline Pilot

During my last trip to Montreal few weeks ago, it came to my attention that I've never been on a commercial plane flown by a woman. Given that only 3% of the airline pilots around the world are women, you wouldn't expect to have a Lebanese female captain but we actually have one and she's called Rola Hteit. She was featured in an article on the HuffPostArabi a week ago and praised as the only…

Maya Zankoul’s New Book Explores Similarities Between Beirut & New York

5 days ago
Lebanese blogger and visual artist Maya Zankoul launched her latest book yesterday entitled “Beirut-New York” where she explores unlikely similarities between these two highly incompatible cities. The illustrations are funny, witty and spot-on, just like ...

Sabaa Wants to Achieve the Unachievable

6 days ago
A new political movement called Sabaa (Seven) launched yesterday in Lebanon and it was a rather disappointing start. To begin with, the press conference they held was not properly organized, the speakers were not well ...

You Don’t Need a Driver License or a Plate to Drive Electric Scooters in Beirut

6 days ago
I shared a picture of a scooter parked illegally and having a Chinese license plate a couple of days ago and I asked how does one fine this driver? As it turns out, it was ...
Source: Sami Halabi

Three Important Draft Bills Approved By the Lebanese Parliament

6 days ago
The Lebanese Parliament was able to convene for the first time since 2014 and approved over 20 pending bills, including three crucial bills: – An anti-gunfire law proposed by MP Ghassan Moukheiber that heavily penalizes ...