Bistr’eau: A Seafood Gem at The Heart of Batroun

Bistr'eau is a new seafood bistro that opened on the Batroun port as an extension to the beautiful L'Auberge de la Mer hotel. The bistro overlooks the port and fishermen boats and is few meters away from the beautiful Mar Estephan Cathedral. I headed there last Saturday for lunch before heading to the beach. To be honest, I was expecting it to be a small place but it turned out to be a gorgeous bistro…

Lebanon Among The Three Worst Countries in Average Fixed Broadband Speeds -[2017]

The Speedtest Global Index ranks mobile and fixed broadband speeds from around the world on a monthly basis. As of July 2017, Lebanon ranked in 131st spot, out of 133! We're the worst ranked country in the region in terms of broadband speed. Funnily enough, the average speed is 3.67, which is a speed I'm still dreaming about to be honest LOL! In terms of mobile speed, we ranked in 61st spot with an average…

I Hate Loud People on a Plane

I don't want to be the party-pooper here but people singing and dancing during a flight is probably the worst thing after turbulence. I'm never comfortable when I fly or even when I used to go on field trips so even though the video is fun, I would have been annoyed as hell if I were on that plane LOL!

Mr & Miss Kids Lebanon? Seriously?

"Are you between 6 and 12 year old? Pleasant, Good looking and cute? Stylish? Have a Strong Personality?" Are you f***** kidding me? Are you asking a 6 year old if he has a strong personality and if he's pleasant? Who's behind the genius idea of organizing a "Mr & Miss Kids Lebanon"? Why would anyone want to include his child in such a pageant? What exactly are we trying to teach our children by…

The First Batch of #Agrytech Startups Are Here

6 days ago
I’ve been meaning to shed more light on the startup scene and the whole ecosystem in Lebanon for quite some time now. Ever since the Circular 331 came to be, we’ve witnessed a rise in ...

Edde Sands Slashes Admission Prices in Half

6 days ago
Eddé Sands is one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Lebanon but it’s not one you can afford to go to on a weekly basis or even spend the weekend there. Since I held ...

What’s the Deal with the Jal el Dib Bridge?

1 week ago
The “Jal el Dib Revolution” FB page is asking for a protest tomorrow at 7AM against the “2L” bridge while the Jal el Dib Municipality has banners cheering for this “2L” bridge. I tried making ...

Surveillance Camera Shows Woman Escaping Harasser Inside Elevator

1 week ago
A footage showing a woman escaping a sexual harasser inside an elevator was shared earlier by Wayniyye el Dawle page. The woman is shown entering the elevator, before a young man wearing a hat came ...