Order Your Labneh Red Berries Bûche This Christmas!

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I became friends with Nicole Maftoum, the dietitian behind EatLikeNicole, because of her Labneh bûche which she launched a year ago. I fell in love with the bûche back then and got to try it out at one of the champagne and food pairing sessions at Les Caves de Taillevent where we had a slice of the Labneh Red Fruits cake with the Piper-Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage.


Nicole is making her famous Labneh Red Berries Bûche for the second year in a row and I just got mine yesterday and I am getting another one to serve my guests during Christmas dinner. It’s something that I strongly recommend you give a try because it’s really good and very healthy! You can place your orders by calling this number (70-635540).

Here’s what the bûche is made of:
– Taanayel les fermes Labneh light cream pure at heart (7 times less caloric and 20 times less fattening than butter).
– Walnuts with their high omega-3 content.
– Almonds packed with proteins, calcium and fiber.
– Goji berries, also known as longevity fruits all along with cranberries which are high antioxidants.
– Cashew and Macadamia which are rich flavorful nuts packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals.


President of Lebanese Olympic Committee Antoine Chartier Dies After Being Hit By A Car

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Antoine Chartier was a great role model for all sportsmen in Lebanon. He was once a great athlete and part of the Lebanese volleyball national team, he’s been elected president of the Lebanese Olympic Committee once, president of the Lebanese Basketball Federation as well and has been a sports instructor all his life. Chartier died after being hit by a car in Ain Saade.

Here’s a brief overview of his life that I found online:

Antoine Chartier, was born in 1937 in Gemmayzeh, and went to the Sacré Coeur school there. He had 3 sisters and his father was an army officer. His mother’s family name was Hobeich. The president used to teach Maths, and has used his way of thinking in Maths in sport also.
Moreover, he was present at the peak of Volleyball in Lebanon, playing and coaching the national team, and grabbing 11 titles between 1953 and 1969.
There was only little Mr.Chartier did not do. Indeed, he was always present to help volleyball in Lebanon, he was the director of UGSEL, he opened a sports club next to Mont La Salle, he helped sport in Lebanon during the country’s worst times and brought the broadcasting of sport games through Tele Liban. Also, basketball in Lebanon was able to shine on the international scene when he was the federation’s president from 1966 until 1999.
More than 30 years ago, he created the Mont La Salle sports club, and has since kept it one of the best in Lebanon. It was only a year ago when he stepped down and gave the presidency to Jihad Salameh.
From 2010 till 2012, Antoine Chartier was the president of the Lebanese Olympic committee. He was always the person the ministry of youth and sports used to take advice from in times of need, and he helped his old volleyball teammates create a volleyball federation.


Is it Wise For Joumblatt To Tweet In Favor of Legalizing Marijuana?

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I posted almost a year ago that I am all in favor for legalizing marijuana in Lebanon but I don’t think it’s the right time to do so and we need to have a serious proposal done by a minister or MP, and by that I didn’t mean a random tweet! Legalizing Marijuana is not that simple specially with all the armed groups present in Lebanon and the ever increasing corruption.

In all cases, I still don’t think it’s the right time for such a move and I am definitely not in favor of dropping charges against hashish dealers and growers. It’s not responsible to ask for such a thing at a time where the country doesn’t have a president or an electoral law, not to mention that our neighbor is at war, terrorists are everywhere and the borders are not safe.

Geryes Bou Naoum In Jal el Dib: A Great Place To Buy Cheap Christmas And New Year Items

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If you are looking for cheap and decent items for Christmas or New Year’s eve, Geryes Bou Naoum is the place to go! I found out about this place three years ago and since then I’ve been going yearly specially for New Year. The confetti for example is ALWAYS cheaper than what you find in supermarkets or shops and there’s a large variety of almost everything. Bou Naoum is a wholesaler that is located in Jal el Dib near Odeon theater and McDonald’s; the easiest way is to take the main highway and take your first right after O&C Supermarket, once you reach the inside Jal el Dib Zalk road, go right and then take your first left after Odeon theater. Drive for 200 meters then you will see a small road that takes you to a huge hangar. It’s usually crowded around Christmas and New Year so try to park in the nearby parking lot or on the main street and walk up.

Don’t expect to see a nice shop as Bou Naoum is a wholesaler and the place is like a huge bazaar. The staff however is very friendly and helpful and it’s very easy to get discounts on almost everything.


Get 20 Free Bids And Join The Live Auctions On Bidaffairs.com

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Bidaffairs is a website that was launched recently in Lebanon with two live auctions, one on an Yves Saint Laurent bag and another on an iPhone 6. The first two auctions were private and only few people, including myself, received 15 bids to participate. I wasn’t familiar with the whole bidding process to be honest but I went through the tutorial and understood how things work. Basically people start bidding on a product when there’s less than 30 seconds left, and whenever the timer is close to zero and someone bids, 15 additional seconds are added. Since we only had 15 bids and we weren’t allowed yet to buy any additional ones, it was all a matter of not wasting your bids and trying to wait till the last second every time to bid over the others.

I don’t know how I ended up being the last bidder as I had wasted four bids by mistake but it worked and I got myself an iPhone 6 for $1.2. At first I thought it was too good to be true but I did get a call from the guys behind bidaffairs and they delivered the phone two days later.

The website is now officially launched and there are five auctions ending this week including one for another iPhone 6. You are now allowed to buy bids but if you are interested in joining and trying it out, ten of you can use the BlogBaladi code to get 20 free bids.

Enjoy bidding!


Week8: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

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ll5 Picture by Shouly

Don’t forget to tag #Livelovebeirut for the best Christmas pictures from around Lebanon during this month. You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.

llb1 Dhour Choueir – Picture by Joyce

llb2 Chaos by Catkhoury

llb3 Byblos – Picture by Jad Semaan

llb4 Picture by Chafomakary

Visiting Jbeil’s Christmas Tree

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I finally made it to Jbeil to visit the Christmas tree and decoration everyone has been talking about. It’s absolutely amazing what they’ve done and the decoration is one of the best Christmas decorations I’ve seen in Lebanon throughout the years. The best part is that you can walk among the ruins while enjoying the decoration and the Christmas tree looks even better on the inside than the outside.

I highly recommend you go there and check it out. Until then, enjoy the pictures and this nice 360 Virtual Tour.