Catchy Headlines To Make A Pointless And Useless Story Go Viral

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I am sure you’ve all clicked on such titles only to find out the story is lame and stupid. I wouldn’t go as far as to say “Journalism is dying” in Lebanon but the amount of pointless and stupid online stories that are being published is increasing dramatically and we are to blame as well as the journalists.

PS: The above titles were all made up so don’t go looking for them :)

Miss Lebanon National Costume From 2011 Till 2014 At Miss Universe

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It won’t be easy for Miss Lebanon to win Miss Universe anytime soon but since we have all these world renowned Lebanese fashion designers, it shouldn’t be hard to come up with a nicer national costume and have a chance at winning the Best National Costume award.

Sally Jreij’s costume was way too simple when compared to the [extravagant costumes] other Misses wore. Maybe we should let Madonna design the national costume for next year lol!



Here’s a sample of what other national costumes looked like:


Can Someone Explain This Article To Me?

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I’ve read this story three times and I can’t figure out if the author is trying to be funny or is for real. He’s basically suggesting Bou Faour should go check if the food in Dubai is safe because Myriam Fares got poisoned? Is he seriously doubting the food safety standards in Dubai and praising what we have in Lebanon?

I am not sure if delusional is the right word to describe the author of this article.

The food safety campaign conducted by Minister of Health Wael Abou Faour did not stop. But will it reach Dubai? Lebanese diva Myriam Fares posted on her Instagram official page a photo showing a serum bag, with her name written in Latin.

Commenting on the photo, the songstress explained that she had been admitted to hospital since Monday due to food poisoning, hoping that she would get better by Friday. “I hope I get better by Friday from the food poisoning I have been suffering from since Monday so that I would be able to perform at a wedding in Dubai and make it as unforgettable evening to two persons starting a new chapter in their lives,” Fares said.

So will Abou Faour launch a probe in Myriam’s case? Will he check if the food in Dubai abides by the safety standards?

How Much Does A Ski Trip Cost In Lebanon?

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I was preparing a post on the cost of a ski trip in Lebanon but LBCI’s Lea Fayad beat me to it so I will make use of her report as a reference to my post as it has the Laklouk pricing which I didn’t know. As you can see below, the highest ski ticket during the weekend is at Mzaar (around 47$), followed by the Cedars (40$) and Zaarour (40$) then Laklouk (23$).


As far as ski rental equipment is concerned, it’s around $30-40 including skis, boots, ski goggles and gloves. If you include food and gas expenses as well, a ski trip during week days costs around 75$ and at least 90$ during the weekend. These prices don’t include the fees of a ski instructor which is based on the LBCI report around 30$ an hour but I think you can easily find cheaper prices than that specially when you are a group. There’s also a Facebook group called Skiing Society that gives up to 30% discounts on ski tickets, rental equipment and other stuff.

ticket prices

Hiba Tawaji Explains Why She Participated In The Voice France

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PS: In case the original link to Hiba’s performance is broken, here’s another one. [Hiba Tawaji At The Voice France]

When I first heard that Hiba Tawaji was participating in the Voice France, I was also surprised and did post that she doesn’t need to go to such a talent show with random judges to prove herself, but that I will be supporting her if she does. Hiba sees the Voice as an opportunity for her to prove herself in Europe and worldwide and she might be right. She wants to be there and we should support her not bash her now that she’s competing against other talents, and trust me not all of them are amateurs. (Check Battista Acquaviva for example).

Keep in mind that while Hiba is known in Lebanon and few Arab countries, most people outside have no idea who the hell that girl is. The worldwide exposure and acclaim she got from these few minutes on-stage in France is more than she could have ever achieved maybe and this is a big deal for every artist or singer. Moreover, I am pretty sure she’s not the first professional to compete in the Voice; After all, it’s a win-win situation for TF1 who’s getting viewers from around the world now and for the candidate who’s gaining exposure to new markets.


I Am A Friendly Dog But No One Wants To Adopt Me

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BETA‘s shelter for abandoned and abused dogs in Lebanon is now full due to low adoption rates and no kill policy. As a result, they’ve decided to start a new campaign ” The Expats Pets Program ” to help find loving and permanent homes abroad for these animals, while raising awareness on this forced immigration to encourage local adoption.

I think you are all familiar with BETA‘s amazing work in Lebanon and I’ve shared many of their stories in Lebanon, so let’s spread the word and donate:
– To help them keep these animals in Lebanon
– Or donate to their rehoming program to give them an opportunity abroad.

Of course if you wish to adopt a dog locally in Lebanon or internationally anywhere in the world you can also do so through the [website].


A Villa Damaged By Lebanon’s 15-year Civil War Gets A Stunning Transformation

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villa1 All pictures were taken by the one and only Roger Moukarzel

A lot of beautiful villas and houses were occupied by the Syrians during their 30-year military presence in Lebanon specially in Mount Lebanon and above Aley. Unfortunately, some villas were beyond repair and are still abandoned but Geneva-based hedge fund manager Philippe Jabre had other plans for his villa as he decided to renovate the house that his grandfather had built and that his brother was killed while defending it from the Syrian army in 1976. The renovation cost more than $10 million dollars and took around 7 years but the outcome as you can see is this splendid villa.

The villa is a three-story modern home with large bedrooms, a home theater, an indoor swimming pool and sauna, an elevator, large gardens and a surrounding forest.

I posted a couple of pictures and you can see more [here].

PS: It would have been awesome if they showed us how the villa looked like before.



Thanks Antoine!