How Many Hours of Electricity Are You Getting Per Day?

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Cartoon by MayaZankoul

A post I wrote few days ago about the Lebanese Politicians being the least trustworthy in the world turned into a debate on the electricity in Lebanon and the Energy Ministry.

Someone mentioned that the daily electricity cut off times have decreased in the past few months in Lebanon and that we are getting 20 hours per day of electricity in areas like Jounieh. I can’t confirm if what they are saying is true, so I thought I ask the blog’s readers to leave a comment on the post stating the number of electricity hours they get along with their location.

That way we’ll get a general idea on whether there’s an improvement in terms of electricity hours or not.


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The shameful Lebanese Federation that got Lebanon suspended by the FIBA for 4 years still didn’t resign, the President of the federation who was found guilty of stealing money from the federation is still in his position, last year’s season is still unfinished and the new season has not yet to kick off.

The teams are all ready and it promises to be an exciting year, so let’s get rid of this current federation, elect a new decent one and get things started once and for all!

Coldplay NOT Coming to Lebanon This October

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There were talks back in August that Coldplay might be performing live in Beirut this October, but they are definitely not coming in October or any time soon to Lebanon.

It’s too bad as there are a lot of Coldplay fans in Lebanon, including myself. One of my favorite all-time albums is Coldplay’s “A Rush of Blood to the Head”; I could listen to it almost everyday and not get bored of it. Let’s hope things calm down and we get to see them live next summer in Beirut.