NAFTTEE: A Lebanese Solution To Transform Trash Into Eco-Electricity

NAFTTEE stands for "National Advanced Formula for the Transformation of Trash into Eco-Electricity" and is a registered trademark by Indevco whose CEO is Nehmat Frem. The project emerged after the last garbage crisis that hit Lebanon but has been there for quite some time . NAFTTEE "provides a green solution for waste treatment and channel the latter into a decentralized generation of eco-electricity", so it basically sorts and converts trash into electricity. This is exactly…

In Pictures: Hundreds Demonstrate In Beirut, Garbage Collection To Resume Today

2 years ago
via Liliane Assaf Around 1000 Lebanese demonstrated in front the Grand Serail in Beirut against corruption and the current garbage situation. I grouped some of the pictures and shared them here. Meanwhile, the government stated ...

The Best Reactions To The Garbage Crisis In Lebanon (Part2)

2 years ago
via Almaza I hope this will be the last time I post reactions to the garbage crisis and that it will be over soon. via Shankleash via Exotica No idea who did that. Gladly it ...

Join Today’s Anti-Corruption Demo In Beirut!

2 years ago
There’s an anti-corruption demonstration planned today at 5PM in front of the Grand Serail in Beirut. The aim is to rise against corruption, pressure our politicians to find a quick solution for the garbage crisis ...

SLCHI Saw The Garbage Crisis Coming To Lebanon

2 years ago
Check the [video] if you don’t believe me and book your Sukleen garbage bin the soonest lol! ...