50% Reduction On Local and International Phone Calls For Telecarte and Kalam Prepaid Cards

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Telecom Minister Boutros Harb announced that the prices of phone calls made through prepaid cards will be slashed by 50% for land line calls and 30% for cellular phone calls. International calls were also made cheaper by 50%. Prices will be adjusted starting April 1st which is today.

Here are the old and new rates:
– LL50 instead of LL100 per minute of call from a landline.
– LL100 instead of LL200 per minute of call from a mobile line.
– LL300 instead of LL600 between 7am and 10pm for international calls (LL100 instead of LL200 for the rest of the day).

Of course any reduction in prices is always welcome, even though the above are irrelevant to me and many Lebanese, but what we really need are better internet quotas at the moment at lower prices. Moreover, these unbelievably high subscription fees for postpaid lines should be lowered. Anyway, I think it’s too early to judge Minister Harb as he’s been in office for a couple of weeks now, so let’s just hope he fulfills all his promises which include unlimited internet, deployment of fiber optics, better DSL coverage and an enhanced 3G service.

#NoLawNoVote: Join KAFA Tomorrow In Front Of The Parliament

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The Lebanese Parliament is meeting tomorrow to vote on the draft-law presented by KAFA for protecting women from domestic violence and there’s a gathering taking place at 10:30am right before the voting in order to impact and influence the parliament. If you can’t be there, you can still show your support online by using the hashtag #NoLawNoVote on the various social media tools and spread the word.

It’s time to put an end to these heinous murders and jail any asshole who tries to abuse his wive or any woman for that sake. Roqayya Monzer was the last victim of domestic violence after her husband shot her dead when she asked for a divorce.

Here’s a [Link] to the event.

Exotica showed support too


Miss Lebanon Yara Ghrawi


via NoGarlicNoOnions

Tarboush Shot – London Bar

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Picture via Rita

There’s a pub in Hamra called London Bar that serves a Tarboush shot, which is basically a Gandour Tarboush (previously known as Ras el Abed) filled mainly with the Famous Grouse whiskey. I don’t know if they mix it with other stuff but it looks like a very interesting shot, definitly one worth trying.

I noticed the Tarboush shot was introduced last year but I honestly haven’t heard about it till Rita posted a picture of it on Instagram.

Next time I am in Hamra, I will make sure to pass by and give it a try!



Tripoli’s Bikeathon

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Picture from Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi’s FB Page

I was eager to see pictures of the Tripoli Bikeathon that took place yesterday and was aimed at “reflecting the real image of Tripoli” as a city of peace and a city that loves life but I could barely find any. I looked on Tripoli’s most active facebook page and it didn’t include a picture from yesterday, the same for Bikeathon-Tripoli page and the event page with its lousy poster.

Assuming whomever is running the page didn’t have time yet to upload all the pictures taken, I looked on Instagram and barely found 5 or 6 decent pictures. I used the hashtags #TripoliLB, #Bikeathon, #WeLoveTripoli, #Tripoli and #LiveLoveTripoli.

It’s a real shame that such a great initiative doesn’t get the proper online coverage, specially when the aim is to show a better image of Tripoli amid the tensions and fights happening there. It’s a good thing LBCI covered the event live on NharkoumSaid.

Having said that, I hope the organizers will follow the Achrafieh2020 model next time and make a proper buzz for their beautiful city Tripoli.

Here are some of the pictures I found:

via Najwa

via PaulaYacoubian

via RanaElHalabi

Dutch ambassador Hester Somsen was there – Picture via Sietske


Beirut Marathon Association’s Women Race On May 4 – #RunForward4

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The BMA is organizing on May 4 the second edition of the Women’s race. The run is meant to empower women through running by showing a positive and powerful image of the Lebanese woman, as well as raising funds and awareness for causes.

There are two races you could register for:
– 10Km all women challenge
– 5Km men, women and children support run

You can find more details [Here].


In Pictures: Earth Hour In Lebanon

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The Grand Serail In Beirut was turned off – Picture via EarthHourLB

The Grand Serail in Beirut was switched off today at 8:30 for Earth Hour Lebanon. I heard Baabda palace also participated but I don’t have any pictures.



Phoenicia and Le Gray Hotels also participated in Earth Hour.

Picture via Terry

As for the last picture, these people unwillingly participated in Earth Hour as electricity was off and they didn’t have a generator subscription as a backup.