Father Mansour Labaki accused of sexually abusing three minors

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Apparently the priest is a well-known figure in Lebanon. He is the founder of a spiritual movement called Lo Tedhal, is the author of several books and composed famous hymns. After this scandal though, we won’t be hearing much about him as he will be banned from participating in media and public appearances.

A Lebanese Maronite priest, Father Mansour Labaki, was charged by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with sexually abusing three minors and sentenced to a “life of penitence,” French magazine La Croix reported. According to the Sunday report, the Vatican office charged Labaki on June 19 with the sexual offenses. Labaki, a 73-year-old priest, was “sentenced to a life of prayer and penitence,” and will be banned from exercising his ecclesiastical duties. [NowLebanon]

Kuwait should ask the Lebanese Police for Help in “detecting” homosexuals

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I read today that “Kuwaiti health officials are looking at the possibility of enacting “stricter” clinical screening of foreigners trying to enter the country that will help them “detect gays.” [Source]

I am not sure how that’s even possible but they could always seek help from the Lebanese Police and their disgraceful “anal probe tests” in case technology fails them (Knowing that this test was finally banned in Lebanon few months ago).

Jokes aside, I was reading an article on that matter on the “Atlantic Wire” and I found this:

Kuwait isn’t even a gay hotspot. Neither is the Middle East, where gay is banned because of conservative Islam — Dubai, considered one of the more progressive places there, is still pretty intolerant of homosexuality. Berlin and San Francisco these places are not, and people going to Kuwait or Dubai aren’t doing so because it’s some wonderful Shangri-La for gay people (like Tel-Aviv) or some open gay sex paradise (like Pakistan). And it all makes you wonder if Mindkar is just banning people who, by in large, don’t even have any interest in going.

I always thought Beirut was considered the most gay-friendly city in the Middle East.

Lebanese Doctor Gabriel Ghorayeb elected as the best surgeon in France

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Dr. Ghorayeb distinguished himself from other cardiac surgeons by avoiding the artificial hypnosis when carrying out a heart surgery.

Dr. Gabriel Ghorayeb, brother of journalist Said Ghorayeb, is a surgeon in France. He treated hearts of millions from various nationalities. He is elected as the best surgeon among 200 surgeons in France, according to a report submitted by Capital magazine published in October 2013. [MTV]

Lebanon Among The 7 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

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Even though this list dates back from February, everyone’s been sharing it in the past few days. Even though Lebanese women are very beautiful without doubt, it would have helped if the website put a picture of a Lebanese women, not some random shutterstock picture of a woman taken by a Russian photographer

While there is always much debate on the subject, people from the area will often tell you that Lebanon have the most beautiful women in the Arab world. These sun-tanned beauties sometimes fly under the radar when people make lists of the hottest women on the planet, which makes them all the more appealing. You feel like you’ve discovered a beautiful secret when you travel there.