Beirut Hunger Strikers’ First Dish Is Mloukhieh

I'm glad that the protesters have finally decided to stop their hunger strike. Their decision to go on an open-ended hunger strike was a brave one but badly timed in my opinion as it is a dangerous protest tactic that can result in death and should only be used as a last resort. They did prove however that the Environment Minister couldn't care less about their lives . In all cases, I'm glad all of…

Lebanon is 400 Times Smaller than Europe Yet Has 4 Times More Syrian Refugees

The innocent victims of the civil war in Syria - Picture From TheGuardian Ever since Europe and more specifically Germany agreed to receive Syrian refugees, we've been hearing all sorts of heartwarming stories on the overwhelming welcome refugees received in German towns and villages, yet everyone seems to forget that the only country that unconditionally welcomed Syrian refugees is Lebanon and our country, which is 400 times smaller than the European Union yet has the…

9 Powerful Pictures From Today’s #YouStink Protest

2 years ago
Photo by Mustapha Jamaleddine Yet another #YouStink protest turned violent today and some activists were beaten up and arrested by the police. The police used once again excessive force which is unacceptable and not justified. ...

Khod Nafas And Join The Beirut Yoga Festival This Weekend!

2 years ago
I think you all remember the picture that went viral last year of a woman who was doing yoga in the middle of the street? Well that was Dalal Harb, the founder of the Beirut ...

A Shameful And Inaccurate Report On Baby Ali

2 years ago
Update: I got a clarification from MTV saying “that the title used was indeed wrong and that it was changed at the midnight news. Moreover, they didn’t mention the online campaign because it wasn’t related ...

Nezlit Lara Kay 3al Se7a

2 years ago
Elle a dit “Hmar” lol! She is almost right about everything she’s saying though. Watch the full video [here]. Meanwhile in front of the Env. Ministry in Beirut – via Imad Bazzi ...