Lebanese ISF Deployed All Over Lebanon on NYE To Keep Everyone Safe And Stop Drunk People

via Almaza While we were all drinking and singing yesterday, the Lebanese Internal Security Forces were running alcohol breath tests in almost every region in Lebanon. Those who were driving and failed the test were arrested while those walking in the street and found drunk were sent home in a cab. The aim was to keep New Year's Eve accident-free but unfortunately and despite all the measures taken, two people were killed and four others…

#NetworkOfHope: 33 Advertising Agencies From Lebanon & Jordan with 1 Message: HOPE

M&C Saatchi MENA kicked off an initiative with Pikasso to gather almost all the advertising agencies in the countries of Lebanon and Jordan, unifying them to all work together under one big message: HOPE. As a result, 23 advertising agencies from Lebanon and 10 advertising agencies from Jordan have each developed visuals that were printed by Pikasso and were mounted on 4X3m panels starting December 29, 2014. I like the initiative as it sends out…

Fares Karam Offers Adel Karam A Gun On Hayda 7aki’s Show

I was actually enjoying Fares Karam's interview on Hayda 7aki yesterday until he pulled a fully loaded pistol, emptied it and handed it to Adel Karam as a gift. I know that Fares Karam loves guns and all but I think it's a very bad idea to let him carry a gun during the show. PS: Skip to Minute 36:59 if you wanna see it.

Don’t Drink And Drive On New Year’s Eve, Taxis Are For Free!

2 years ago
via Yasa PS: The hotline you should call is 1720. We all enjoy drinking on New Year’s Eve and we tend to overdo it which is fine but it’s never okay to drink and drive, ...

There’s Something Lebanese About The Sex Tape Movie That You Probably Missed!

2 years ago
Sex Tape is a lame movie but there’s one tiny detail that most of us have probably missed and that one of the blog’s readers noticed and sent to me. Roni emailed me this screenshot ...

Updated: Carfax NOT Blocked In Lebanon

2 years ago
Update2: Carfax is not blocked in Lebanon as it’s giving the same message in other countries. It’s probably an internal technical issue or something related to their servers. Update: Carfax.eu is still working A friend ...

A Full [2014] List Of New Year’s Eve Parties Happening In Lebanon

2 years ago
If you are still undecided on where to celebrate the new year tomorrow, our friends at Lebtivity compiled a list of over 200 events that you can choose from with all the details needed. Check ...