MENA Internet Usage & Consumption Habits by Ipsos

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Internet Population Vs. Internet Penetration [High-Res]

Ipsos MENA had a very interesting presentation yesterday at ArabNet covering statistics related to internet penetrations, internet usage and consumption habits in the region. For those of you who don’t know, Ipsos is the 3rd largest market research firm in the world with over 5000 clients worldwide and a direct presence in 85 countries. Ipsos MENA is the leading market research company in the region with over 800 clients and covering more than 20 countries.

I was able to get my hands on the presentation (Thank you Dalia) and thought I share with you some interesting stats related to Lebanon:

- Lebanon ranks 5th in terms of internet penetration in the region, with 56%. UAE, Kuwait and Qatar are in the first three positions, with 75%, 64% and 61% respectively.

- Reading news online is the top consumed type of media in all countries except ksa where online TV consumption dominates.

- Penetration of social networks in Lebanon stands at 47%, compared to 88% in Jordan, 79% in Egypt, 73% in the UAE and 68% in Saudi Arabia.

- Penetration of e-commerce among Internet users is 9% in Lebanon, 35% in Kuwait and 46% in UAE.

- The top products purchased on line in Lebanon are clothes (38%), Airline tickets (11%) and Hotel bookings (11%).

- Penetration of Smartphones in Lebanon: 36% vs. 63% in KSA and 61% in UAE.

- Penetration of online streaming across Internet Users in Lebanon: 23% only (Series, Movies, Music Videos).

- 38% of Internet users download online in Lebanon. 86% download music.

- Penetration of Electronic Games among total population: 37% in Lebanon vs. 40% in Jordan which is the highest. We are obviously hooked on games here.

online [High-Res]

It’s quite sad to see horoscopes as being in the top 3 online contents of interest in Lebanon.

Update on the 4G Pilot Dongles

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3.9G – Almost there.

Even though the winners of the 200 4G Dongles were announced a month ago, the dongles were not yet distributed. I was told we might have them by the end of the month but it’s not confirmed yet. I also had a quick chat with two guys from Alfa Telecom yesterday who told me the pilot phase should kick off very soon, knowing that the date of the commercial launch set by Minister Sehnaoui is April 23rd 2013. Technically speaking, pilot phase (assuming it’s one month only) should begin tomorrow if we are hoping to have 4G by April.

Back when the 3G was launched, the pilot phase was great but the few months that followed were not so well. Having said that, I don’t mind delaying the 4G launch until the infrastructure is ready and all issues are resolved. In the mean time, it would be a good idea to double the 3G caps as promised.

I will keep you posted with any updates.

PayPal soon in Lebanon

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Update: I just noticed Mustapha already mentioned the good news.

I met two guys from PayPal at the ArabNet conference today and they informed me that Lebanon will soon be authorized on PayPal (They didn’t say how soon though). I asked them whether Lebanon is blocked due to political reasons and they said that it is not related and that there are many countries in the Middle East not yet allowed to use the service. In fact, even Russia is not yet on their authorized countries’ list but will be very soon.

Lebanon’s Chamchoum hurt in an accident

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[YouTube] – Awesome Old Footage from LBC

I guess Chamchoum is human after all. I am still hoping the Lebanese Government helps Chamchoum’s son Alex Riachy in getting the Guinness book of records people to acknowledge the records he’s broken. Read more about it [Here].

VDL (100.5): Tanious Riachy, also known as Samson of Lebanon, is in stable condition after he was wounded in the Bouar traffic accident.