Lebanese Against Civil Marriage

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SayNoToCivilMarriage is a Facebook group that makes fun of those opposed to legalizing civil marriage in Lebanon for silly and unjustified reasons. Some of the banners they came up with are hilarious. Check them out [Here].


Speaking of civil marriage, Interior Minister Marwan Charbel did not sign yet Kholoud and Nidal’s civil contract even though he promised to do so.

Pictures from Jordi Machi’s Popeye ‘WTF’

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I went to Popeye’s ‘WTF’ event yesterday at Vick Vanlian boutique and ‘WTF’ was my first reaction to the paintings. I don’t know what got into this guy’s head to draw such twisted paintings of Popeye but I liked the idea and I think he should expand it to feature other cartoon characters, like Donald Duck & Daisy.

Power to the women

This one is hilarious!

Pretty Cool

59.2% of Lebanese between 13 and 15 have smoked at least once

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That’s quite an alarming percentage to say the least. Of course this type of competitions is productive and efficient but the problem is much bigger than few awareness campaigns and a smoking ban law. In fact, even though the smoking ban law is in effect now, a company was offering us free cigarette packs at a restaurant in Antelias the other day.

Putting corruption and weak law enforcement aside, what would be useful for us to know is how many of these 59.2% were encouraged by their parents to smoke for the first time, or whether schools are taking the proper measures to prevent such behaviors, because kids aged 13 or 14 mostly hang out at malls or at restaurants and these are usually strict when it comes to serving alcohol/shisha or a cigarette to minors.

PS4 release date set for Christmas 2013

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The new console looks great. Too bad we have to wait till December 2013 to get the new Play Station 4.


For those interested, you can read more about the new PS4 [features].

PS: I will try and ask if PS4 will be available in Lebanon in December.

Former Bond Girl Carole Bouquet coming to Beirut

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tumblr_makv6otEgh1runamko1_500 [Source]

Bouquet won the role as the Bond girl Melina Havelock in the 1981 movie For Your Eyes Only. She’s one of the hottest Bond girls and For Your Eyes Only is one of my favorite Bond movies. Carole Bouquet is coming for “Le Mois de la francophonie” and is staying at Phoenicia Hotel.

I can’t believe she’s 55 and still looking that hot [Picture from 2012]. I should email Phoenicia and ask them if it’s possible to meet her.


Marche du Pont bridge no longer safe

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I don’t know how reliable this information is, or who issued the warning, but authorities need to move fast and make sure it’s safe as the bridge is highly frequented. The last thing we need is another tragic incident in this country.

Marche Du Pont has been deserted for ages – Source

Let’s Turn Jewish!

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Picture from Take Back Parliament Facebook Page

I don’t know how I missed that but apparently Lebanese Jews are the only ones allowed to vote for whomever they want under the Orthodox law,. To be honest, this law is the dumbest thing I’ve seen in years in Lebanon. I think we should email the Colbert Report or Jimmy Fallon and ask them to talk about it.