The Middle East Friendship Chart

Here's a useful guide done by Joshua Keating and Chris Kirk to explain who's on whose side in the Middle East. For some reason, Lebanon does not exist on their list but Hezbollah is mentioned. You can check out the full chart .

Two Lebanese-Australian Killed in The Malaysia Airline Crash in Ukraine

Update: According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the two victims are Egyptian-Australian and not Lebanese. Albert and Mary Rizk were on board of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine two days ago. 298 people were killed in the crash, including 100 of the world's leading Aids experts who were flying to an international conference in Melbourne. Moreover, there were members of an Australian family on board who lost two…

My Trip To Jordan: Part1

As mentioned previously, I was in Jordan for a week back in May along with a couple of bloggers and media people courtesy of the Jordan Tourism Board. Before talking about the trip, I have to say I am quite impressed by the initiatives taken by Jordan to promote tourism in their country and through the JTB as opposed to what the Tourism Ministry does in Lebanon. Moving on to the trip itself, and given…

ISF Clarification Regarding The Highway Picture That Went Viral

via YasaLebanon I am sure you've all seen the above picture by now. As confirmed by the ISF, it is not a fake photo but a real one and there are reasons why the ISF motorist did not stop the young man. Here's what the ISF had to say about this incident: - On 13/07/2014 one of the Baabda ISF motorists was on the Naameh highway, when a civilian started making stunts with his bike…

Update: Air Arabia Removed The Video Showing A Wrong Map For Lebanon

2 years ago
Air Arabia decided to remove the video showing a wrong map for Lebanon, however I was checking their promotions for other countries like KSA and Egypt the maps don’t look very accurate as well. Thanks ...

Education Minister Elias Bou Saab Asks Schools To Respect Religious Freedom

2 years ago
This statement comes one month after the Sabis controversy and clearly states that Sabis School has to amend its regulations and cannot by law ban the display of religious symbols. Personally speaking, I’d rather see ...

LOL: Mooo Ra7 To2ta3 …

2 years ago
I wonder how he fit the cow in this tiny car lol! Thanks Manal! ...
Gossip & Rumors

Shakira Singing (Badly) a Fayrouz Song

2 years ago
[YouTube] Start watching at Minute 10:30 MTV, Annahar and a couple of other news portals reported that Shakira shared this video but I only found it on some unofficial Facebook group. What caught my attention ...