Skydive Lebanon Canceled

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I was just booking my skydive ticket with Interavia for Fly Lebanon 2013 when I found out the whole skydive event was canceled due to security reasons. This was the message left on their Facebook page:

Postponed For Unknown Date, Waiting For Terrorist Missiles To Stop And Our Members And Team Be Safe In Our National Event “Fly Lebanon III”. For All Members And Who Was Attending The Event, Work With Us To Have A Safe Country, Our Lovely Country Lebanon , RIP Skydiving


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Lebanese Festival Day in London

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Almost 7000 people attended the 2013 edition of this festival, which is pretty awesome.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about this event, click [Here].

The Lebanese Festival day is an Annual events held in London and aims at giving members of the Lebanese community in the UK the opportunity to meet each other, irrespective of their religious or political views.
The Festival aims to create awareness and educate the wider British community about Lebanese culture, customs and traditions also to promote Lebanese products, cuisine, culture, education and tourism.

Ultimate Lebanon Summer Guide for 2013

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If you’re coming to Lebanon next week for Eid then below is my personal recommendation list:

The Gärten by Uberhaus
They’re only open Saturday night from around 8PM to 6AM and it’s my favorite place this summer. It’s an outdoor club that’s open just for 16 weeks with a large green garden filled with bean bags on one side and a huge open dome which is the dance floor on the other. You need to pass by and if you’re flying out on the morning MEA flight just head from The Garten straight to the airport. The place is easy to find, its right at the entrance to Biel (near Skybar). Here’s a video I shot the last time I was there [Here]

This is a very popular and a great Lebanese restaurant. They bring a new chef daily (usually a grandma) from a different part of lebanon to cook home made food. (01-448129)

Radio Beirut
Arguably my favorite pub this summer located in Mar Mikhael. I don’t think I’ve ever sat inside since the sidewalk is where everyone hangs out and drinks.

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BlogBaladi quoted on LBCI

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BlogBaladi mentioned at Minute 1:46

I posted about online gambling sites getting blocked over a month ago, yet the issue is still unresolved and no one understands why only 23 websites were blocked and not more.

In all cases, this won’t stop Lebanese from accessing those websites but let’s hope this decision doesn’t set a precedent to blocking other types of websites in the future.

Meet Sandrine Atallah: Lebanon’s first sexologist

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You have to admire Sandrine for her courage to open such a clinic in Lebanon. We can only hope sex or talking about sex will stop being a taboo in Lebanon but it still needs time. Here’s another link to an interview 3 years ago with Dr. Atallah where she shares some of her clients’ stories.

Talking about sex is still “taboo” in our society, Atallah tells NOW. “At first, my friends and relatives did not take me seriously and thought I would not make it and would not work within my specialty field.” She explains that sexual health “is a state of integration and complementarity between the organic, psychological, mental, and social factors of sex. Accordingly, a psychotherapist sometimes plays the role of an expert in sexology. This role is, at other times, played by a gynecologist who makes minor mistakes with patients, hence the need at the outset to hold awareness-raising lectures on sexual health with the participation of gynecologists so that they would know this specialization exists in Lebanon.”

Dr. Atallah noted a drastic “transformation” in her clinic after her televised appearance on LBC show “Lezim Taarif” (You Should Know) in 2010. “I used to get couples with a lukewarm sex life or men with premature ejaculation problems,” explains Atallah. “Yet after my media appearance, people started to acknowledge sexual health and my clinic was flooded with people with different sexual problems than the variety I used to see before. I started welcoming both old and young people. More gays and lesbians are now coming and the nature of sexual consultations has changed.” [Link]

Lunch With Lara Khoury At Tawlet Ammiq

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Lebanon is a confusion of culture and religion and has always been an explosive battlefield where the corrupt strive for power and dominance, destroying it’s identity and portraying a defective one to the outside world. If you take a closer look however, you will see Lebanon as I see it, a treasure in its diversity, a treasure in its variety and a treasure in its history. That’s why I dare to dream of a peaceful and glorious Lebanon, where people can unite, where political differences are set aside, where violence doesn’t exist, where anyone can coexist peacefully. If I can get people to see what I see, then maybe we can start forward to a better future.

Don’t throw away food …

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This is a great initiative that restaurants in Beirut should adopt as well, specially Lebanese restaurants with all the mezza that goes to waste. This should be done throughout the year to help the poor, not just for the Syrian refugees.

I always feel bad when we’re at some Iftar or Lebanese buffet and there’s so much food on the table that no one barely touches and gets thrown away.

Was It Wrong to Share The Video of Amina Ismail?

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Ever since I posted the video of the Lebanese man filming his wife committing suicide, I got complaints from people asking me to remove it/ report it claiming that it’s inappropriate.

To be honest, I saw the video again and again and didn’t find anything violent or graphic. What disturbed me the most was the idea of a man taking the time to film his wife while she was committing suicide instead of preventing her because filming her obviously didn’t help. Having said that, I understand that it must be horrible for her family to see the video and they have every right to ask for its removal and I will be the first one to take it out, but I think the way the video went viral helped shed the light on few serious matters:

1- Some are saying there’s a longer version of the video where the husband is filming the whole house before he spotted his wife about to jump and kept filming. As convincing as this may sound, I still find his reaction really weird but I’ll wait for any investigation results to come out.

2- How did the video reach a local TV knowing that it was in the hands of the Internal Security Forces? Why didn’t the TV consult with the proper authorities before uploading it? Were any measures taken against the officer who leaked it?

3- There’s a shadow of a man holding something in his hand as shown above in the video. Some are suggesting there was someone else and others are saying this might be some tool the man is holding or I don’t know what. LBC clarified that matter too by showing that those were keys.

4- Eye witnesses are saying it took almost 45 minutes for any ambulance to show up which Luna clarified in her interview with the Red Cross.

I know those are all speculations but I hope we will figure out what happened as it is very hard to believe that a woman would throw herself like that for no reason after she just got married, and her husband would be standing there filming her while she commits suicide (He also attended her funeral). I am not accusing anyone of anything but it is out of respect for the victim and her husband that a proper investigation takes places specially after the video spread.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling this tragic incident will end up like other unresolved mysteries in Lebanon.

In all cases, my sincere condolences to the family of the victim and her husband.