Badda Awou Ma Badda Hal2ad?

A Liverpool fan is seen crying after she took a picture with Steven Gerrard at a training session at Princeton. I don't know if she's Lebanese or not, but you can see the Lebanese flag right next to her and the woman behind her and the two guys are talking Arabic so it's possible. The sure thing is that she's a die-hard Liverpool fan. Here's an interview with for those interested.

Killing Children Is Wrong: Randomly Sharing Gruesome Pictures Of Dead Children On Facebook And Twitter Is Also Wrong

Gaza Children - Picture via NJBRepository There's no arguing that killing children is wrong and that Israel is committing horrendous war crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza, but I don't understand how sharing pictures of slaughtered babies, a child without a head, or a toddler's body torn to pieces on your Facebook or Twitter pages is helping. Journalists and TVs may be eligible to show pictures after warning their viewers, but I don't see…

A Not So Happy Lebanese Army Day After All

At least 8 army soldiers were killed yesterday after Syrian gunmen attacked their checkpoints in Arssal. The Lebanese army quickly regained control of the checkpoints and pushed back the gunmen but the situation is still tense. Everything started when the army arrested Abou Ahmad Jemaa, who's the Jobhat el Nusra "Prince" in Lebanon. The pictures below are not from Iraq but from Arssal unfortunately and there are hundreds if not thousands of these armed men…

How To Help Iraqi Refugees In Lebanon

Ever since the Islamic State took over Mossul, a lot of Iraqi families have been fleeing to Lebanon seeking refuge and there are over 1300 families till now according to the Chaldean Archdiocese in Hazmieh, Beirut. These families were forced to leave in a matter of days and most of them have nowhere to go, which is why the Chaldean Archdiocese along with other churches have been receiving them and helping them out. More families…

Trying To Be Funny

2 years ago
Picture taken by Ahmad Jaber Thanks Chadi! ...

Eat Out for Life Campaign: Eat Out Until August 7th And Help The CCCL

2 years ago
From the first till the 7th August, if you eat out at any of the restaurants below, you will be contributing to the treatment of a sick child at the CCCL. There are a lot ...

We Should All Go To Watch Mashrou’ Leila In Zouk Mikael Tomorrow Night

2 years ago
Picture taken by Ralph Haddad I was never a big fan of Mashrou’ Leila and I got really pissed off when they cancelled their opening act for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I totally ...

Latizi La Terja3é

2 years ago
L3ama chou sar ma3o el shab? Ma badda hal2ad! Just when I thought Myriam Klink songs are bad, this changes everything. [YouTube] ...