Epic FAIL: Cheb Khaled Didn’t Show Up At Fouad Chehab Stadium

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It seems yesterday’s “Cheb Khaled & Melissa” concert in Jounieh was an epic failure as Cheb Khaled ended up not coming to the concert and fans weren’t informed until the last second. It looks like the whole event was total crap as I’ve received a bunch of emails telling me how all the artists were singing playback, the music was really bad and the parking was for 20,000LL. A friend also told me people have been calling some local radio show and were pissed off and asking for a refund.

Honestly speaking, I don’t know why anyone would pay money to go watch Cheb Khaled, Melissa and David Vendetta. Cheb Khaled is 53 years old and has barely 2 or 3 decent songs, David Vendetta hasn’t produced a track for the past 4 years and I don’t know who the hell Melissa is.

In all cases, whomever organized that event has some explanations to do to the fans.

The event is in no way related to The Jounieh Festival

Update: Here’s a picture of the fake Psy who showed up for the “Official Gangnam Style Tour” and a link explaining what really happened. It Cheb Khaleb got scared and refused to come after the Beirut Bombing yet the organizers decided to go on with the event without informing the fans.


Works Halted Near Cedars Forest

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Culture Minister Gaby Layoun has asked the Internal Security Forces to stop all works near the Cedars Forest. In case you missed it, Former MP Gebran Tawk was apparently destroying a part of Bcharreh’s ancient Cedar Forest to set up an outdoor venue for his son’s wedding.

That’s definitely good news but I think the government should confiscate the land from Tawk for good.

LOrientLeJour also posted about that.

“I’ve asked the Internal Security Forces to stop all works there,” Culture Minister Gaby Layyoun told NOW over the phone. “It’s private land, but it’s protected,” he added.

Assad Seif, coordinator of the scientific departments in the Directorate General of Antiquities, explained the legal status of the land in more detail.

“The land [of the wedding site] is private land, but according to the management plan for the area, the land is part of the world heritage site and intended to be replanted [with cedar trees]. So, the [works] were done within the premises of the world heritage site,” Seif said. [NowLebanon]

Thank you Omar!

Beirut streets to be named after notable Lebanese

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An Avenue parallel to Martyrs Square in Beirut will also be named after President Bachir Gemayel

It’s good to see notable Lebanese getting streets named after them. The ones mentioned in DailyStar’s article include Poet and Writer Said Akl, who turned 101 a month ago, Dr.Abdel-Ghani Mikati, as well as Anis Tabbara and Mohammad Moussali.

The article also mentioned we will have two new hotels in Beirut, which is pretty weird considering the lousy performance of hotels for the past couple of years due to the economy and bad touristic seasons.

BEIRUT: The Beirut Municipal Council has approved the naming of several streets in the city of Beirut after notable Lebanese figures.

Street number 77 in the greater Beirut area of Sioufi will be renamed after the poet and writer Said Akl, the council said in a statement issued Friday.

The council also approved naming Street 83 in Ras al-Nabaa after Abdel-Ghani Mikati, a doctor, and a section of Street 54 in the neighborhood of Sanayeh and Street 73 after Beirut notables Anis Tabbara and Mohammad Mousali, respectively.

Separately, the council approved the establishment of a hotel in Abdel-Wahab al-Inglizi Street in Ashrafieh and another on Australia Street in Ras Beirut. [Link]

FAIL: Al Jadeed News App

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I downloaded the Al Jadeed News App few days ago and it seems they always show their numbers in reverse order, which means that the 18 reported kills from last night’s blast turned into 81!

I hope they fix that bug ASAP. I already reported it to them.

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In Pictures: Car Bomb in Beirut’s suburbs

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The car bomb that took place between Roueiss and Ras el Abed today has killed at least 18 and injured over 100 people. Caretaker PM Miqati said tomorrow will be a day of national mourning.

Quite a tragic day for Lebanon. Sincere condolences to all the victims’ families.

Update: Here’s a video showing the group who claimed responsibility for the attack.

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Bloody Sunset in Beirut tonight – Source

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Ghadi The Movie – Trailer

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It says social comedy but the trailer looks depressing.

The trailer of Ghadi, a film by Amin Dora, a social comedy written by and starring Georges Khabbaz giving you a closer insight about a special kid and the struggles of his humble family. Expect strange phenomena to affect the behavior and beliefs of their little Lebanese town’s population.