Judo Athlete Elias Nacif Grabs Silver For Lebanon At The 17th Asian Games In Incheon

Picture via sports-961 Elias Nacif defeated Erihemubatu in the round of 16, Ghasemi Nejad Amir in the quarter finals and Kalkamanuly Aziz in the semi finalsbefore losing to Kim Jaebum in the final. This is a great result for Elias and the first medial for Lebanon! Let's hope more medals will come our way. Here's the list of all 41 athletes representing Lebanon in Incheon as posted on Sports-961 website: Athletics: . Ali Hazer, 400…

Lebanese-American Rula Saade Ghani Is Afghanistan’s First Lady

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai was declared today as the winner of Afghanistan's presidential elections. His wife and the new country's First Lady is called Roula Saade Ghani and is Lebanese-American. Rula and the president met in Lebanon during their AUB years. Let's hope she will work on improving women's rights in Afghanistan among other things.

The First School For The Deaf In Lebanon

IRAP is one of the very few associations I respect and support in Lebanon. They've been working hard to help rehabilitate audio-phonetics and they produce high-end products that encourage people to buy and aid them. Their cookies are available in almost any supermarket and are really good. They need to work on their website and Facebook page though, as both pages will help them spread their message.

Sakker el Dekkene Is Organizing An Anti-Corruption Tour Across Lebanon

2 years ago
If you spot a small colorful and thought-provoking car in your town in the next couple of weeks, it’s the Sakker el Dekkene car which is touring Lebanon in a nationwide anti-corruption awareness campaign. The ...

Lebanese And Priorities

2 years ago
This is somehow true unfortunately as we always have our priorities elsewhere. the new iPhone 6 is the latest priority at the moment. This reminded me of an old article I’ve read on how “Lebanon ...

Pictures Of The Lebanese Delegation To The 17th Asian Games In Incheon, South Korea

2 years ago
I will try to get more information regarding the participating Lebanese athletes and their schedules and post them later on today. So far I checked the official games website and didn’t find much. ...

Zaffe Replaced by ISIS Chants in Beb el Tebbane Wedding

2 years ago
[YouTube] These are the ones you should be arresting Mr. Rifi. ...