Construction works to resume at Emile Lahoud’s “Olympic Swiming Pool complex”

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I first posted about this abandoned site back in 2010 and it has been the same since then. In 2012, it turned out that 18 million dollars of our tax money were gone to waste to build this complex. Yesterday, I saw a banner on the Naccache bridge informing us that works will resume soon to finish this project.

To be honest, I think they should just destroy the whole thing and stop wasting our money.

100 seconds about Take Back Parliament

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What I like about this initiative is that they have an electoral platform posted on their website [] covering almost all the topics you could think of.

They are divided as follows:
– Administrative & Municipalities Reform
– Lebanese Heritage
– Parliament Reform
– Public Transportation
– Sustainable Development
– National Dialogue and Civil War Memory
– Budget and Taxation
– Foreign Domestic Workers Rights
– Non Smoking Law
– ICT Reform & Online Freedoms
– Healthcare
– Education
– Hunting Laws
– Electoral Reform
– Women’s Rights

One of the topics that wasn’t mentioned is security, how to deal with the armed groups and the spread of weapons across Lebanon. Added to that, there isn’t a pragmatic approach to several topics, nor a study to back the implementation of few reforms but at least they have something to start with.

Last but not least, it would be nice to know who is really behind this campaign and who will fund it because they will be needing hundreds of thousands of dollars for a campaign like that when elections come.

Car Wash Logic in Lebanon

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There are at least 3-4 workers washing and cleaning the car, they ask for your keys to move it from one spot to another, and then notify you that they are not responsible for the car and its contents.

PS: Occasionally, they give you the looks when you refuse to hand them the keys and insist on moving the car yourself.