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Jihad al-Issa, 21, killed his 18-year-old pregnant sister Bughdad in what was first claimed to be an “honor crime”. The young man, who admitted to committing the crime, stabbed the girl in her abdomen. He then pulled her and started beating her on the head with stones.

It was later revealed that the child she was carrying was a result of a drunken rape act by her brother. [LBC]

Video showing the injured soldiers in Arssal

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Here’s a video uploaded by LBCI yesterday showing Arssal’s residents taking out the injured soldiers in an ambulance. Since we have proof that there were injured, why doesn’t the army interrogate them and tell us what really happened?

Miss Universe 1971 Georgina Rizk

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I was checking out Georgina Rizk videos on YouTube today when I saw this one where she’s making out with a guy on the beach [Minute 5:20 to Minute 5:40]. I know it’s not a big deal, at least not to me, but imagine this happening today and the Lebanese reacting to it. It would probably create a scandal and become the talk of the town. For all I know, it might get censored by the authorities as well.

When you think about it, it’s quite sad how we’ve come from such glorious years that were the 70s to what we have today.

Lebanese and their Love for Raw Kibbeh

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I try to avoid it but it’s really good specially with a glass of Arak!

Growing up, I never knew I was eating raw meat. Or maybe it was just that I didn’t think “raw” was something worth noting. I simply knew that kibbeh nayeh was incredibly good.

And so I was stunned by a recent spate of salmonella cases here in Michigan – home to America’s largest Middle Eastern population — linked to kibbeh nayeh served in a restaurant. That’s inexcusable to anyone who knows the rules about making raw kibbeh, a quintessential Lebanese dish.

“Kibbeh is the definitive Lebanese festive food,” says Kamal Mouzawak, founder of Souk el Tayeb, Beirut’s first organic farmers market, and owner of that city’s Tawlet restaurant, which showcases the talents of cooks from villages around Lebanon.

Kibbeh nayeh is made of minced raw lamb or beef, combined with bulgur, pureed onion and a mix of spices that partly depends on the cook. (My family’s spice mix: cinnamon, salt, pepper). All of the ingredients are kneaded together with a sprinkling of ice water, and then eaten — with olive oil, a scattering of chopped sweet onion, bundled in flatbread — immediately. Raw. [Link]

Felix in Lebanon

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Felix Baumgartner and Maxime Chaaya at the Mena Cristal Festival 2013 in Mzaar/Kfardebian

Fearless Felix was a speaker at the MENA Cristal Festival 2013 where he talked about his record-breaking 128,100 foot jump. Lebanoneguide.com covered the event and has a lot of exclusive pictures and featured an interview with Felix.

If you missed the jump, you can watch it [Here].

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

“I didn’t think I was going to die. But I thought I was going to lose the ability to break the speed of sound,” he says. “[I was] more disappointed than scared.”

Disappointment was far from the emotion experienced by those watching the dive on monitors at mission control – including Baumgartner’s family – who erupted from stunned silence into cries of relief and excitement as the daredevil brought his spin under control. But just how much danger was he really in at that point?

“When you spin around like that your blood flow goes into your brain,” he says. “It’s called a redout, and that’s fatal. There’s a certain RPM when your blood has only one way to leave your body and that’s through your eyeballs. That means you’re dead.”

Baumgartner could have pressed an emergency button that would have released his drogue shoot – designed to stabilise his body were he to lose control. But if he did that, he would be giving up his chance to go supersonic. “I was very far away from pressing,” he says. “As long as I could breathe and think, I would not press it. Because I wanted to get this done.”

Get well Rony!

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Bejjeh Club Captain and Lebanese Basketball player Rony Abou Jaoude had a huge car accident yesterday morning and was rushed to the hospital suffering from a brain hemorrhage. His condition remains critical until his hour.

Rony is only 25 and one of the best Lebanese play-makers.

I wish him a full and speedy recovery!