Park Meter Fine

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I was helping my friend park his car in Achrafieh and I suggested he uses one of the Park Meter spots. We purchased a coupon at 9:18am that lasts until 12:18 as you can see below. When we went back to renew it around noon, we were surprised to see that we got a fine.

I called the Park Meter Customer Line to ask about the fine. They answered me that the coupon was probably not showing clearly or put upside down and that I have to wait for the pictures taken by the officer that will be available the next day. I called the next day and as it turns out, the coupon was apparently not showing clearly. I couldn’t confirm if what she was saying was true as I didn’t see the pictures but I told her I still have the coupon (see above) and it is a valid one.

I thought she’d ask me to email it to her or bring the paper to their offices but instead, she told me they can’t do anything about it and I still have to pay the fine. Her argument was that the regulations are clear. Assuming she’s right and I misplaced the coupon, why can’t they cancel the fine if I submit the valid coupon? What sort of logic is that?


E-Mall Launch – 3D Mapping

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Emall launch by Bank Audi 3D Mapping

That’s a pretty cool 3D mapping show. E-Mall is set to launch in 4 days. It’s good to see more initiatives encouraging e-commerce in Lebanon. I hope merchants will have some cool offers and cheaper prices online.

EMall, a unified e-commerce platform addressing Lebanese merchants, aims at promoting the Lebanese economy and at being a marketplace that unites retailers, SMEs and independent merchants with cardholders in Lebanon and around the world, who will now be able to execute sale and purchase operations online through this interactive site. [Link]

Pictures from Saida Clashes between Al-Assir and the Lebanese Army

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15 Lebanese Soldiers have been killed till now in the clashes.




The first four pictures are from the DailyStar.

BNhMfr3CAAAyyKA.jpg large
Lebanese Army special forces soldier in Saida – Reuters

A burned out apartment building in Sidon, South Lebanon : The Daily Star

BNg8ywOCEAA0s_f.jpg large
Journalists run for cover – Reuters

Sunni Muslim gunmen, hold up their weapons as they roam the streets, expressing solidarity with Salafist leader Ahmad al-Assir in Tripoli, northern Lebanon
Sunni Muslim gunmen expressing solidarity with Salafist leader Ahmad al-Assir
A Lebanese Army tank is deployed on a street during clashes in Sidon. Photo: Reuters

Jounieh car-free day

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All the coastal roads in Jounieh were closed on Sunday for the Jounieh on bike “Green Day”. It’s good to see that the event attracted a lot of people and I hope it will become a monthly event not just take place during the festivals. The same goes to the car-free days being organized in Achrafieh.