Banque du Liban Accelerate 2014: 1500+ Participants, 50 Speakers And 25+ Startups Over Two Days

The BDL is organizing #Accelerate2014 and bringing over 50 startup industry veterans from all around the world to put "Blueprints for Success for 1,000 international entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals". The list of speakers is very interesting and there are a lot of events, talks and competitions to look out for. I just got back from Dubai today so I missed out on the first day but I will be there tomorrow hopefully. One of the…

Haifa Wehbe’s Dress in Star Academy

I don't like Haifa but she can do whatever she wants and wear any dress she likes. Those who don't like such dresses can switch to Tiji or the Disney channel. Claiming that Haifa crossed the line and disrespected women by wearing a sexy dress is pure ignorance. I wish Arabs would react the same way to daily violations and malpractices against Arab women instead of focusing on Haifa's ass . Moreover and like Dana…

How Ford Put The New Mustang On Burj Khalifa’s 112th Floor

I was at the event yesterday and it was pretty amazing, but I was wondering how they moved the car that high. As it turns out, they moved it in parts and assembled it on the top. They couldn't use a helicopter because the area is too narrow and dangerous for such a stunt. I will write a full post soon on this whole experience as it was a thrilling one.

#ShareACokeSawa Campaign In Lebanon

2 years ago
This campaign has been running for quite some time abroad and it’s now in Lebanon. It’s pretty fun as you get to replace the Coca-Cola name with personalized names like Habibe, Abou el Zolof or ...

Tarboosh Movember: Early detection is key

2 years ago
I haven’t seen a lot of Movember awareness campaigns this year in Lebanon. I loved the Tarboosh one though. Alfa also has some competition including taking pictures with a mustache. Movember is an annual, month-long ...

In Dubai For The Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Show

2 years ago
I got invited to attend the reveal of the new Mustang 2015 (#MustangRises) which is taking place today near Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This is the first time I actually get invited to attend an ...

Is GTA 5 for PS4 Banned In Lebanon?

2 years ago
I was surprised to read that GTA V is not being sold in Sony stores in Lebanon, specially after I had received a message from my PS4 guy that it’s available. I already booked my ...