Why is Addiyar still open?

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I was just reading on Rami’s blog the small note the paper had left to thank one of their reporters for failing to do his job properly and I remembered a month back the letter Addiyar’s Editor in Chief Charles Ayoub wrote to Syrian President Bashar el Assad begging him for $700,000 and admitting he lost all his money to gambling.

He deleted the letter from his page but I found it somewhere else. You can check it out [Here]. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more humiliating and unprofessional and I am wondering whether any actions should be taken against the paper to close it down. Aren’t there any rules or guidelines to operate a newspaper in Lebanon? Shouldn’t there be a minimum level of credibility and integrity?

British Embassy in Lebanon giving out Meghlé To Celebrate The Royal Baby’s Birth

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British Ambassador to Lebanon Tom Fletcher tweeted these two pictures of the badges and Meghlé that will be given out in Lebanon on the occasion of the Royal Baby’s Birth.

Prince William and Duchess Kate’s first baby, a future monarch, was born today at 4:24 pm local time in London’s private wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, the palace announced. The announcement said the baby weighed 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and William was present for the birth.

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Buckingham Palace

Joint Parliamentary Committees Approve Domestic Violence Draft Law

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This is not enough but definitely a step in the right direction. I wonder though if this vote is legal considering that the parliament’s term has expired over a week ago.

The joint parliamentary committees approved on Monday a draft-law on the protection of women from domestic violence, a major step towards helping women become first-class citizens in multi-confessional Lebanon.

If passed by parliament, the law would come under the penal code — under which cases are referred to a criminal court — rather than personal status laws, which are ruled on by religious authorities. [Naharnet]

Al-Assir Shot First

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The above footage shown by Al-Jadeed is supposed to show how Al-Assir was the one who shot first at the army but I honestly don’t see how they made such an assumption based on this footage. Don’t get me wrong, I am convinced Assir and his buddies are criminals that should be arrested and jailed not just for attacking the army but for having weapons in the first place, but this video, specially the title, is misleading and proves nothing.

If anything, it undermines the earlier report submitted by the Lebanese Army and the Ministry of Defense (See Video Below). In Al-Jadeed footage, the gunshots came from an unknown source far from Assir and the army while in the video below, Al-Assir is the one who started firing at the army.


Update: Here’s another footage taken from Bank Audi’s Camera. It still contradicts with the story shown in the LBC report above.