Updates on Kholoud & Nidal’s civil marriage in Lebanon

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Despite not being able to register their marriage yet, Kholoud Succariyeh and Nidal Darwish still did not lose hope and have gained substantial support from the Lebanese Online Community, as well as a public call from the President of the Republic, Michel Sleiman, and Justice Minister Shakib Qortbaw to issue a law decree to legitimize civil marriage. Prime Minister Najib Mikati on the other hand stated discussing this matter “is useless amid the current circumstances in the country.

Added to that, there’s an online petition in support of civil marriage of Lebanon that you can sign [Here]. It is being sponsored by Paula Yacoubian and Fadi Dalati.

There’s still hope for the couple who followed a 10 month long process that included removing their religious identities from public records among other legal complications.

Cement truck falls off the Nahr el Mot bridge

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Picture from IsmailSakalaki

Several people were injured this morning when a cement truck fell off the Nahr al-Mot bridge near City Mall. Looking at the picture and the location of the accident, we are extremely lucky that it is a day off and no one is out.

Israeli Pringles in Lebanese supermarkets

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Picture from LebanonDebate

The ISF found loads of “Israeli” Chips after a warehouse caught fire in Raouche. According to the article, no one still knows how these products are being sneaked into Lebanon and there seems to be many of them. Funnily enough, whomever wrote this report described the chips, as well as any type of food that’s coming from Israel, as being extremely dangerous as they might be poisonous.

Funnily enough because we’re talking about conspiracy theories while we can’t even control the qualify of meat distributed to shops/restaurants/hotels inside Lebanon.

Gunmen kidnap 2 students in Dohat Aramoun

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It was reported this morning that four gunmen kidnapped 2 students outside al-Iman school in Dohat Aramoun. Some are saying there are lawsuits and problems between the mother and father and she hired the gunmen to kidnap the children from their grandparent but she denied it.

It’s just sad how easy it is to get gunmen to kidnap people in this country. We are talking about a 7 year old and a 4 year old who probably got traumatized for life now.

Mello Yello vs Buzz ads

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A smooth series starring Pooch Hall in which Mello Yello gives tips about how turning fails into wins with girls, your wife and your stepfather. Commercials produced in the US between 2001 and 2003

Check out the Mello Yello ads above and then check the Buzz ads below and tell me if you see any resemblance.

PS: The one with the guy who farts in the car is hilarious! Don’t miss it!

50% campaign in Gemmayze

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In support of the 50-day 50% campaign launched lately, the Gemmayze road is now only 50% operational. Let’s just hope this will last for 50 days not more because it’s causing a lot of traffic.

Jokes aside, does anyone know if the restaurants/pubs are taking part in this 50% campaign?

If you want to know more about the travel packages, click [Here].

Raid des Cedres 2013

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Picture from LebArmy.gov.lb

I would love to take part in that race one day.

Under the patronage of the Lebanese Armed Forces Commander General Jean Kahwagi, the Rangers Regiment organizes the “Raid des Cèdres” Race in Ski Randonné and Raquette on 24/2/2013 at 5:00 a.m.

The Race will start at the Cedars of Tannourin and the finish line will be in the Cedars forest in Becharre. Sports teams from the Lebanese Army, Security Forces and UNIFIL in addition to civilian athletes, both females and males exceeding 16 years of age will b participating in the race. The gathering point is at the Cedars of Tannourine on 23/2/2013 at 18:00. [Source]

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If you want to check the Race guidelines, click [Here].

Three Roumieh Prison Guards rewarded for foiling massive escape attempt

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Lebanese prisoners sit at one of the cel
Picture from MPLBelgique

Three guards were given a monetary award by Ashraf Rifi for preventing a massive escape attempt from the Roumieh Prison. The inmates had prepared four 17-meters ropes from the tower to the outer wall of the building and had already cut the iron bars that separate the building from the tower.

Now one would wonder why are we thanking and rewarding those guards for? After all they are doing their job, but when it comes to Roumieh, the guards are apparently so corrupt that it’s hard to find someone actually doing his job.

Having said that, I was thinking yesterday on how hard it is to set up an electric barbed wire around the prison with watch towers as it’s the easiest thing to prevent prison breaks but then I remembered 24/7 electricity is a luxury few people can afford in Lebanon.