Lebanese Fencing Team wins 1 Gold, 2 Bronze Medals at the West Asian Fencing Championship

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Rita Abou Jaoude won a Gold Medal for Lebanon – [Source]

The Lebanese Fencing team won one Gold and two Bronze medals at the the West Asian Fencing Championship which were held in Amman. Rita Abou Jaoude won two medals and the Lebanese team (Antoine Choueiri, Rami Baydoun, Rami Gharra, Arz Zahreddine) won a bronze. [Source]

You can follow news of the Lebanese Fencing team on their Facebook page [Here].

Sydney’s – Le Vendome Beirut

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Sydney’s is a luxurious lounge located at the last floor of Le Vendome Hotel in Beirut and offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean sea. I went there a few times a long while ago during my AUB years but I learned it reopened a week ago after a brief renovation period.

As you can see from the pictures, the view is amazing and the chairs look very comfortable, a perfect setting for a brunch, late lunch, early dinner or sunset drinks. Sydney’s open 24/7 so you could even head there for few cocktails before your party kicks off.


As far as the food is concerned, I remember very well that their club sandwich was one of the best in town and it’s even better now. I loved the new kind of bread used and the presentation. Moreover, their selection of appetizers (Try the Spicy Tuna) and salads are really good and their steaks are prime Australian Wagyu steaks (expensive though as they start at 50$).


Price-wise, Sydney’s is located in one of Beirut’s most luxurious hotels and is definitely not a place I would visit frequently to eat, but it’s a must-try if you want to have few cocktails late in the afternoon and enjoy a beautiful sunset.


If you want to read more about Sydney’s or reserve, check their [Website].

Should We Legalize Weed In Lebanon?

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The picture above was Al-Akhbar’s front page picture yesterday and the article basically tells us how some Lebanese cannot live without growing and selling weed as that’s their only source of income.

To be honest, I have nothing against legalizing weed but I think doing it now will give birth to more armed groups and mafias controlling villages and towns, which would make things worse and neither profit the government nor those villages.

PS: The picture above was credited to Hayssam el Moussawi while it was taken by Hanibaael

Launching of the Men Center: We Are WillingTo Listen (مستعدين نسمع حكي)

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This is a great campaign and I hope Lebanese men will be humble enough to call for help when needed instead of expressing their anger in inappropriate and harmful ways.

International Medical Corps & ABAAD and with the support of the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality launched a nation-wide media campaign. The aim of this cam­paign was to enhance and promote an insti­tutionalized referral system and to spread the word about the Men Center in the country. The slogan of the campaign is: “Mest’edeen Nesma’ Haki” which reads: “we are willing – and here – to listen”. The slogan has a double meaning of “someone is speaking to you in an abusive manner”. The campaign targets men residing in Lebanon, among other communi­ties, in an inclusive approach to engage them in combating violence against women. [Source]