Facebook Shuts Down Lebanondebate.com Page

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Lebanondebate.com posted on their website that their Facebook page was shutdown and that they switched to a new page. They said they’ll explain why it was closed later on.

I think that’s the first Lebanese news portal that gets shutdown by Facebook.

Update: Here’s why it was closed according to Lebanondebate.com. That’s so random as a lot of FB pages put Hezbollah-related pictures.

Joke Of The Day: Customs Agents Strike over al-Jadeed Brawl

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In case you missed the original story, check it out [Here] and watch the video above.

Customs agents held a strike at Beirut and Tripoli Ports, and at Rafik Hariri International Airport on Wednesday over the brawl between al-Jadeed crew and security officers at the downtown Beirut Customs office a day earlier. The one-day strike affected the distribution of oil and gas to petrol stations. [Naharnet]

Civil Defence Volunteers In Lebanon

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Every time a major fire erupts in Lebanon like the one that destroyed the Safra Carpet Factory, the issue of crisis management and the effectiveness of rescue units is raised. Why were the fire trucks late? Why didn’t they have the proper material to extinguish the fire? Why don’t we have advanced equipment? Who’s responsible for all that?

The truth is the Lebanese Civil Defence unit is made out of volunteers and is funded and administered by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. These volunteers are brave Lebanese who are willingly fighting for our safety and jeopardizing their lives sometimes. However and despite their utmost importance, the fire brigades lack funding, equipment, training and personnel in Lebanon. I have no idea why the Ministry or the government doesn’t assign a proper budget for these vital units but this behavior is undermining their work and sending out the wrong image to people.

Having said that, and in an attempt to raise awareness and share the Civil Defence work with people, members of five different fire brigades in Lebanon (Rass Beirut, Jounieh, Zouk, Faraya and Tripoli) have created a Facebook page where they share their everyday experiences and show us how difficult and challenging it can get for them. More importantly, they want people to memorize the emergency hotline 125 because believe it or not, a lot of Lebanese don’t know it yet.

I think it’s a nice initiative and a good start to reach out to the Lebanese Online Community and get them to interact with these courageous workers.

Check out the Facebook Page, Like it and spread the message.

PS: I am going to ask the Civil Defence if I could spend a whole day with them and share it with you guys.

Lebanese Customs Beat Up Al-Jadeed TV Crew

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The episode the Jadeed crew was filming was on the “corruption at the airport customs”!

Al Jadeed TV crew were allegedly calling through speaker on acting director of Customs Shafiq Merhi to give them an interview when Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Shamseddine gave customs members an order to beat and detain them. Al-Jadeed reported that the crew had an approval from the Finance Ministry to interview Merhi, who refused to meet them. [Naharnet]

New old footage of Lebanon

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The Huntley Film Archives have digitized and uploaded some more old footage from Lebanon and uploaded them onto YouTube. Some of them have details like their dates but most don’t and none have any sound. Check them out below:

Lebanese women, 1968. Film 90723 (Posted above)
Lebanon. Lebanese women walking in town. Film 90724
Lebanon. Women bake bread., 1960’s. Film 90725
Lebanon. Roman remains. Streets of modern village Archaeology Film 90712
Lebanon. Ploughing with oxen. Farming. 1968. Film 90711
Lebanon. Sidon. City with harbour or port. Cafe, 1968. Film 90710
Lebanon. Village. 1968. Film 90720
Lebanon. Old man. Film 90721
Lebanon. Countryside. Hills. 1968. Film 90719
Lebanon. Bay, port. Mosque. Shepherd. 1968. Film 90718
Lebanon, Baabda – hillside town. Picking oranges, 1968. Film 90709