Death Penalty for Myriam el Achkar’s killer

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Syrian national Fathi Jaber al-Salatin, who was accused of killing Myriam al-Ashqar in November 2011, was sentenced to death on Friday. Al-Ashqar, 28, was found dead and soaked in blood in the outskirts of Sahel Alma on November 22, 2011. [Link]

I understand that what he did to Myriam is terrible, and I cannot imagine what her family and friends must have felt, but like I’ve said on several occasions, I would never opt for the death penalty as a punishment.

May she R.I.P.

Sorry bass .. .WTF?

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You know what is the thing that upset me the most about those two videos? Her singing and destroying a Melhem Barakat song! Why you ask? Because I had no expectations for this show whatsoever and I am a big Melhem fan.

I think OTV should seriously reconsider airing “Sorry Bass” if that’s the best they can pull.

Lebanese man trolling UAE authorities

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A Lebanese man, who was arrested in Dubai for possession of drugs, told the authorities he was unaware of the hashish ban as it’s allowed in his country, Lebanon. “Lebanese expatriates who were told about such claims described the defendant as a liar on the grounds all types of narcotics are strictly banned in Lebanon” [Link].

Hashish is indeed banned in Lebanon but there are still many villages in the Beqaa cultivating it and selling it, despite several attempts from the local authorities to destroy the fields. In fact, the last attempt was a complete failure as local tribes fired at the police and the army and forced them to pull out.

Lebanese Saleh Basma and Chawqy Arab stole $8,000,000 from Tyr citizens

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Several investors in the southern city of Tyre have reportedly become victims of embezzlement, radio Voice of Lebanon said on Thursday. “Saleh Basma and Chawqy Arab pretended to be businessmen and cheated their victims into depositing $8,000,000,” VDL explained, adding that the depositors thought their money will be invested. [Link]

Haven’t they learned not to trust such investors with their money? Did they forget already about Salah Ezzedine, Lebanon’s Madoff, who stole more than a billion dollars from his clients’ money back in 2009?

Ziad El Rahbani Live in Concert

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I never liked the guy and never will, but I am sure many of you will be excited to know Ziad is having two concerts on December 20th an 21st in Beirut. Tickets will be available starting this Monday at Boueiry Press Kaslik and Maarouf Saed center in Saida. Tickets prices are respectively 40$ 50$ and 60$. You can check out more info [Here].

Via Elie

Waterspout spotted in Batroun

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Picture taken from LBC

شاهد عدد من المواطنين الخميس تنين البحر قبالة بلدتي تحوم وكفرعبيدا وجسر المدفون على شاطىء البترون بشكل واضح فشكل وصلة طبيعية بين البحر والسماء.

LBCI reported that Kfaraabida and Madfoun residents spotted a huge water spout today in the sea. That’s pretty cool but I had no clue waterspout or tornado meant تـنـيـن الـبـحـر in Arabic. I thought تنين البحر meant Sea Dragon which is a type of fish.

Let’s Sukleen Lebanon!

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Why is he using Flash in broad daylight?

I saw this poster on the side of a Sukleen truck so I went into the App store to download the app and see what it’s about. As it turns out, it’s an app where you can take pictures to report any cleanliness issue to Sukleen directly and point out its exact location on the provided map. You can also follow up on the issues you’ve raised to see if Sukleen took action or not. Added to that, there’s a sorting guide that gives you tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle at home and in your office.

I think it’s a pretty useful app but from what I understood it’s only available on the App store which sucks. As far as the marketing campaign is concerned, I wish they had gone with something simpler and showed an example of what we should be taking pictures of.