The 37th Rally Of Lebanon Kicks Off Tonight!

Source The 37th Rally of Lebanon kicks off tonight with the Total Super Stage at the Beirut Water Front starting 6:30 pm. It would be nice to see someone other than Roger Feghali win the rally this year. You can check out the full program . Make sure to follow me on Instagram as I will be posting pictures and videos from tonight's super stage.

What We Need and Don’t Need In Lebanon

We all want Muslims and Christians to love and respect each other in this country but the last thing we need are armed gunmen protecting religious shrines in the name of unity. We don't need Muslims protecting Christians and vice versa, we need LEBANESE and only LEBANESE to protect their country regardless of their religion.

128 Tomatoes To Say #NoToExtension (#لا_للتمديد)

128 tomatoes were sent this year to the 128 representatives of the people, with a sticker reading “No to extension”, and a demonstration is planned tomorrow starting from the Ministry of Interior in Sanayeh till Riad al Solh square to reject the extension of the Parliament. This is the second extension to the current members' mandate after last year's extension in November. Needless to say, I am totally against any extension and I believe whomever…

What Will You Do For Your Rd Angus Burger?

2 years ago
[YouTube] Roadster is launching a pretty cool competition, where you have to upload a video on Instagram about your favorite RD Angus burger and get the change to win a 2 week trip to the ...

Moody Gas Prices In Lebanon

2 years ago
As far as I know, the gas prices dropped today. Thanks Dania! ...

Jounieh Municipality Warning Locals Not To Litter

2 years ago
I really find it shameful that there are still Lebanese who throw their garbage on the streets and litter everywhere they go, and I partially blame the municipalities and authorities for that. I’ve been walking ...
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Apple To Open The World’s Largest Apple Store in Dubai

2 years ago
Apple Store Shanghai There are reports that Apple is planning to open its largest Apple store in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates by February 2015 and job listings can already be found on Apple’s website. ...