Picture of Lebanese Director Simon Asmar Inside His Cell

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Update: I am removing the picture as requested by few readers. You can always check it on Siyese.net

Renowned television director Simon Asmar has been arrested lately on charges of murder and over financial crimes (bouncing checks). I wasn’t aware that he’s still in prison but the question is here: Who took this picture? The guard? Is he allowed to take pictures of prisoners while sleeping?

Pizza Cups in Lebanon

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I wanted to post about this new concept few days ago but I thought I give them a try first. I messaged the Pizza Cups people on Facebook to order but they insisted on sending a complimentary half-dozen for me to try. The 6 flavors I got were:
– Pepperoni
– Four Cheese
– Chicken Pesto
– Vegetarian
– Spinach and Caramelized Onions
– Mexican

The half dozen I got

The cups are not that big and r meant for events and catering so don’t order them for lunch unless you’re planning on eating 12 or 18 pieces. I loved the first four flavors (Pepperoni and Chicken Pesto mostly) but I didn’t try the Spinach and Caramelized Onions nor the Mexican because I don’t like onions and spices. I think it’s a great idea to serve them over dinner or lunch and the dozen costs between 20,000 and 30,000 which is not a lot.

Note that you need an oven to heat the cups as the microwave messes up the dough (white and whole grain are available). Of course once they start delivering in the same day (You need to pre-order 48 hours before now), they will hopefully figure out a way to keep them hot and ready to eat.

PS: For those interested in ordering, call this number 79 188 831 to order in advance.

We offer cup-shaped pizzas prepared with fresh quality ingredients and baked with care and dedication. Our Pizza Cups come in a variety of 12 savory and 3 sweet flavors, with your choice of white or whole grain crust, to fulfill your different cravings.

Your orders will be delivered to you, just make sure to place them 48 hours ahead [Pizza Cups]


Abolish the Death Penalty In Lebanon

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Even though Capital Punishment is still legal in Lebanon, the last time it was applied was back in 2004 when 3 murderers were hung. There are currently over 50 criminals sentenced to death in Lebanon and waiting for The President of the Republic Michel Sleiman to either pardon them or sign the execution orders.

Personally speaking, I am totally against capital punishment and I hope the President takes the initiative to abolish it once and for all. The best way to punish these is by sentencing them to countless years of hard labor.

Australian Courts Reject Deportation Appeal By A Lebanese Man Who Claimed He Was Gay

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I hope he didn’t pull a Majdi and Wajdi act to convince them lol!

A LEBANESE man has lost his bid to stay in Australia as a refugee on a protection visa because he could not convince a tribunal he was gay. The man claimed he would be persecuted as a homosexual if he had to return to Lebanon. But the Refugee Review Tribunal found that he had failed to live in Australia as a gay man, and did not accept his explanation that it was “due to his lack of English and a car”.

The tribunal said he had claimed to have secretly had homosexual relationships in Lebanon, despite not having a car there.

“It seems illogical that he has not made any connections or lived openly as a gay man in the 21 months since he arrived in Australia,” the tribunal said.

The man, who cannot be named, appealed the rejection of his visa application, but on October 3 a federal judge refused his application. The court heard that the man arrived in Australia in December 2011 on a Lebanese passport, with a sponsored family visitor visa, after previously visiting Australia in 2010. [Link]

Waiting For The Train – Mar Mikhail

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“Waiting For The Train” is a wall art exhibition aimed at reviving the Mar Mikhail train station, which was once a lively railway terminal and has become a deserted residual of a station. It’s quite sad to see the station still abandoned after 37 years with no plans to revamp it or make it fully operational once again. Public transportation is desperately needed in Lebanon.

For those of you interested in visiting the exhibition, check [Here]. I will be passing by today or tomorrow to take few pictures which I’ll share later on.

Here’s the list of participating artists:

Benoit Debbane
Chad the Mad (Chady Abousleiman)
Dispatch Beirut (Pamela Haydamous & Lea Tasso)
Dihzhayners (Jubran E. Elias & Lana Shukri)
EPS (Alfred Badr)
Marie-Reine Karam
Match Stick (Raoul Mallat)
Mayssa Abou Rahal
Nab (Nabil Assaf)
Rami Chahine & Ziad Chakhtoura
Rami Mouallem
Roula Abdo
Sara Haidar
Sara Makki
Taz (Georges Tabatadze)
ZED (Elie Zaarour)

Achillea is bringing together a group of painters, graffiti artists, designers and illustrators, in an attempt to render an answer within the walls of a veteran site; Mar Michael train station. What was once a lively railway terminal – a beautiful hub on the corner of the east side of Beirut – is now but a deserted residual of a station, where the train has stopped 37 years ago.

Waiting for the train is a voyage into the depth of common consciousness; a depiction of the aspirations of a person waiting for the train, an exploration of what were once daily impressions of an average day lebanese commuter.
A train of thought telling the story of those who stopped waiting, those who left, those who stayed and never lost hope.