Fail: Cherrs Night Club and Hay el Sellom bomb

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Spotted in Antelias

This used to be the best network place in town long long time ago. They should turn it into a super night club, I think that’s the only business where the name doesn’t really matter.

Taken from ElNashra

This is a picture of the bomb found overnight in Hay al-Sellom area in Beirut. It looks like an 8 year old wrote that note or someone is really bored.

CashU Virus targeting Lebanese porn surfers

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Picture from Naharnet

You can read more about it and how to remove this virus [Here].

Internal Security Forces cybercrime and intellectual property unit warned on Saturday from a virus affecting mobile phones and computers, which has been spreading across the Middle East region and Lebanon lately.

Hackers use the “Metropolitan Police Virus” to obtain the credit card’s balance when users enter their personal Cash U code.

According to a statement issued by the ISF, the hackers can disable the Windows for users after displaying a bogus alert that says: “The ISF blocked your computer for violating copyright content on the web and you are obliged to pay a $200 fine.”

The virus locks the computer and its applications, “whenever you try to log on into your Windows operating system or Safe Mode with Networking, it will display instead a lock screen asking you to pay a non-existing fine of $200 in the form of a CashU code.”

The statement pointed out that the virus hits computers when a porn website is accessed or when an unknown program is downloaded.

“Citizens have to pay attention and refrain from paying any amount of money using credit cards… They are also asked to inform the bureau of any hacking attempt,” it added.

Here’s a report done by Al-Jadeed on this matter. They never miss a chance to add drama to a story, even when it’s about porn.

via +961

According to Alexa, here are some of the most popular porn sites in Lebanon:




Protect Naqura Coast, Save the Turtles!

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The Lebanese Coast is 210 km long yet less than 5% of it remains clean and untouched. Out of this 5%, there are at least two turtle reserves known, both in the South (Mansouri and Kolaila beaches). The local municipalities, thanks to the Orange House Project, have recognized both beaches as being protected natural areas but this is not enough to ensure a long-term preservation as it requires the government’s intervention.

Having said that, one of the two beaches, Mansouri is apparently being threatened by a port project. Knowing that Turtles have been coming from all over the world for thousands of years to lay their eggs and reproduce on this beach, action is needed to stop this project, save the endangered turtles, and declare the Coastal area in South of Lebanon that stretches from to the Naqura Cliffs (South of Tyre) to the Tyre Reserve a National Protected area and Sea biosphere reserve.

There’s an [ongoing petition] that you can sign to help this cause. You can follow updates on this matter on The Orange House [Facebook Page].


To: The President of the Lebanese Republic, the Prime Minister (and the Ministers) and the Head of the Parliament (and the People Representatives)

We the Lebanese Citizens, the Lebanese Diaspora, All Friends of Humans, Nature, Environment and Lebanon WorldWide, understand the Great Challenges of Leaders in Your position.

We are asking you for the sake of the Existing and Future Human generations living in Lebanon and on our Planet… Ancient Phoenician Coast with Unique Rock Formation..Endangered by a Port project. Protect it before it is too late…

Save and Protect one of the very few Turtle Beach Reserves in Lebanon (2 known, both in the same area) and probably in the East Mediterranean– Mansouri Beach – South Lebanon

Endangered Species of Turtles coming from all around the Mediterranean and the Planet have been coming for thousands of years to lay their eggs and reproduce on these beaches.

The Lebanese Coast is not more than a mere 210 Km. Many parts of the coast are polluted and or with illegal constructions. Less than 5 % of the coast remains Clean and untouched.

The Development plans to make a new Port at the emplacement of the Unique Rock Cliffs formation is Extremely Absurd and Destructive to one of the last remaining Natural Spots on the Historic Ancient Phoenician coast.

We ask you to Immediately Declare the Coastal area in South of Lebanon that stretches from to the Naqura Cliffs (South of Tyre) to the Tyre Reserve as a National Protected area and Sea biosphere reserve.

Any future implementations for any need for Petroleum port must be done North of this area in a very strict Environmental standards. This is simply a Suicidal activity..not just for the country Lebanon but also to the Region and the whole Planet since we are all Connected on our Home, Planet Earth

We believe Leaders Can Help Influence a Change like this but they cannot do it alone without Involving their Local Population….

We Urge You to Take Immediate Action and help protecting our Unique Coastal Heritage We wish you a Great Success for Implementing this Noble and Essential Mission

The Lebanese Citizens, the Lebanese Diaspora, All Friends of Humans, Nature, Environment and Lebanon Worldwide!

Thank you Rita!

First Visit to Beirut City Centre

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After my early walk in Mar Mikhail on Sunday, I thought I pass by Beirut City Centre and check it out.

It was around 1 pm when I got to Beirut City Centre and traffic was relatively reasonable. The entrance to the parking was crowded so I didn’t bother wait to park inside and found a spot easily in the large parking lots (not yet paved with asphalt) outside the mall.

The mall inside is huge. It consists of four levels with over 200 stores. The big stores open or set to open are Carrefour on the Ground Level and Level 1, CentrePoint on the Ground Level, H&M on Level1 and Marks & Spencer on Level2. You can check out the full list of stores [Here].




Level3 is the Terrace and is not yet open but I was able to check it out and take few pictures. As you can see from the pictures below, Roadster Diner will open next to the Cheese Cake Factory and Shake Shack. Vox Cinemas are also still under construction and look nice. I also spotted Nasma Restaurant (Previously known as Basma) and P.F. Chang’s.






Bershka’s Lady of Skulls shirt

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Update2: Azadea Group answered regarding the Bershka shirt. Check it [Here].

Update: Apparently this is Santa Muerte, a sacred figure and feminine skeletal folk saint venerated primarily in Mexico. I think I’ve seen it in one of Breaking Bad’s episodes. Thank you Posh!

I’ve seen many on Facebook today criticizing Bershka’s Lady of skulls shirt that disrespects Virgin Mary. While such a shirt may be considered as an insult to some Christians in Lebanon, I don’t think we need to make a big deal out of it. In fact, I am sure there are tons of other similar shirts (in terms of disrespecting religions) in the Lebanese Market that no one has discovered yet. If we were to point out all the items and products that are disrespectful to religions in the market, we will need to come up with a special ministry for that.


What may seem as fashionable to a group of people in a certain country can be offensive to another group in another country, so those who are bothered with this shirt can report it to the authorities who will be more than glad to ban it, or even file a complaint to Bershka or Azadea Group.

On a last note and after seeing MTV’s report on that shirt, I am not sure how anyone can monitor all the clothes coming to Lebanon and see which one is disrespectful to religions and which is not. The only way to do that is ban everything like Karl suggests in his post.