My Article On Gebran Tueni And Social Media

Picture via sdaouk Since it was Gebran Tueni's birthday yesterday, and given how much I admire this man and everything he's done for Lebanon, I thought of resharing the article I wrote about him and social media for Annahar few months ago. Check it out .

What Does “Being Open Minded” Mean In Lebanon?

2 years ago
It seems this “business man” has got it all wrong when it comes to open mindedness. Check out the full article [Here]. ...

Koussa Man2our For The Lazy Cooks

2 years ago
I spotted this stand in Tripoli but I’ve seen supermarkets selling them as well. It’s definitely a smart idea but they should cover the zucchini if they wanna sell them on the street. ...

I am Spécial Magazine’s Geek Of The Month

2 years ago
I am this month’s geek on Spécial Magazine. You can check out the full interview in their September issue or on their [new iPhone app]. Thank you Joyce! ...

Camaro Club Lebanon Rides For The Lebanese Army

2 years ago
Over 40 Camaros gathered for a ride to support the Lebanese Army yesterday. I spotted some of them on the highway then saw the album they uploaded on their Facebook page. The Camaro Club is ...