Three Lebanese teams at the 24th Dubai International Basketball Championship

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Sagesse, Riyadi and Mouttahed will be representing Lebanon at the 24th Dubai International Basketball Championship that will take place at Al Ahli Club from Thursday the 10th till Saturday the 19th of January.

You can find here below details about the groups and the game schedules: [LBCI Sports]

Group A:
1- Al Riyadi Beirut (LEBANON)
2- Sagesse Beirut (LEBANON)

Group B:
1- Smart Gilas (PHILLIPINE)
2- AL Ahli Dubai (UAE)
3- Mouttahed Tripoli (LEBANON)
4- Sporting (JORDAN)

Schedule (All timings are Beirut +2):

Thursday January 10:
UAE v/s Almaty 2:00PM
Opening Ceremony 4:15PM
Riyadi v/s Sagesse 5:00PM

Friday January 11:
Al Ahli v/s Sporting Aramex 3:00PM
Sagesse v/s Almaty 5:00PM
Mouttahed v/s Smart Gilas 7:00PM

Saturday January 12:
Riyadi V/s UAE 3:00PM
Mouttahed v/s Sporting Aramex 5:00PM

Smart Gilas v/s Al Ahli Dubai 7:00PM

Sunday January 13:
Sagesse v/s UAE 5:00PM
Riyadi v/s Almaty 7:00PM

Monday January 14:
Mouttahed v/s Al Ahli Dubai 5:00PM
Smart Gilas v/s Sporting Aramex 7:00PM

All games will be broadcasted live on LBCI, Future TV and Dubai Sport.

How to verify if a picture is fake or not

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Picture of a flood in France back in 2010

Ever since the storm began, I’ve been receiving tons of pictures from various regions but I’ve always been keen to check the source before posting or tweeting them. However, as I was leaving today I was looking at some footages from 7ay el Sellom on LBCI and it looked really bad then someone showed me a picture of the floods in Choueifat (See picture above) or at least what he thought was Choueifat. He looked worried and sad because he lives there somewhere and some relative of his sent him the picture. I asked him like 3-4 times if he was sure of it and he kept saying yes and started giving me the looks at some point. I even asked two friends who were leaving with me and one told me the building looks like the St.Georges hospital on the coastal road there and the other agreed. I didn’t have a laptop to verify it so I tweeted it only to find out few minutes later that it’s from a different flood in another country.

I know I am to blame here and I already removed the picture and tweet, but I still can’t believe that they don’t even know how their town looks like and mistook it for a city in the South-East of France. Morale of the story is not to always ask Google before posting any doubtful pictures.

Speaking of Google, I thought I show you, at least those of you who don’t know, a quick way to check pictures and making sure they are not fake. It’s very easy and straight-forward:

Step1: Go to Google –> Images then Drag the picture into the search toolbar

Step2: Let Google upload the picture and search for it

Step3: Check the search results Google returned and see if the picture is in any old news.

Bliss Street’s Ali Abdallah found dead near AUB’s main gate

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Picture via HumansOfLebanon

I remember Ali back from my university years but I honestly never got into a talk with him. I recall offering him snacks and drinks from time to time but that’s about it. Rumors about Ali were that he was a Math or Physics professor at AUB before he got diagnosed as schizophrenic. Some claim that Abdullah’s mental illness was a result of the civil War, as he was tortured at the hands of a foreign army in the 1980s and he was never able to recover from the trauma. [Source]

Ali’s death has shocked many AUB students and Hamra residents and incited some to start a Facebook group for “Fighting homelessness in Beirut” so that Ali’s death doesn’t go in vain.

I don’t want to sound pessimistic here but I tried once as a student to help a homeless guy and it didn’t end so well as the guy was mentally ill just like Ali and wouldn’t accept help that easily. I did earn his trust after many visits and convinced an organization to take care of him but he didn’t want to leave his so-called home, which was a small spot under a tree on a sidewalk. I feel bad everyday that I couldn’t do more for this guy and many others but that’s the way life is sometimes.


Having said that, maybe if the AUB administration allocated a small place inside the campus for homeless people to sleep in at night, and let students donate food and clothes, then we’d have a temporary solution because finding a shelter in Beirut is not a sustainable solution.

Either way, Ali is dead now and all we can hope for is that he’s in a better place. May he R.I.P.

Greetings from The Ministry of Public Works

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postcard [High-Res]

I got a very nice surprise yesterday on my way back home yesterday, a new pothole in the middle of the Dora highway that ruined my right front and right rear tires. I got pissed for a few seconds but then smiled when I saw a lot of cars parked on the side of the highway having ruined their tires as well. There were 10 cars behind me and new ones were coming in every 10-15 minutes.

The tires were completely ruined and are beyond repair so I called my insurance’s tow truck and had the car moved to the garage. Of course I started thinking on how to report this to the ministry and have them pay for a pair of new tires but I quickly snapped out of it and remembered this is Lebanon we are talking about.

The positive side of this story is that I have two brand new Michelin tires to burn in case of a protest. I bet Meshkal’s director Dania Bdeir didn’t think this could be a valid reason to burn tires in Lebanon lol!

PS: I am thinking of coming up with a postcard for every ministry with a picture of their achievements.

“The Bride” Storm Day1: 4 dead and 55 injured

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The storm hit Lebanon hard in its first day leaving 4 people dead and tens injured according to the Red Cross [Source]. The victims I know about are 3: A young baby in Iqlim al-Kharroub who died after rainwater flooded Bedouin camps, a man identified as Joseph Antoine Sfeir who got killed in a car crash on the Zhaimeh-Mansourieh road, and a van driver who died when his vehicle collided with a car on the Dahr al-Baidar road. [Naharnet]

After seeing the disastrous outcome of the storm today, the minister of education decided to close down schools and nurseries all over Lebanon for the next two days, but I honestly think everyone should stay home until this storm calms down because the authorities/municipalities/ministries are not capable of keeping us safe.