Families in Lebanon have “military wings” now!

Al-Meqdad family announced on Wednesday that its military wing has so far kidnapped more than 20 Free Syrian Army members in Lebanon and promised a “hefty catch.” It later said that it had abducted near Beirut a Turkish national of the Soufan family, media reports stated. [Naharnet]

I am considering starting my own military wing and abducting pop star Lara Kays. I am sure people will pay millions of dollars to free her.

Abandoned Puppy Mill discovered in Mount Lebanon by BETA

Warning: This video contains Graphic Content

Twenty-eight dog carcasses were found in the heart of Mount Lebanon, in a crowded area where kids play and hang out. Twelve dogs were also found alive, feeding on the carcasses. [Link]

It is time to set standards for puppy mills in Lebanon and support Animals Lebanon’s campaign to enact national animal protection and welfare legislation. Help BETA Lebanon achieve these goals by signing their petitions [Here] and [Here].

Thank you Hala

Fauchon opening today

I passed by Fauchon in Gemmayze this morning and noticed there were people inside, so I parked and went down to see if it was open. The manager told me the official opening is today at noon.

Fauchon Paris is opening at the start of Gemmayze across the street from Paul.

Gretta’s coach Vahé Abrahamian replies back to the accusations

Gretta Taslakian’s coach Vahé Abrahamian replied back to the accusations directed to him by Gretta’s coach and club through his attorney. The letter published came very close to what Mark had posted the other day quoting one of the blog’s readers Bob.

You can read it [Here] and if you don’t read Arabic, you can also check the comment Bob posted [Here].

I have a feeling we will never understand what really happened unless a proper investigation is open, which means we will never understand what happened. What I know is that one of our top athletes had her image tarnished whether it was her fault or the coach’s or the federation’s fault, and instead of showing a good image of Lebanon at the Olympics and come back with a medal, we got banned and came back with a scandal.

12 Olympic medals for the Arab countries

Sarah Attar, First Saudi Woman To Compete In Olympic Track

The London 2012 Olympics were rather encouraging to the participating Arab countries as they managed to collect twelve medals overall. Added to that, it was the first time Saudi Arabia accepted to send female athletes to compete, Wojdan Shahrkhani and Sarah Attar.

Tunisia and Algeria were the best performers with 3 medals (1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze) and 1 Gold medal respectively. Egypt got 2 Silver medals, Qatar 2 Bronze medals, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Morocco all ended up with 1 Bronze Medal. Lebanon came back without any medal.

According to this [article], a proper planning is essential for Arab countries to achieve better results at the upcoming Olympics.

Call Me Maybe (Arab Version)


I went downstairs to the fridge
looking for some kind of dish
maybe kabob or some riz
but you were in my way

So that is when I tried
to reach to the other side
to maybe get spinach pie
but you were in my way

Meat overflowing
ripped leaf mint was showing
olive oil a-flowing
I like where this is going

Hey, I just met you
and this is crazy
but I want to eat you
kibbeh nayeh

Hey, I just met you
but you look tasty
I’m gonna eat you
kibbeh nayeh

I don’t know how long it’s been
that you’ve been there in the fridge
I do not want to get sick
cuz you were in my way

Because you’re raw and not fried
don’t want to get E coli
because then I would have to die
cuz you were in my way

Meat overflowing
ripped leaf mint was showing
olive oil a-flowing
Appetite is growing


Before you came into my life, I wasn’t so fat
I wasn’t so fat. I wasn’t so so fat
Before you came into my life, I wore the small pants
and you should know that I’m getting so so fat.

Habib is back! [YouTube]