CNTraveler Readers’ Choice Awards 2014: Beirut Among The Top 25 Cities in the World

Beirut is the only Arab city that made it to the CNTraveler Top 25 cities of the world list of 2014. Florence came first, followed by Charleston in South Carolina and Budapest in third position. Here's the . PS: It would be nice if they stop using the same picture of Harissa when talking about Beirut. Though the Middle East's current political climate is volatile , Beirut remains a popular port of call for seasoned…

ABC More Smoke-Free Than Ever

2 years ago
People were complaining earlier online that they spotted some people smoking indoors at ABC Achrafieh and that the mall is breaking the smoking bank law. It didn’t take long for ABC’s owner Robert Fadel to ...

Fadi El Khatib Coming Back to Sagesse?

2 years ago
It looks like Fadi el Khatib will join Hekmeh once he’s done with the Chinese league in February. Hekmeh already signed Hayg Gyokchyan, Desmond Penigar and is looking good for the coming season (if it ...

Nicolas Fattouche’s Website Got Hacked

2 years ago
It’s still hacked. Check it [Here]. Update (22.10.2014): It got fixed now. ...