Nokia Appoints Lebanese Ramzi Haidamus As President of Nokia’s Technologies Business

Nokia appointed Ramzi Haidamus as President of Nokia's technologies business and member of the Group Leadership team few days ago. Ramzi used to work with Dolby Laboratories where he helped the business grow from a USD 72 million private business into a nearly USD 1 billion thriving public company. He was featured on Forbes as one of the top 10 highest paid marketing executives. Read the full story . PS: The story was originally posted…

LBCI Changed Its Logo To LBن

It appears that they've done so in solidarity with the Iraqi Christians of Mossul. They also had an interview with an Iraqi Sunni journalist Muslim called Dalia al-Aqidi who decided to wear a cross around her neck in solidarity with her country's Christian minority. To be honest, I'd expect Tele Lumiere to do so instead of LBCI but it's a nice initiative nevertheless.

La Maison de la Forêt In Bkassine

2 years ago
Has anyone been to La Maison de la Foret? It looks really nice and the prices are quite reasonable. There are cottages, tents and a nice restaurant but it’s definitly not just 1 hour drive ...

Footage of Pointure Antelias Robbery

2 years ago
[YouTube] The report says the thief tried for almost one hour to break the glass and go in and the owner is saying the police should be doing an extra effort in patrolling the streets ...

Eid Mubarak To All!

2 years ago
Picture by Muhanned ...

Extreme Resto-Pub Spotted in Jounieh

2 years ago
What is an extreme resto-pub? How is it any different from a regular resto-pub? PS: Place looks really nice by the way. ...