Echoes Photo Exhibition: 40 Pictures From The Red Cross Archives & 6 Lebanese War Photographers.

Echoes: The voices behind the pictures is a photo exhibition organized by The International Committee of the Red Cross and the Lebanese Red Cross on the occasion of the 40th commemoration of the start of the Lebanese civil. There are 40 pictures being displayed for the first time and taken from the Red Cross archives and 6 Lebanese war photographers: Abbas Selman, Jamil Saiidi, Patrick Baz, Aline Manoukian, Marwan Tahtah and Hussein Baydoun. The exhibition…

Controversial French Comedian Dieudonné Is Coming To Lebanon On June 3rd & 4th

I know for a fact that a lot of Lebanese are fans of Dieudonné, either because he's anti-Zionist or just because he's controversial and funny. For those of you who don't know who this guy is, Dieudonné was born in the Paris suburs in 1966, and is a famous and controversial French stand-up comedian and activist. He's been fined in France several times for hate speech and was recently arrested for being "an apologist for…

Expect To See Car Chases In Lebanon Soon

Here's a video showing how the Jdeideh ISF officers warned a driver who wasn't wearing a seat belt and talking on the phone today. I'm not sure if this was staged or someone actually filmed it while driving on the highway but I hope to see videos where these guys are warning and fining other officers breaking the law. via Wayniye el Dawoule

Some Lebanese Refuse To Recognize The Armenian Genocide

Victims of the Ottoman rule - Picture taken in Lebanon via Annahar A couple of Beiruti associations and organizations, as well as few Sunni groups in Tripoli, rejected Education Minister Elias Bou Saab’s decision "to shut down public and private schools on the occasion of the so-called Armenian genocide, and claimed that the genocide is a subject of historical dispute and lacks national consensus". The Turkish flag was even raised in Tripoli to show support.…

100 Years Already: Remember And Recognize The Armenian Genocide

2 years ago
The above picture is the forget-me-not flower, the official emblem of the 100th year of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide. The forget-me-not flower expresses the theme of eternal remembrance, and is also meant to symbolically ...

La Crêperie Kaslik Is Back!

2 years ago
Ever since I posted sneak peek pictures of the newly renovated La Crêperie, a lot of people have been asking me about La Crêperie’s official opening date, and whether the menu and venue have changed ...

Stop Attacking The New Traffic Law

2 years ago
I understand people criticizing certain aspects of the new traffic law and how police officers will be penalized for breaking the law, but refusing the traffic law because the roads are bad and not lit, ...

Epic Fail: Lindsay Lohan Thought Inta 7mar Means You’re Beautiful

2 years ago
The picture was deleted later on from her account So Lindsay Lohan wanted to post an inspirational quote on her Instagram account and shared one that says “You’re Beautiful إنت حمار”. She figured out the ...