“Geek the Artist!” by Vick Vanlian

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Whenever I am looking for an original and unusual gift for a birthday or any occasion, Galerie Vanlian is where I would go. Once you go in that gallery, you get lost in the wide selection of unique, fashionable, classic and sometimes way too eccentric accessories and home furniture. My favorite items were the Ritzenhoff beer glasses, mugs and shots and I would always tell myself that I’d buy the whole collection one day if I had the money. For some reason though, I always thought that the items displayed are all imported from abroad and never imagined they’d be created by Lebanese designers.

However, and as it turns out, a large number of Vanlian’s furniture and accessories are developed and created by in-house Lebanese designers and there’s an International Interior Design Department located in the heart of Beirut and headed by Vick Vanlian “who supervises and oversees the work of a team of professional designers catering the design of any project regardless of size and location.” [Website]

I am sure many of the blog’s readers already knew about that but I had no clue until recently and this is one of the reasons that pushed me to post about it, to let more people know about talented Lebanese such as Vick and his team. Another reason is the Vick Vanlian event that I got invited to this upcoming Friday, which I am looking forward to attending even though I am as far from being artistic as they can be.

The reason why I am attending is because I’ve always been intrigued to know how artists and interior architects come up with ideas and concepts, and also because I get to have a say “as a Geek” in developing one item design direction for 2013 (If I manage to come up with something interesting lol!).

Fore more info about Vick Vanlian or Galerie Vanlian, click [Here] and [Here].

PS: The event is by invite only but I will be tweeting updates [@LeNajib] and posting pictures on Instagram [LeNajib] the whole time.

Recent Pictures from the Cedars + Sniping in Tripoli

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Picture taken from Sietske [High-Res]

I always look forward to Sietske’s posts, not just for the awesome pictures, but also for the exciting stories and adventures that follow. This time, Sietske got lost on her way back from the Cedars only to find herself in Tripoli where clashes have been taking place for the past few days. Glady she managed to get out safe and sound with her friends and family. [Story]

Picture taken from Sietske [High-Res]

Hayete: a budget-friendly guesthouse in Achrafieh

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I think it’s just a matter of time before other affordable guest houses open in Beirut and its suburbs. What Lebanon lacks as well are B&Bs (Bed & Breakfast) in the mountains or seaside towns.

Budget-minded travelers who also enjoy a bit of style are usually out of luck when it comes to accommodations. Budget-friendly options generally consist of hostels, folksy guesthouses, smarmy bed & breakfasts and budget hotel chains – all honorable and fine, but only rarely stylish.

There are very few super stylish rooms in in-demand cities with rates in the $100 per night territory. Boutique and art hotels charge several times this amount in most buzzing cities. Budget hunters usually have to rely on the occasional off-season rate dip to enjoy anything approaching boutique style.

Hayete has just four rooms. Two, with shared bathrooms, run $105 per night for a double (or $75 for single occupancy.) Two en suite rooms start at $125 (or $95 for a single). The rate includes breakfast, tax, coffee and tea from a shared bar, Wi-Fi and use of a communal refrigerator. [Link]

I am in Beirut now and I want a girl to spit in my face …

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Update: The ad is being done by a fake profile that’s impersonating Wissam and using his pictures, as reported by Elie, a relative of him.

Wissam Fares wants a girl to spit in his face and he’s very serious about it, to a point where he’s buying ads on Facebook to find that special one. I wonder if he’s truly fooling around since 2010 or there’s someone behind this campaign.

Via TheIdentityChef