Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: A Humiliating Situation

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We have now over 300,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon and still no plans to set up special areas, receive the families and children and give them adequate aid. I know for a fact that a lot of Lebanese are donating or are more than willing to donate so let us find a way to control this flux of refugees and provide some minimal help because things are getting out of hand. Pictures of the Deir Zanoun camp are terrible.

This video was prepared by Doctors Without Borders, which is providing medical care to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq and doing a great job. You can read more about them [Here] and donate as well.

Lebanon featured in the Lonely Planet’s top 10 food destinations of 2013

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Picture taken from TripFeast

Lebanon was no where to be seen in Lonely Planet’s top 20 destinations or countries to visit for this year but it ranked 8th in the website’s top 10 destinations to visit for food of 2013.

Lebanese food is among the very few things we can still brag about and impress tourists with.

If food is your main reason to travel, then head to Italy, Thailand, India, Japan, and the rest of our foodie favourites below. You may need to break up this list with a few from the Adventures list (see below) to keep your waistline under control. Chiefly famous for its steak, Argentina was the only country to make the top 10 outside of Asia or Europe.

1. Italy
2. Thailand
3. India
4. Japan
5. Argentina
6. Vietnam
7. France
8. Lebanon
9. Taiwan
10. Spain

via AlieninBeirut

Copper thief found dead hanging from electric pole in Tyr

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Picture Taken from Bil Amaliyeh

I am guessing he didn’t expect electricity to come anytime soon. Thank you Bassil for a change.

The body of a young man was discovered Sunday hanging from an electricity pole in the southern city of Tyre.

The body of the man, in his twenties, was discovered by farmers early in the morning while heading to the fields in the area between the two Tyre villages of Batoulieh and Dair Qanoun – Ras al-Ain.

Security sources said that the man may have climbed up the pole to steal copper wires from the electricity cables, when he was struck by electricity and died. Baggage on the floor suggested it may be used for collection. [DailyStar]

Video of the Lebanese Football Referee Attacked posted on

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The video that I posted yesterday about the referee who got attacked during a local football game made it to Eurosport’s website under the Football Videos page.

The title said: “Thought the United-Real ref had it bad?” in reference to the red card that was given to Nani during the Manchester United – Real Madrid Champions League game yesterday.

As if we need more embarrassment after the match-fixing scandal that hit the Lebanese Football.


Bikeathon 2013 Full Program

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For those of you interested in joining the Bikeathon 2013, here’s the full day program as it was mentioned in the press conference:

Program for the 14th of April 2013:

Location: Beirut By Bike New Water-Front, Beirut Souks, Ein El Mreyse, Beirut.

7:00 Distribution of bicycles
8:30 National anthem followed by the event kick off
9:00 Start of the 10K fun ride
10:00 10K Results and Beirut Fun Ride Kick off
12:00 End of Beirut Fun Ride
14:00 Closing Ceremony

Cost is 10$ with a free bike for the first 1000 participants.

You can check out further details on and on Bikeathon’s Facebook Page.

Lebanon’s oil and gas reserves off its coast are of the richest and best in the Mediterranean

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A map showing possible gas reserves off the Lebanese coast – via DailyStar

If the reports are true, that’s a golden opportunity to close our national debt and revive the economy. Let’s wait and see now how we will manage to screw things up like we always do in Lebanon.

“The value of the gas and crude oil reserves in Lebanon is worth $140 billion… (Our) company has found (in Lebanon) a quantity of oil that could make the country one of the biggest gas producers in the Middle East,” British newspaper The Times quoted chief executive officer of the British Spectrum Geo Inc. David Rowlands as saying.

This “is a great jostle that has not been witnessed since Libya opened the way for gas exploration in 2004,” Rowland pointed out. Rowland revealed that 120 companies expressed interest in drilling for oil and gas reserves in Lebanon including U.S. Marathon Oil and Petroleum Corporation and British Royal Dutch Shell.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Graham Wood, the oil and gas adviser for VSA Capital said that the gas reserves in Lebanon amount to more than 25 trillion cubic feet. [Link]

Gathering point for Syrian Workers

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20130303_091039 [High-Res]

The Municipality of Jounieh did a very smart thing by setting a gathering point at the entrance of the town for foreign workers. That way, they will have a decent space to hang and won’t be sitting on the sidewalks and roundabouts.

20130303_091055 [High-Res]

I think every major city in Lebanon should do the same.

20130303_091059 [High-Res]