#AuthenticShouf: Visit The Lebanese Shouf This Summer

The Shouf is one of the best-preserved and most beautiful areas in Lebanon. It boasts the biggest Cedars forest in Lebanon, historical palaces built by the Emirs of Lebanon, most notably the magnificent Beiteddine palace, as well as beautiful old Lebanese houses, monasteries and attractions. There are many things to do in the Shouf, such as hiking in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, visiting the old town and doing some sightseeing, staying at the Mir Amin…

Three Key Obstacles For Firms In Lebanon: Instability, Corruption & Electricity

Business owners and top managers in 561 firms were interviewed from April 2013 through September 2014 and the top three obstacles for Lebanese companies willing to grow were identified as Political Instability, Electricity and Corruption. In terms of corruption, 1/3 of Lebanon's firms had requests for bribes, and 40% of them stated they were expected to give gifts to get a construction permit for example. Bribery incidence : 30.2 in Lebanon vs 27.2 in all…

#YouStink Campaign Still Going Strong

2 years ago
via StopCulturalTerrorism Over 5000 people protested yesterday to call on Environment Minister Machnouk to resign and demand a sustainable solution to Lebanon’s garbage crisis. I honestly don’t know why our Environment Minister didn’t resign yet. ...

Lebanon’s Mymouné Has Won Two 2015 Great Taste Awards!

2 years ago
Mymouné has been preserving excellence since 1989 and collecting awards since 2005. They recently just won two Great Taste Awards for the year 2015: the Pomegranate Molasses (Gold – 2 Stars) and the Apricot Preserve ...

Five Reasons To Visit Kobayat (Akkar) This Summer

2 years ago
Kobayat is a Lebanese town located northeast of Tripoli in Lebanon’s Akkar district and is 150km away from the capital Beirut. To be honest, I had never visited Kobayat or Akkar before 2010 as I ...

Roadster Diner Unveils The Black Burger

2 years ago
Roadster Diner is taking bizarre fast food in Lebanon to new heights with their latest burger “The Black Burger”. For a limited time starting tomorrow, Roadster will offer a burger with a black bun. Of ...