Beirut Is Crazy, Messy, F***ed-up and Fantastic But It Is Not The Real Centre of This Region

I just finished reading the "Why Beirut Really Matters" post that everyone's been sharing in the past couple of days and I really wish I could agree with everything the author is saying but I would be lying. I love Beirut and I admire Warren's love for our capital but tiny little Beirut is ANYTHING but the real centre of this region, and definitely "not an indication of where we might, could, possibly even should,…

Meet Miss Lebanon 2014: Sally Greige

I think she deserves the win as she was the most beautiful among all contestants. However, she doesn't look like Georgina Rizk like some people are suggesting online. Sally will represent Lebanon at the Miss World 2014 contest in London on December 14th and at Miss Universe contest in Doral on January 25th. Before Sally was announced a winner, Miss Lebanon 2013 Karen Ghrawi slipped and fell on stage but she wasn't hurt in the…

Check Out Roadster’s #RdBurger2USA Six Finalist Videos

I helped the RD team choose these six finalist videos based on a fair vote. I love how creative people were in this competition and I think these videos are the best. I have a favorite one but I will not reveal it as it wouldn't be fair to others. You can check the videos and vote .

The Story Of The Fake Bomb Detectors Still Being Used In Lebanon

Even though the man who sold these fraudulent bomb detectors was sentenced to seven years in jail, some governments and security companies are still using these devices. I've been talking about this matter for 3 years now yet only few malls and businesses have decided to drop these useless devices in Lebanon. Luckily enough, we haven't had any bombings in crowded places for the past few months but that's not a valid reason to keep…

Salon Du Chocolat Beirut

2 years ago
Neuhaus Praline from Le Salon Du Chocolat – Brussels The first edition of the Salon Du Chocolat Beirut will be held between the 6th and 8th of November 2014 at Biel along with the 4th ...

Bassam Zahalan Wins The 2014 Lebanon Red Bull CPD King of Drift

2 years ago
via Biser3a The event took place today at the Charles Helou station and I was there to enjoy it. Bassam Zahalan was crowded winner, while Kifah Hilal and Mohammad Baalkabki finished second and third respectively. ...

Eid Adha Moubarak

2 years ago
Happy Eid everyone! ...

Tripoli Remembers Robin Williams

2 years ago
He looks more like Georges Clooney than Robin Williams. ...