666 Signs You Are Attending A Devil-Worshiping Party In Lebanon (Continued)

It's almost officially the end of summer and demonic devil worshipers are back. Their groups are bigger and stronger now and their parties are even wilder! Black Mass, Sacrifice rituals, recitation of prayers, digital drugs and other satanic rituals are widespread again all over Lebanon and Al Jomhouriya is raising the alarm! Having said that, and to avoid ending up at a devil worshiping party, I am re-sharing the below list and adding new points:…

Mobile Internet Prices To Decrease By 10 to 20%

Alfa Telecom announced yesterday during a press conference that they will be reducing their internet mobile prices from 10 to 20% and launched two new bundles: Start-Up: $45 that will include 550 minutes of local talk time, 100 SMS and 1.5GB mobile data. VIP: $185 that will include 2200 minutes of local talk, 120 minutes of international talk, unlimited SMS and 15GB of internet. Needless to say, any decrease in prices is always most welcome…

They Finally Found a “Good” Use For The Nahr el Mot Unfinished Bridge

I drive next to this unfinished bridge everyday on the maritime road near City Mall and wonder who decided to build it this way and where it was supposed to end anyway? In the sea maybe? At one point, I thought Red Bull should organize an event there where people jump off the bridge into a huge pool but the authorities found a better use for it. They decided to stock up the garbage bags…

BlogBaladi Has a New Look!

A fresh look for the blog has been long overdue and is finally here. I've been working on it for more than a year to come up with a responsive, user-friendly and modern layout. I focused a lot on the user experience, more specifically the mobile user experience, as I realize over 50% of the blog's audience uses mobile. The posts are also categorized in a better way now. There are still few things that…

This is #Tripoli: A Beautiful Video by Nader Moussally

1 week ago
3 minutes and 37 seconds that sum up Lebanon’s second-largest city and one of my favorite cities Tripoli. I am over 4,000 years old. I have more than 400,000 children I have never preferred one ...

Judge in Canada Pulls an “Elie Marouni”

1 week ago
A judge in Canada might lose his job after he asked a woman who’s a rape victim “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”. Federal Court Judge Robin Camp is in the midst of ...

First Arabic TAG Heuer Digital Watch Face Designed by Lebanese Yazan Halwani

2 weeks ago
Lebanese graffiti and street artist Yazan Halawani has been commissioned by Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer to design the first ever Arabic face for its Connected watch. The Arabic watch-face design was launched last week ...

Mouth-Watering Mini Burger Creations by BiBayti

2 weeks ago
[Bibayti] is a platform where you can select a menu of your choice and a chef will come to your home and cook for you. The website has been up and running for a year ...