Why I was Visiting Philip Morris in Switzerland

My recent trip to the Philip Morris International Research Center in Neuchâtel in Switzerland might have come as a shock to many. Most of you know I don’t smoke, and that I’m a staunch supporter of Lebanon’s Tobacco Control Law 174, which bans indoor smoking in public places. Just to be clear, I still don’t smoke, never did and never will. I always try to encourage my friends who do smoke to quit too. I…

Events that Took place Yesterday

If you scrolled through your Facebook yesterday or flipped through local TV stations, here are the events that were taking place at almost the same time: - Lebanese protesting against the government's planned new taxes in Riad el Solh. - The PSP were commemorating Kamal Jumblat's assassination and Walid Jumblatt was passing the torch to his son Taymoor. - Diamony's fashion show was taking place in Mzaar intercontinental. - Maronite Patriarch was celebrating Saint Joseph's…

10 Funny Signs from Today’s Protest

Whether you're with or against the protests today, one thing is for sure: Lebanese always know how to come up with the funniest and wittiest posters. Enjoy :) The Savior Star Wars Fan The Savior Go study :) Chef Ontoine Sanioura forever LOL 3eb :P Fadia el Cherreka Elissa knows Photo Credits to Bernadette & Anis

Longest Shawarma in The World: Tyre breaks Guinness World Record

Tyre just broke the Guinness World Record for the longest Shawarma sandwich by rolling a 121 meters long sandwich, 75 meters longer than the previous record. 120 meters of bread, 292 kilos of chicken, 80 kilos of fries and 62 kilos of garlic were used to break the record. The whole operation was supervised and planned by chef Nader Haj Ali. Once the record was confirmed, all those present as well as locals and Syrian…

Tobacco Prices have gone up in Lebanon (By 250 Liras LOL)

1 week ago
The government has apparently agreed to increase tobacco prices in Lebanon and Lebanonfiles has published the new price lists as shared by the Regie Libanaise. I asked a couple of friends just to make sure ...

#Ntebho_Online: An Awareness Campaign on Online Threats

1 week ago
If you ever decide to give your child a connected device, it is important to make sure that you are in total control because it’s a big an dangerous virtual world out there, just as ...
Animals & Wildlife

Three Baby Tigers Stuck in a Tiny Box for 1 Week at Beirut’s Airport

1 week ago
Even though keeping exotic pets was finally banned in Lebanon back in September 2016, there are still lions & tigers (and even bears) being smuggled illegally and showing on social media. The latest incident involved ...

A Jealous Fashionista

1 week ago
I’m starting to enjoy these clueless & exaggerated articles that are left anonymous and hit out at random people with random arguments. This one which was originally published in the so-called newspaper [Addiyar] talks about ...