Michael Haddad Wants to Conquer the North Pole!

Michael Haddad is a paralyzed professional athlete who is breaking all barriers and accomplishing the unthinkable for a person who has lost control of 75% of his body. Michael is always off to a new challenge and his most recent one is the toughest by far: He's going to the North Pole and will be completing a 100 kilometer journey, a journey "declared impossible for someone in Haddad’s condition by scientists and health professionals alike".…

Diageo World Class 2017: SAPA’s Mike Kassabian Best Bartender in Lebanon

In its sixth edition, Diageo World Class continues to look for Lebanon's best mixologist and has selected last week Mike Kassabian from SAPA Best Bartender in Lebanon to represent his country in the global finale taking place in Mexico in August. Participants from several bars in Lebanon teamed up with international and local mixology experts to partake in Burst 1 & Burst 2 of this year's World Class competition in Sapa and Garcia’s and six…

Starbucks Now Open in Broumana

Broumana is going to have a busy summer this year. First Roadster & Zaatar W Zeit and now Starbucks is also opening right next door. The shop wasn't open yet when I went there for the RD & ZWZ launch but I went back a couple of weeks later and saw it had opened. Oh and the S'mores Frappuccino is back!


I can't believe we actually need a campaign to tell motorists to pave way for the ambulance. Unfortunately, I've noticed on many occasions a lot of cars blocking the ambulance's road and the worst kind are those who follow the ambulance closely to cut through traffic. Going back to the awareness campaign, I love how they chose a young girl to send out the message. I was reluctant to watch the video to be honest…

How Do We Pronounce “GIF” in Lebanon?

1 week ago
What is the right way to pronounce “GIF”? The creator of the Graphics Interchange Format Steve Wilhite said it’s pronounced JIF not GIF. The Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster proclaimed both pronunciations are acceptable. Stack ...

Ballatna el Ba7er Zbele!

1 week ago
A couple of weeks ago, a video emerged showing tons of toxic waste being illegally dumped daily into the notorious Burj Hammoud that was supposedly closed down years ago. Last week, a report by Marie-ève ...

Tarit El 3asfouriyye

1 week ago
Update: I was informed by a friend who’s well knowledgeable on that matter that this is a rather old story and the Asfourieh has always been a private property: – The actual owner is the ...

Red Cross & Civil Defense Members Assaulted in Two Separate Incidents

1 week ago
Whenever there’s a fire or an accident in Lebanon, you always see people rushing to help even if they have no clue what they’re doing. The truth is they make things worse most of the ...