Roads For Life Working To Enhance The Quality Of “Trauma Care” In Lebanon

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I had the honor to meet Mrs. Zeina Kassar Kassem, the president and founder of the Roads For Life – Talal Kassem Fund for Post-Accident care few weeks ago and I got to learn about the outstanding work this NGO has been doing for the past few years. Mrs. Kassem lost her 17-year old son Talal after he was run over by a raging driver on his way to school four years ago, yet despite her huge loss, she decided to make a difference and start the Talal Kassem foundation to “promote road safety and provide road victims the optimal support for post-trauma care”.

Roads for life has been doing a tremendous job by giving trauma surgeons, emergency physicians, nurses and Red Cross volunteers world-class training to help improve the chance of survival for road victims in the first 60 minutes of the accident (also known as the golden hour). Surgeons and Physicians from all hospitals in Lebanon are being offered the Advanced Trauma Life Support course (ATLS) which is certified by the “American College of Surgeons” in Chicago, nurses get the ATCN training while Red Cross volunteers get the PreHospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) course.

Roads for life decided to tackle a cause that concerns us all, and worked hand in hand with professionals to enhance the quality of “Trauma Care” throughout the Lebanese territory. Getting the proper treatment at the right time and the right place can substantially help a patient and maybe save his life.

Here are the numbers of people Roads for Life has trained since 2011:
– 260 Red Cross volunteers and staff members.
– 216 trauma surgeons and physicians from over 65 hospitals all across Lebanon.
– 48 nurses.

It is worth noting that no more than four doctors are present in every ATLS session and that the mannequin they train on costs tens of thousands of dollars and is valid for one training only. Therefore, training over 200 physicians is a huge achievement and a great step forward for Lebanese hospitals.

Here’s a small report on Roads for Life and how Zeina Kassem has overcome this tragic day and founded Roads for Life to help save more lives and making the Lebanese roads a safer place.

You can learn more about Roads for Life and how you can help them [here].


Roads For Life Values:
Enable world-class post-trauma capacity building to physicians, nurses and first aiders in Lebanon
Lobby for the development and enforcement of better legislations related to road safety, and ensure their sustainable implementation
Establish and maintain relationships with government entities as well as local and worldwide NGOs to mobilize road safety stakeholder and have a stronger impact
Increase awareness on best practices for driving and avoiding road accidents as well as the consequences of reckless behavior.





Why Are We Lebanese So Easily Offended?

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Lebanese flag shoes are being sold at some mall apparently to celebrate Lebanon’s Independence day. I am pretty sure this happens everywhere around the world with all types of flags, whether it’s a national day, a sporting event or any occasion. I remember seeing flip flops and even boxers with flags all over them during the World Cup, so it’s not big deal and it’s definitely not insulting or disrespectful to sell Lebanese flag shoes.

And I beg everyone to stop asking the authorities to censor stuff because this is the last thing we need.

Banque du Liban Accelerate 2014: 1500+ Participants, 50 Speakers And 25+ Startups Over Two Days

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The BDL is organizing #Accelerate2014 and bringing over 50 startup industry veterans from all around the world to put “Blueprints for Success for 1,000 international entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals”. The list of speakers is very interesting and there are a lot of events, talks and competitions to look out for. I just got back from Dubai today so I missed out on the first day but I will be there tomorrow hopefully.

One of the events I was looking forward to attend today was the “Lightning Round – Startup Competition” as part of the Seedstar World Competition as it’s always nice to hear about new ideas and startups. This year, 28 startups took the stage for 1 minute to pitch their idea and 8 made it to the final round tomorrow.

Here are the 8 finalist startups:
Cardio Diagnostic: FDA Approved wireless heart monitor that helps connect patients with doctors.
Saily: Helps you sell second hand items easily.
Yellow: Bitcoin payment solution for money transfers in your currency.
Ki: Password manager app.
Presella: Online e-ticketing platform that enables anyone anywhere to become an event organizer.
GoEjaza: Helps you plan your trips.
Feedeed: Getting fast professional services online
Tari2ak: Real-time traffic conditions app.

Here’s a link to the full schedule [Here].

Haifa Wehbe’s Dress in Star Academy

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I don’t like Haifa but she can do whatever she wants and wear any dress she likes. Those who don’t like such dresses can switch to Tiji or the Disney channel. Claiming that Haifa crossed the line and disrespected women by wearing a sexy dress is pure ignorance. I wish Arabs (men and women) would react the same way to daily violations and malpractices against Arab women instead of focusing on Haifa’s ass (It looks better than Kim’s ass that’s for sure).

Moreover and like Dana said, I’ve seen girls wearing similar and even more provocative dresses at night clubs in Beirut and their pictures showing in magazines yet no one complained about it.

Dana Khairallah, a Lebanese lifestyle blogger, says that people kicked up a fuss about this outfit because of an ongoing struggle within Arab culture. “They think if women dress this way it would misrepresent our culture,” she says. “I find that hypocritical. I see Arab girls dressing more provocatively in clubs but no one cares because there are no cameras.”

“There’s also an element of social media meanness in what is happening that drives this bullying of celebrities.” she adds.


Haifa Wehbe