Where Did All the Solar-Powered Lights Go?

Is it just me or did the solar-powered lights disappear from the Dora highway? I'm not sure when that happened but I only noticed it last week. Come to think of it, I don't recall ever seeing the old ones lit. Does anyone have any idea what happened?

Ahmad Al-Assir Sentenced to Death

Islamist Cleric Ahmad al-Assir has been sentenced to death for the 2013 Abra clashes that resulted in the death of 18 army soldiers. Assir's brothers and seven other militants were also sentenced to death while Fadel Shaker was sentenced in absentia to 15 years of hard labor. I'm still not in favor of the death penalty and I hope President Aoun won't sign it. Assir just like all other terrorists that killed or clashed with…

Twitter to Enable 280-characters tweets

Twitter has finally decided to increase the character limit for a group of users to 280 characters instead of 140. The reason for this increase is that almost 9% of tweets in English have 140 characters, which makes the character limit a major cause of frustration for these people. It is not the case though for Arabic, and it's not the case for Japanese as well where 0.4% of the total tweets reach the limit.…

MEA Suspends Flights to Iraq’s Erbil

Iraq's Kurdistan vote for independence has resulted in more than 92% of voters saying "Yes" and the Iraqi authorities don't seem too happy about it. They have already ordered the country's Kurdish area to surrender control of its international airports and requested from the Lebanese & Egyptian authorities to halt flights to Erbil, Kurdistan's capital. MEA has complied and its chairman has confirmed "the suspension of all flights to and from Arbil from Friday, upon…

Gorgeous New Beirut Mural by Cuban-American Artist Jorge Rodríguez Gerada

3 weeks ago
Cuban-American Artist Jorge Rodríguez Gerada is in Beirut and has just finished the first of a series of large scale works. The mural is near the Beirut Digital District and is a collaboration between Gerada ...

Cold Stone Opening Soon in #Beirut

3 weeks ago
I spotted this morning a Cold Stone sign on one of the shops in M1 building in DownTown Beirut and it looks like it’s opening really soon. Cold Stone Creamery is an American ice cream ...

Few Thoughts on Miss Lebanon 2017

3 weeks ago
Perla el-Helou, a 22 year old business administration graduate, was crowned Miss Lebanon 2017 last night. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I thought this year’s candidates were more mature (and beautiful) than ...

Beirut Ranked 101st Most Stressful City in the World

3 weeks ago
An online website (Zipjet) ranked the least and most stressful cities in the world using various factors such as green spaces, public transport, mental health, noise pollution, sunshine hours, air pollution, traffic and race equality. ...