A Tribute To Lebanese Army Major Rabih Kahil

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When I first read that an army officer called Rabih Kahil was rushed to a hospital and urgently needed blood, I thought at first that an army convoy somewhere got attacked or that the officer got injured in battle while fighting terrorists. It never crossed my mind that a Lebanese Army Lieutenant Colonel and a member of the Lebanese Commando Regiment would get killed by a bunch of people who didn’t like the fact that he was yelling on the phone and passing by “their area”. Who in their right mind would fire at an army officer and who gave these guys the authority to carry guns and protect their so-called area? To make things even worse, Rabih wasn’t killed instantly and was left to bleed to death for over an hour, and the prime suspect (Hisham Daou) may have fled the country already.


Rabih Kahil has dedicated his life to protecting Lebanon, all of Lebanon, and took part in the Nahr el Bared and Arsal battles to keep us safe and it’s both tragic and sad that he had to die this way. He put his life at risk every day to keep terrorists away and ended up getting shot in a personal dispute. I honestly expected Lebanese to be more outraged by this incident than Georges Al-Rif’s murder but that wasn’t the case probably because we are all too busy making garbage jokes and mourning some lion who got killed in Africa. There’s nothing that could possibly justify Kahil’s murder except the fact that we’re officially living in total chaos where people shoot others for fun or for the silliest of reasons. I refuse to live in such a society and there’s always something we can do as individuals and as a community. Quoting HMA Fletcher in his farewell blog post, “the real dividing line is not between Christianity and Islam, Sunni and Shia, East and West. It is between people who believe in coexistence, and those who don’t. If Lebanon doesn’t work, build a new Lebanon. It is time to thrive, not just survive”. If your town’s mayor is corrupt and his kids go around carrying guns and threatening people, report him and/or stand against him. If a local MP is abusing his powers, speak out against him. If a family member is breaking the law, don’t let him and the list goes on. Needless to say, the worst possible way to react to such incidents is by encouraging more death (asking for the death penalty) or even worse asking for the army to rule the country. For some reason, and despite everything that’s happening in Lebanon, some people don’t seem to appreciate the little freedom of expression we have and that a lot of groups have been trying to eliminate for years.

funeral via NNA-LB

The Lebanese Army is celebrating its 70th anniversary today and Rabih Kahil is being celebrated as a martyr instead of enjoying the day with his brothers at arms. Kahil wanted to die defending his country in Arsal and Nahr el Bared and he will always be remembered and hailed as a hero for protecting us and keeping terrorists on the other side of the border.

May he R.I.P.

LAF Hero: New Interactive & Fun App Launched By The Lebanese Army

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LAF (2)

The Lebanese Army is celebrating its 70th anniversary today and has just launched a new app “LAF Hero” on Google Play Store and iTunes. LAF Hero has 4 different games and an informational section that highlights the historical role of the LAF in defending Lebanon. There’s also a guessing game to test your knowledge of the Lebanese Army and a “latest news” section.


The first game is about territory defense where you need to strategically place army units to keep the terrorists away. I’ve been playing this game for an hour now as it’s pretty addictive (I scored 2872). The other games include a target practice, physical training and army checkpoint control. All the games are pretty cool and the graphics are really nice.



You start playing as a soldier and the more you accumulate points, the higher you go up in the ranks. The game is available for[Android] and [iOS] users.


A New 50,000 LBP Banknote To Commemorate The Lebanese Army’s 70th Anniversary

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Lebanon’s Central Bank announced few days ago that they are launching a new 50,000 LBP banknote to commemorate the Lebanese Army’s 70th anniversary. The banknote will feature the Lebanese Army’s Slogan on the front side with a soldier holding the Lebanese flag and the Army Martyrs memorial as well as the number 70 on the back. The new banknote should already be available in banks. The BDL has already issued a special bill for Lebanon’s Independence Day (with the famous spelling mistake) and the bank’s 50th anniversary.

I love the new bill and I think the BDL should donate all the money from people exchanging their old bills with this new one to the Lebanese Army.


Discovering Lebanon, The Lebanon We Love, Through The Eyes Of Silvio Chiha

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Enough with the garbage talks and the ugly pictures we’ve been seen for over a week now, here’s an breathtaking movie showing Lebanon’s natural beauty though the eyes of Silvio Chiha, an internationally known Lebanese water skiing champion, and the lens of my good friend Charbel Bouez.


Sit back and enjoy the beautiful Lebanon we know and that we want to show to the world!


Lebanese Sarah Khalife Wins A Bronze Medal At The 2015 Los Angeles Special Olympics

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Sarah Khalife has just won a Bronze Medal in the Aquatics 100M Free Style for Lebanon at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games that are being held in Los Angeles. Sarah is not the only member of the Lebanese delegation as there are 13 other athletes competing in different events. I looked them up on the LA Special Olympics website:

Hala Abdouni
Rami Aboullatif
Rami Masri
Elissa Harik
Mohammad al Agha
George Boutros
Joyce Issa
Mahmoud Jalloul
Hassan Chaaban
Saad el Ghadban
Rabah Knio
Ayman Malaaeb
Ibrahim Melhem

special olympcis

Congrats to Sarah and best of luck to all our athletes!

Sara 3rd

#UberRECYCLE Launched In Beirut: There’s No Excuse Not To Start Recycling Today

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Update: Here are the results of the campaign as shared by Uber.

I previously wrote a long post on ways to reduce waste and shared a list of Lebanese companies that recycle with all the information you need. I’m hoping that some of you have already started recycling and contacting these companies but for those who still didn’t, Uber Beirut just launched today in partnership with Live Love Beirut & Advanced Cars an initiative to encourage recycling by collecting on-demand recyclable wastes from Lebanese citizens from Uber.

All you need to do is select the UberRECYCLE Option from the app between 3pm to 8pm from July 29th through August 5th and a van will pass by to collect your bags and hand them to ARCENCIEL who will handle the recycling process. All pickups are free of charge so you have no excuse not to start recycling as of today.

Here’s how to divide your trash:
Blue bags: Plastic (i.e Water bottles, detergents, shampoo bottles, beverages…)
Black bags: Metal (i.e Tins, cans, metal caps…)
Pink: (or any other colur): Paper (i.e Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, boxes…)

If you wish to keep sending recyclable wastes to ARCENCIEL after #UberRECYCLE campaign ends, all you have to do is call 01/495561 ext 1413.


As I’ve stated in previous posts, we don’t need to wait for the government or Sukleen to start recycling and reducing waste and I’m glad to see some municipalities like Arssoun in Baabda Kaza already started doing that. We can put an end to this garbage crisis by sorting our own trash and contacting the tens of companies in Lebanon that recycle.

I’m sharing once again the list of companies that recycle in Lebanon:

Ziad Abi Chaker’s Cedar Environmental Initiative. You can read more about it [here] and contact him at the below numbers:

Office Phone: +961 1 389404
Mobile: +961 3 293222
e-mail: info@cedarenv.com(contact person Ziad Abichaker)
Address: Cedar Eco-Industrial Park, Abou Mizane, Bickfaya – Lebanon.

Here’s the full list that is being shared online:

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Velfie War Is On

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I’m sure you are all familiar now with the Velfie dude. As I said he has some funny videos but some of them are pretty annoying. I wasn’t sure how to explain it in words but Rabih Salloum did by posting a counter-velfie and it’s hilarious.

Check it out [here].

NAFTTEE: A Lebanese Solution To Transform Trash Into Eco-Electricity

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NAFTTEE stands for “National Advanced Formula for the Transformation of Trash into Eco-Electricity” and is a registered trademark by Indevco whose CEO is Nehmat Frem. The project emerged after the last garbage crisis that hit Lebanon but has been there for quite some time . NAFTTEE “provides a green solution for waste treatment and channel the latter into a decentralized generation of eco-electricity”, so it basically sorts and converts trash into electricity. This is exactly what we need in this country, yet our dear government is still looking for new landfill locations and more innovative and corrupt ways to pollute the country.

I don’t have a lot of information on NAFTTEE but maybe municipalities and big cities should consider investing in it to reduce waste and generate electricity. Is it possible for them to do it without coming back to the authorities? Was NAFTTEE implemented anywhere in Lebanon already? Does anyone know anything about it?

PS: I know for a fact NAFTTEE has been implemented in the state of Pennsylvania for several years now.