AUBMC Wins the Silver Dubai Lynx Award for Shisha Risks Awareness Video

I shared this ad on the health risks of smoking Shisha over a year ago and thought it was a brilliant one. Basically AUBMC went to a regular Shisha coffee shop and asked the waiter to surprise those ordering Shisha with a special Arguile containing 100 cigarettes instead of the usual tobacco-flavored head. Why 100 cigarettes? Based on an internal study conducted by AUBMC , the report findings proved that one hour of Shisha is…

90K Registered Lebanese Expats Data Leaked?

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants was asking Lebanese expats to register online to vote in the upcoming elections, a lot of questions were raised on the privacy policies on the website and whether it was complying with international data privacy and protection laws. Back then, SMEX and other websites posted a detailed report on how the data is not protected and that whomever is running this website and the ministry could be…

Brutally Beaten Horse in Tripoli Rescued by Animals Lebanon

Following the horrible video that emerged online showing a horse being brutally beaten in a farm in Tripoli, Animals Lebanon notified the officials, went to the crime scene with the ISF and confiscated the horse. The horse was transported to another facility under the NGO's guardianship while an investigation is underway. This horse may have been rescued but there are plenty of illegal facilities where all sorts of animals are being abused and beaten. That's…

Happy Easter Ads [2018]

Here are some of the Easter ads I spotted this year. Fakhry, Barbar & McDonalds are my favorites. The worst one was Malak el Taouk. What were they thinking? McDonalds: Kababji: Fakhry: Barbar: Castania: Casper: Zaitunay Bay: Vow: Taanayel: Stoli: Mazda: L'atelier by Elie Doummar: Glenfiddich: Ecole des Arts: Collina:

What’s with All These Green People/Flyers/Billboards?

3 weeks ago
First I spotted two people painted and dressed in green from head to toe with a green logo in the middle then I spotted some people distributing flyers with the same logo in the streets ...

Vote for Teta?

3 weeks ago
For those who are not aware yet, Gisele Hachem Zard, the woman behind all these kids plays at “le Theatre de Gisele” is running for office at the upcoming 2018 elections. Her plays are pretty ...

Unemployment Rate in #Lebanon at 46%?

3 weeks ago
I was just reading that President Aoun warned yesterday “that the grave economic situation, presence of Syrian refugees and the reluctance of Lebanese to take low-paid jobs has caused unemployment to soar to 46 percent”, ...

Burger King is Launching a Chocolate Whopper

3 weeks ago
Burger King announced yesterday that it is launching a special edition of our Whopper made entirely with chocolate & candied ingredients available only on Sunday April 1, which also happens to be April Fools’ Day. ...