Sheikh Calls Lebanese Female Activist A Slut For Having A Civil Marriage

Rima Ibrahim is a Lebanese female activist. She's also a Muslim who had a civil marriage with another Muslim in Turkey. According to Sheikh Homam el Chaar, that makes her a slut . Religious leaders are still firmly against allowing civil marriage in Lebanon and politicians are not brave enough to confront them. Up until today, civil marriages are technically legal in Lebanon but they are not being approved by the Ministry of Interior. As…

Football in #Lebanon is Doomed

Every now and then, we are reminded why there's no hope for football in this country. Fans shouting "Shi3a Shi3a Shi3a" while others raise an Islamic flag. Next thing you know, crusaders invade the pitch on their horses. Sectarian so-called football fans, corrupt players and referees, violent unsportsmanlike incidents, match-fixing and a useless federation. That's the sad truth of Lebanese football.

A Lousy Breast Cancer Awareness Ad

I'm not sure really sure what they are trying to say with this poster. The quote says "Dedicated to all those who've lost the fight and to those who won't quit the fight" and the picture shows two slices of pizza with pepperoni on top with a small quote underneath that says "We're not ready to give them up". I'm not sure if it's just me but everything about this ad is horribly wrong.

Berri Deducts 5,000,000 LL from Lebanese MPs’ Salaries to Help Army

Lebanon's parliament speaker Nabih Berri has decided to allocate 5,000,000 LL from every Lebanese MP's salary to help the Lebanese Army. Apparently he did not inform anyone about this measure and some members of parliament were not very fond of the initiative. While I don't agree with the approach as the speaker should have informed MPs of such a measure, I find it insulting to the Lebanese people that some MPs were upset about this…

Google Launches First Smartphone: Pixel

3 weeks ago
Google just launched its first smartphone “Pixel” with built in Google Assistant, a kick-ass rear camera, Daydream VR, a battery that charges in 15 minutes and lasts 7 hours, unlimited storage for pictures and videos ...

14 Stunning Night Shots by Georges Boutros

3 weeks ago
George Boutros is an amateur yet passionate night sky photographer who has been dedicating a lot of time and effort for his hobby. A month ago, he was telling us about his new project which ...

72 hours in Halkidiki with Wild Discovery

3 weeks ago
Greece, being less than 3 hours away (only slightly longer than a road trip between Beirut and Jounieh), is one of the most common summer travel destinations in Lebanon. However, when we think of Greece, ...

Inside Bouar’s Governmental Hospital

3 weeks ago
A video was shared yesterday showing three people visiting Bouar’s Governmental Hospital and not finding anyone inside the hospital. They were rushing their injured friend to ER but did not find anyone, so they went ...