Another Shooting And Another Innocent Victim This Time In Kaslik

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The Lebanese Red Cross reported this morning that they transported a dead person after a shooting took place in Kaslik. The victim was a girl called Eliane who got shot by mistake after few guys were denied entrance to some night club in Kaslik according to LebanonDebate. I heard the similar story from a friend who also told me that the killer was arrested which is a good thing if true.

We still need Yves’ killers to be arrested ASAP and let’s hope we won’t be hearing about any shootings anymore this year!

PS: I had to double check the article’s date to make sure I wasn’t reading an old one as I didn’t know Options was still open in Kaslik.


Ehmej Like You’ve Never Seen It Before – By Charbel Abi Semaan

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One year of shooting and waiting for the right moments and the outcome is this breathtaking video! Thank you Charbel!

My fascination with nature is a long journey that i think will have no end. After one year of shooting, and waiting for the right moments to capture it throughout the 4 seasons, and after so many failed sequences and many repetitions due to the unconventional weather conditions, this movie has finally seen the light. I shot in cold and hard weather but it was totally worth it! in this movie, I am trying to capture the core of nature : its abstraction.
People need to see real/familiar figures in order to understand abstraction. So what if, what to us is familiar, is nothing but an illusion created by our real perception. Knowing that this illusion is vital, nature is the exception. Nature is initially a real phenomenon that is perceived differently yet we still aim to decipher abstract figures nature provide us in order to understand it.
In the breeze of cold winter days and in the warm and beautiful summer nights, i tried to reveal the miracle of nature. Each moment is very unique and magical. The mountains and the village are each a beautiful crucial elements for life to carry on but all scenes cannot go without each other.
the challenge in this movie is to translate this abstraction into a real image knowing that this movie is nothing but a series of abstract movements. i am very happy and excited to share this experience with you through my images and i hope you will have the chance to experience the abstract beauty of nature.

Vital illusion from charbel on Vimeo.

Week11: LiveLoveBeirut’s Best Pictures Of The Week

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batroun1 Batroun by Josephabs

Here are the best pictures from the storm that hit Lebanon last week. You can follow LiveLoveBeirut on Instagram [Here]. I’m also on Instagram and you can follow me [Here] if you like.

Akoura Akoura by MissSaharHarb

Baalkbeck Baalbeck by Ali

Raouche Raouche by justzhm

Mzaar Mzaar by HaigMelikian


Cedars Our Majestic Cedars by Sacha

Berdwani Berdwani by Fred

Bekfaya Bekfaya by Georges

BChrreh Bcharreh

#CharlieHebdo: Lebanese Demonstrate In Beirut And Paris In Support Of Freedom Of Expression

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Jesuischarlie via Gino

Lebanese regrouped at Samir Kassir Square in Downtown Beirut at 4pm today to honor victims of the Paris attack and in support of freedom of expression. Lebanese flags were also spotted in the massive Paris unity rally that attracted around a million people.


charlie1 via MARCH

jesuis1 via MARCH

Nadim via MP Nadim Gemayel

We Want A Clean Hekmeh – Riyadi Game Tonight!

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Hekmeh (Sagesse) and Riyadi (Sporting) are meeting tonight at 5pm in what promises to be the hottest and closest Lebanese basketball game of the year. Unfortunately, the question that always asks itself in this fierce derby is whether the game will end with a fight or not? Let’s hope tonight’s game will be a clean one with a clear winner and respectful fans and players.

Good luck to both teams!


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Yves is a young man who was celebrating his 27th birthday in Kfardebian with some friends and they got into a small fight with a group of guys. As a result, Yves left the place with his friends but was ambushed on his way back and shot several times. Yves was rushed to the hospital but he succumbed to his injuries and died later that night. His friend was also injured but he got treated and recovered.

Yves and his friends were unarmed and the person who is responsible for the ambush is apparently well known. The authorities should arrest this criminal ASAP and whomever took part in this heinous crime. We’ve had enough of these thugs who think they can do whatever they want, wherever they want and get away with it.

Rest In peace Yves.


How You Can Really Help Refugees During Winter In Lebanon

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At least two children froze to death in Lebanon’s refugee camps the past week and thousands of others are still threatened by this merciless winter. If you wish to help them by donating clothes, blankets or money (not by stripping in the snow), there are several organizations and NGOs accepting donations:

1- Leb4refugees will be collecting warm clothes, wool sweaters, blankets and food this Saturday, January 10, 2014 in Kantari street, next to Haigazian University – Hamra. You can call +9613315500 or +96170 871 236 for further information and donate [here].

2- Basmeh & Zeitooneh have been distributing food and blankets to several camps in the Bekaa. You can finance the Winter campaign for Syrian refugees in Lebanon using this [link] or call the below numbers:
Beirut – 76088190
Bekaa/Bar Elias – 76012669
Tripoli – 70194284

3- Sawa for Development and Aid: They collected over 10,000 bags of clothes last year and they’ve joined the winter campaign for Syrian refugees as well this year. You can donate using this [website] or call them at +961 78974462.

The Leb4refugees campaign is taking place today so if you have some old blankets or warm clothes that you wish to give away, pass by and help these poor refugees stay warm this winter.

PS: If you have other initiatives or organizations that I haven’t mentioned, please do let me know and I will gladly add them.