Mother’s Day Ads [2018]

Here’s a nice round-up of this year’s Mother’s Day ads in Lebanon. A Happy Mother’s Day to all! Mazzat: Khoury Home: Kababji: Hallab: Fakhry: Le Vin Du Liban: Exotica: Don Symon: Crepaway: Cakes And Cookies: Barbar: Almaza: Alfa Telecom: AUBMC: Castania Nuts: BeitMisk:

Milk-Free, Butter-Free, Egg-Free Yet Delicious Croissants

It's lent season and a lot of people tend to follow the Church's guidelines and fast daily from midnight until noon and refrain from eating meat and dairy products, even on Sundays. Not eating meat for a month may be easy to do, but abstaining from dairy products or anything that has milk, eggs or butter in it is quite tough. I have a couple of family members who abstain from dairy products, so I…

First Stroke Center in Lebanon Open at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital

Lebanon's first comprehensive stroke center was recently inaugurated at the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital where the best possible care will be given to stroke victims or patients at risk of developing a stroke. Knowing that stroke is one of the leading causes of death in Lebanon and the world, the rapid response to stroke symptoms, as well as the high quality of care and equipment are key elements for more efficient treatment. The center recently…

“Know Your Candidate”: Election App to Turn You Into an Informed Voter

There's a really cool app that was released last week ahead of the 2018 elections called "إعرف مرشحك- Elections 2018" whose aim is to help educate the Lebanese citizens about the candidates, the electoral process, and how and where to vote. Once installed, the app asks for your mobile number for verification, then your enter your name & family and the district under which you vote. Once done, you will get a full list of…

#Elections2018: Female Candidates on Lebanon’s Major Political Parties’ Lists

1 month ago
A record number of female candidates (111) have signed up for the upcoming 2018 elections, but it remains to be seen how many will succeed. Knowing that the new electoral law favors the ruling political ...

World Bank Approves US$295M Package To Enhance Lebanon’s Public Transport & Reduce Congestion

1 month ago
I am not sure whether we should be praising the below news or not, because I am very skeptical as to how this current government or the next is planning to reduce congestion or improve ...

Marcel Ghanem is Leaving LBCI after 27 Years

1 month ago
I never thought I would see Marcel Ghanem outside LBCI but the news was confirmed yesterday in a joint statement by Marcel Ghanem and LBCI’s CEO Sheikh Pierre Daher. Ghanem will be supposedly leaving to ...

Interior Ministry Explaining New Electoral Law With IceCream

1 month ago
It took me a second to figure out why the Ministry is selling ice-cream and I really thought it was a joke at first but it turned out to be a campaign to explain the ...