Lebanese Girls Asked If They Would Date a Syrian Guy

A group of Lebanese female students were asked if they would date a Syrian and all of them said no because they come from a different culture. Some of the answers were really dumb but to be honest I don't see the point of this whole video. There are still plenty of Lebanese who refuse to go out with other Lebanese from different religions or even regions. Why is everyone surprised that they'd refuse to…

Khoury Home Goes Mad on Black Friday

There's no better way to tell people to get ready for Black Friday and inform them about your new branch in Zahle. Hilarious ad! A job well done from Khoury Home. They should make this a series and take it from one area to the other. Black Friday is taking place from November 25 till 29. Update: It is indeed a series haha!

OTV Thought it was Ok To Humiliate a Syrian worker “For Fun”

This is by far the most f*cked up show I've seen on Lebanese TVs. On the most recent episode, OTV thought it would be fun to humiliate a Syrian worker so they got him a job at a Karting track and decided to set up a checkpoint in the middle of the track and ask him for his papers. The guy at the "checkpoint" was holding a machine gun and forced the poor man to…

New Lebanese Government Formation Talks are Shameful

We've all been making jokes about the US presidential elections and how Trump got elected but somehow we don't find anything wrong with the way our current government is being formed. All sides have been arguing for almost a month now on which religion gets which ministry yet no one is pointed out how wrong that is, at least when it comes to the local media. I see all these articles on how Christians are…

Internet Freedom Not Improving: Lebanon Still Partly Free

3 weeks ago
Freedom House 2016 report on Internet Freedom is out and Lebanon is still classified as being “Partly Free” with a score of 45/100, similar to last year’s result. The report stated that “the internet freedom ...

We Should Show This Video to Lebanon’s Future Minister of Public Works

3 weeks ago
It took Japan two days to fix a 30m wide sinkhole in the city of Fukuoka. Sewage pipes were fixed, traffic lights and power lines replaced, and all the pipes back up all in less ...

Paragliding “Band” Plays Lebanese National Anthem in the Sky

3 weeks ago
A group of para-gliders got their instruments up in the sky and played the Lebanese National Anthem while flying. Manale Nehme, Valerie Zakka, Nabil Abou Assi and Patrick Mouaness produced this video for Lebanon’s Independence ...

Billy Karam is Once Again The Holder of Two Guinness World Records

3 weeks ago
Billy Karam was awarded for the third time since 2009 two Guinness World Records for the biggest number of models around the world (37,777 Pieces) and the man with highest number of Dioramas (577 Pieces). ...