Save The Flag & Watani Apps Win CME Offshore Independence Day Competition

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Two apps won the competition CME Offshore launched for Lebanon’s Independence day, one called “Save the Flag” where you have to fly an army helicopter through obstacles and another app called “Watani” where you move from one army rank to another after correctly answering a list of questions.

I liked the “Watani” app more but I wish students had thought of more useful apps, like one that can send the location of an army soldier that just got kidnapped or is lost, or one that sends somehow a distress signal based on some criteria.

Beirut, Lebanon – December 2014: After CME announced their Independence App competition, 9 different teams from 6 universities participated and came up with some innovative and dynamic ideas, attracting over 4000+ users in a single week. The competition was intended to give $2000 to the winning app, but two teams came up with outstanding ideas that encouraged CME to double the prize up to $4000 splitting it equally among the two participants.

Save The Flag (Available on both Android and iPhone) by Peter Azar and Rami Allam (both from ESIB): It is a game that reflects our current situation and the way our army is fighting terrorism all over the country in every corner. “The biggest obstacle we came across was finding a way to take the theme presented to us and translate it into an entertaining game” said Peter Azar and Rami Allam. The team seems very excited to build on top of the current app and take it to the next level.

Watani (Available on Android only) by Rene Haddad, Christopher Barakat and Elie Mhawej (All from Université Antonine): It is a quiz app that tests the user’s knowledge about Lebanon and rewards him/her with Lebanese military ranks. The app is very special in its technology and a material design user experience. “We really appreciate and support similar initiatives that establish a common ground between an academic path, a patriotic spirit and an enterprise or a business need!” said Professor Talar Atechian who offered a full guidance to the Antonine team since the first day.

Street Harassment: Walking in Beirut as a Woman

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This video is part of an academic project to show how women are harassed when walking in the streets of Beirut. I think it’s a good idea but that needs to be executed in a much better way. They should do something similar to the video “10 hours of walking as a woman in NYC” whereas we hear what people are actually saying about that women, not just someone repeating some cliché phrases (even though chou hal tiz mitil madfa3 el ingliz cracks me up everytime).

They should also walk in different parts of Lebanon, in Mar Mikhael, Ain el Mraisse, and somewhere in Tripoli maybe to see if there are different reactions.


Nusra Terrorists Execute Ali Bazzal

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After months of indirect negotiations and after the government decided to seek direct negotiations, Ali was executed yesterday. I hope this will make it clear to the Lebanese authorities that you can’t possibly negotiate with terrorists. Six more soldiers got killed in a trap last week and we are still trying to dialogue with these scumbags.

Let the Lebanese Army kick them all out and seal the borders once and for all. Enough torturing the families of these kidnapped soldiers!

May he rest in peace.

Visit The Sesobel 2014 Exhibition At Le Royal Dbayyeh

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Sesobel is holding its annual exhibition between December 4 and 7 from 10am to 9pm. They will also be at IRIS hotel in Jezzine today and tomorrow from 10am till 7pm. Sesobel is an NGO that has been working since 1976 for the welfare of Lebanese children and we should all support it. Moreover, their products are really good and they make some of the best chocolate and sweets in Lebanon.

Check their [Facebook page] for more info.



LiveLoveBeirut & JoueClubLiban Launch The #WeLiveToLove Initiative : A Gift For Every Child In Need

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The LiveLoveBeirut guys have already figured out a way to make good use of my picture and help out children in need. They’ve launched the #welivelove campaign whereas every child in need that you find in the streets will get a Christmas gift from JoueClubLiban.

So go ahead, take pictures of children in need and make their Christmas a joyful one!

Since you’ve all been so moved by this picture, it was impossible not to take action. We’re teaming up with @joueclubliban and giving every child in need you find on the streets of Lebanon, every child you share with us on #welivetolove, a Christmas gift. Let’s make their day a little brighter. That’s step one, and we got more to come. Let’s start giving back together, and create a bit of change ✨ you’re a magical community guys. We love you. Picture taken by @lenajib

How Can We Bring This Kid Back To School?

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I took this picture yesterday of a small kid begging in the street and looking at a group of students coming out of Empire theater in Achrafieh and probably wishing he’s among them. I’ve spotted a lot of kids begging in this area and this picture pretty much sums up the struggle that they are going through.

Since a lot of people loved the picture (some told me it’s award winning which is quite flattering) and it’s being shared like crazy online, I was wondering if there’s anyway we could use it to help bring this kid back to school. We could maybe sell it in some online bid and donate the money or use it in an awareness campaign to help bring this kid and hopefully others back to school.

Let me know what you think.

Zalfa Will Answer All Your Questions On #Law293 That Protects Women From Family Violence

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Zalfa is a woman who lives in Lebanon and suffers, like many, from discrimination, violence and injustice. She’s here to help other victims understand the newly adopted Law 293 to protect women and other family members from family violence. Zalfa is an initiative from KAFA to inform women in Lebanon about their rights and legal choices while warning them against the legal loopholes that could hamper their full protection.

I think it’s very important for women to take legal action whenever they are abused for their sake and their children’s sake. I know it’s easier said than done and it takes a lot of courage specially in our society, but things are changing in the right direction and there are qualified NGOs and parties ready to assist every victim legally, financially and morally. We need more women to speak out and motivate others to do the same in order to spread further awareness and adopt a stricter law hopefully soon.

You can check out Zalfa’s Questions and Answers [Here]. LBCI News is also showing daily hints and tips from Zalfa as you can see below.