Sukleen Still Defending Naameh Landfill

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I honestly have no idea who advised Sukleen and Sukomi to organize a press conference to defend the Naameh landfill and then sponsor the story on Facebook. It’s like asking for bad publicity and hate comments and I’m sure the person handling their social media is going through hell right now.

The real problem has always been with our government not just Sukleen so I’m not sure why they are dragging themselves into that. Nevertheless, if they insist on proving that the Naameh landfill is perfectly fine, let them present scientific proof and documents to back their claim.

More importantly, let them sit with the Naameh residents and explain to those in the video below who’s to blame for the situation they are in.

مطمر الموت الصحي

ما لا تريدك سلطة الفساد أن تعرف عن ما يسمى من قبلهم بالطمر "الصحي".. شاهدوا للنهاية..#طلعت_ريحتكم وقتلتونا

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Gilberte Zouein Myth Busted

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zouein via Lebanonfiles

Gilberte Zouein apparently likes to talk a lot when she’s out with her friends. It seems politics is not really her thing so she’d rather not get involved, even though she’s an elected Member of Parliament (makes sense?).

I think it’s quite pathetic that MPs are still getting paid even though they renewed their terms twice illegally and unconstitutionally and aren’t really doing anything for the country. From 2008 till 2014, Lebanese have paid in tax money their MPs over 400 billion Lebanese Liras ($266 Million Dollars).

In any functional democracy, MPs should have resigned by now and early elections would have taken place. Let’s hope municipal elections this year will pave the way for more accountability and transparency.

Nadine Labaki Running With Beirut-Madinati For All The Right Reasons

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A lot of people, including myself, were happy to see Nadine Labaki on Beirut Madinati’s list, not because she’s a celebrity and a well-know figure in Lebanon, but because she’s a hard-working and highly influential person in her field of work. Very few people were able to connect with the Lebanese and represent everything that is right and wrong in our society the way Labaki has done so through her movies. Her latest masterpiece, “Halla2 La wen” (Where do we go now?), is beyond brilliant and shows how passionate Nadine is about Lebanon and its people, and why she’s a perfect candidate for Beirut’s municipality and even for parliament.

If you’re still not convinced by her candidacy, check out her awesome reply to “Abou el Abed” today.


How to Ruin Lebanon’s Summer Season in One Headline

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This is a clean and gorgeous beach and it’s in Lebanon 🙂

Back in 2013, we were warned that Lebanese beaches are no longer safe for swimming and that samples collected from several beaches came back borderline toxic. Three years later and after an 8-month long garbage crisis, we are being warned again that it’s not safe to go to the beach this summer in Lebanon.


I think we are all aware at this point that our beaches are not the cleanest but to ask people not to swim at all based on a statement by a local NGO and few words from a doctor is unprofessional and unacceptable! I’m sure some of our beaches are dirty but there are still clean spots in Lebanon and these are the ones that we should highlight. No one is going to swim in Karantina, Costa Brava or Zalka. Most of the beaches North of Lebanon are clean and Tyr’s beaches are quite amazing!

On another note, what is this NGO (Green Globe) doing to clean these beaches? This is the first time I hear about it to be honest.

If you want a list of free, public and clean beaches to go to this summer, check out this [list].

Twelve Things You Always Hear in a Lebanese Basketball Game

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If a team loses, they blame the referee.
If a team wins, the other team’s fans attack them.
If the fans are banned from watching, the players get into a fight.
If the teams don’t like some new rule, they blame the federation.

The sad part is that some referees are terrible and should be fired and the federation is almost as incompetent as all the previous ones. And let’s not forget the 3-foreign players rule which killed the game and turned it into a 3 on 3 between every team’s foreign players. (Sometimes it’s even a 1 on 1).

Beirut Madinati Candidates Announced – Nadine Labaki on The List

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Beirut Madinati just announced today at 4PM their candidates’ list for the Beirut Municipal elections at Ain el Mraisse in Beirut. Half men, Half women including technocrats, social activists and Lebanese actress and director Nadine Labaki.

To be honest, I am not familiar with most of the names on the list but I’m sure they will add soon a small bio for every candidate on their website. If you missed my post on Beirut-Madinati, check it out [here].

Here’s the full list:

President of the list: Ibrahim Mneimne رئيس اللائحة المهندس ابراهيم منيمنه
VP: Tarek Ammar نائب رئيس اللائحة طارق عمار
Ahmad Kaabour احمد قعبور
Amal Sharif امال شريف
Iman el Hassan Ghandour ايمان الحسن غندور
Houssam Hawa حسام حوا
Rana el Khoury رنا الخوري
Rita Maalouf ريتا معلوف
Serge Yazeji سيرج يازجي
Abdel Halim Jaber عبد الحليم جبر
Farah Kobeissi فرح قبيسي
Carole Chebli Tueni كارول شبلي تويني
Livon Telfizian ليفون تلفزيان
Mark Jaara مارك جعاره
Maria Manoug ماريا مانوك
Marwan El Taibi مروان الطيبي
Mona Hallak منى الحلاق
May el Daouk مي الداعوق
Nadine Labaki نادين لبكي
Najib el Deek نجيب الديك
Nada Al Dalal Doughan ندى الدلال دوغان
Nada Sehnaoui ندى صحناوي
Walid El Alami وليد العلمي
Yorgui Tayrouz يوركي تيروز

Beirut Governor Bans Illegally Placed Election Posters

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Beirut Governor Ziad Chbib has ordered the removal of illegally placed municipal election posters on public walls, fences, bridges, traffic lights, poles and others. He has also vowed to fine candidates who break the law.

I wish he had warned candidates before electoral campaigns had kicked off but it’s good news (as long as it’s implemented). I still can’t understand how people can vote for candidates who don’t have a problem polluting their own city’s streets and walls.