Cirque Du Soleil is Coming to Beirut: A Magical Show Not To Be Missed!

I remember first hearing about Cirque du Soleil a few years back when they came to Beirut but I didn't give it much attention or bothered to check it out online. Earlier this year, I was attending CES in Las Vegas and we went out one night to watch KÀ by Cirque du Soleil. To be honest, I was told by many friends that it's a nice show but instead the experience was an unforgettable…

Well Played Samsung Lebanon!

Source: SamsungCTC Now that's a smart way to gain new Samsung users! The Samsung S7 is a better version of the S6 and is a kick-ass phone. My S7 Edge review is coming soon. PS: Now everyone will start posting pictures of their broken iPhones lol! Thank you Wajix!

“Nocturne in Black” By Jimmy Keyrouz is a Student Academy Award Winner!

“Nocturne in Black” was among the 2016 Student Academy Awards finalists under "Narrative" and was declared a winner yesterday! The Student Academy Awards were established by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the same one that organizes the prestigious Oscars ceremony yearly, to support and encourage excellence in film-making at the collegiate level. 17 winners were selected out of 1,749 films from 286 domestic and 95 international colleges and universities. Congrats to Jimmy…

The Lebanese Civil War Still Haunts Families of Disappeared

The International Day of the Disappeared is observed on the 30th of August every year and was created to draw attention to the fate of the individuals who went missing through conflict, disaster and migration and show solidarity with their loved ones. Thousands of Lebanese families still do not know what became of their relatives and are not being provided with any information on the fate of their loved ones. A mother whose three sons…

Mar Youssef Hospital Surrounded by Garbage

3 weeks ago
Lebanese politicians have been working hard since last year to regain the first spot as the least trustworthy in the world and they seem to be on track to regain that prestigious title. After inaugurating ...

Ana Rayi7 3a Dubai

3 weeks ago
Sad but true. I’m not going anywhere though (till now). ...

Burkini vs Bikini in Tripoli, Lebanon

4 weeks ago
Women in Burkinis and others in Bikinis swimming at the same beach in Tripoli, with no fashion or “Ethics” police around. A great shot by Jad Ghorayeb. ...

Who are the Mouyawimeen (AKA Miamiween)

4 weeks ago
Source: Roudoud Page The origins of the term المياومين finally revealed. ...