Colored Easter Chicks Banned But Everyone’s Selling Them

Every year, colored Easter chicks are banned in Beirut and other Lebanese cities, which is obviously great news but the truth is no one is enforcing that ban. What happens is that a couple of policemen or municipality police members go after few Syrians selling colored chicks on the street, post pictures on Facebook and ignore most of the pet shops also selling these chicks. To make things even worse, some pet shops are selling…

I Almost Fell for Kababji’s April Fools Day’ Joke

Kababji announced Drone Delivery on March 31 and to be honest, I believed them for a second. There are drones delivering pizzas so why not Foul & Kabab? Imagine you're up in the mountains craving a Foul & Balila breakfast and a Kababji drone flies them to you. They should have shot a video instead of just posting a picture. Everyone would have bought it LOL!

Two Reminders That We’re still Living in a Jungle

Some guy got into a fight on Friday night with a bouncer at a night club in Beirut so he decided to pull out his gun and fire into the air before he was stopped. The incident almost went unnoticed and I haven't read anywhere about arrests made. The next day, a group of masked Hezbollah members dressed in black-clad decided to kick off an anti-drugs campaign in Burj el Brajneh camp. Fortunately, the whole…

Lebanese All-Star Basketball Game With More Foreigners than Lebanese

There's an all-star Lebanese basketball game scheduled on April 9th at 5 PM by the FLB. The game will oppose players from Beirut vs Outside Beirut including three foreign players on each team LOL! So technically speaking, there are four Lebanese players out of 10 on the starting lineup in a LEBANESE all-star game. If the aim is to organize an all-star game just like NBA does, they shouldn't call it a Lebanese all-star game.…

April Fools’ Day Jokes [2017]

4 weeks ago
The Wooden Bakery joke is so lame! What were they thinking? The Kitkat & Quickies jokes cracked me up. I wouldn’t mind giving that Kitkat a try though, it looks interesting. ...

3G/4G/DSL Connectivity Issues Today

4 weeks ago
I was hoping to witness some increase in internet speeds today but instead I was unable to connect to my mobile data (3G/4G) for at least two hours and a couple of friends told me ...

Lebanese Tourism Minister Picks Armenia Over Lebanon

4 weeks ago
When asked to choose between Lebanon and Armenia, Lebanon’s Tourism Minister Avedis Guidanian answered “Armenia”. Guidanian was a host on Mona Abou Hamze’s “Talk of the Town” show and the answer came during the “Heik ...

(Updated): What’s Happening in this Video?

4 weeks ago
Update: The video turned out to be a teaser for an awareness campaign by Sigma Gaz Here’s the revealer: I just saw Gino sharing this video about policemen and some guy from the bomb squad ...