We’ll Be Getting a Better Mecanique Service Soon (Hopefully!)

We're finally getting a new company to handle the mecanique in Lebanon and they are already making very ambitious promises. Mecanique in 15 minutes, 13 new Mecanique centers, drive-through cashiers, a better infrastructure and no more wasta, but at a relatively higher price: $33 instead of $22, out of which $5 are state taxes and one additional $1 on the VAT. SGS, a world leading car inspection and verification company, won the bid along with…

Lebanese Game Cooks VR game HOVR Among The 15 Finalists at The Google Play Indie Games Festival

Game Cooks is a Lebanese-based mobile game developer and they've been coming up with cool games since 2011. They're the ones behind the Run for peace game, Birdy Nam Nam, Escape from Paradise and they are releasing soon their first VR game, HOVR. HOVR is a 3rd racing game for mobile VR. The main character, a city hacker, is riding on a hoverboard racing other players through the city. The game was featured at the…

Ferrari #PanoramaLebanon 2016: It’s Happening Soon & I’m a Proud Partner!

Scuderia Lebanon is not done with Lebanon just yet this year. Following the exclusive and successful test drive that I took part in last August, Scuderia Lebanon is planning to organize another event called Panorama Lebanon2016. The concept of the Panorama Lebanon 2016 event is not new for Ferrari, however it will be the first time this event is hosted in the Middle East. Spanning over two days, Scuderia Lebanon are choosing a selected number…

World’s Oldest Scale Found Near Kfaraabida, North Lebanon (Via Beirut Report)

The world's oldest scale beam as well as other fascinating archaeological finds are currently on display at the American University of Beirut Archaeology museum. The scale beam "dates back to the early third millennium BC , predating those discovered elsewhere, while the location of the find at Tell Fadous-Kfraabida–believed to be a secondary Bronze Age urban settlement–may indicate that the technology was already widespread in the region at the time". Unfortunately, property owners have bulldozed…

Two Accidents at the Beirut Grand Prix

3 weeks ago
Let’s just say that I’m glad the so-called Beirut Grand Prix, which ended up not even being a drag race, ended without any major accidents. I was looking at videos this morning and I barely ...

I’m Off To Montreal For a Week!

3 weeks ago
I’m visiting Canada for the first time and will be spending 1 week in Montreal with my wife and kid. This is Brian’s first flight so I hope it will go smoothly and we won’t ...

Mauritania’s Epic Reply to Lebanon’s Health Minister Remarks

3 weeks ago
Lebanon’s Health Minister Wael Abou Faour was overheard questioning Mauritania’s ability to host top delegations back in July, and his comments “triggered a spat between Lebanon and Mauritania, where Lebanese officials were attacked by journalists ...

A Powerful Video by Skoun on Lebanese Police Profiling

3 weeks ago
Skoun, a Lebanese Addictions Center, has launched its “Know Your Rights campaign in order to “empower, educate and shed the light on the harms caused by punitive drug control in Lebanon”. Lebanese shouldn’t be afraid ...