Still Not Sure What to Study? Go to Synkers Orientation Tomorrow!

The decisions we have to make when we’re 17–18 will affect the rest of our life in ways none of us had imagined at the time. The problem is that I never felt we had enough guidance and advice to choose the right major, and way too often, it’s what our parents or friends encourage us to do, sometimes for all the wrong reasons. That’s why I was very happy to see the Synkers Orientation…

Lebanese Dr. Nawaf Salam Elected as Judge in The International Court of Justice!

The UN General Assembly and Security Council elected four judges on Thursday from an initial pool of six candidates to the International Court of Justice , which is the highest judicial body in the world. The four winning judges were elected in the fifth round of voting to a nine-year term starting February 6, 2019. Lebanese diplomat, academic and jurist Dr. Nawaf Salam, who's also serving as Lebanon's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United…

Google Celebrates Lebanese Legendary Singer & Actress Sabah

If you visit Google today, you'd notice a doodle dedicated to commemorate the life of Sabah, the legendary Lebanese singer who passed away two years ago. Sabah was known as the Shahroura, after a singing bird, and has performed in over 100 films and plays and sang over 3000 songs throughout her 60 years long career. Friday would have been the 90th birthday of Sabah.

A Kids Play That’s Even More Complex than Game of Thrones

Can someone explain what this "Pierre de Lune" play is about? I heard the Bte7la el 7ayet interview like 10 times and I still don't get it LOL! In fact, I first heard about it from a page called w2ekle but I tracked down the full interview just to make sure I didn't miss anything but I still didn't get it. Here's how the play's director summed up the plot: "Pierre de Lune" is about…

Alfa Website has a New Look

1 month ago
Alfa Telecom has finally given their website a much needed facelift. The new website makes it much easier and faster to settle your bill, check your account with a lot less clicking and page reloads. ...

Malts Masterclass with Diageo at Whisky Live

1 month ago
I was eager to check out the second edition of Whisky Live Beirut last month, and what got me even more excited was an invitation to one of its most interesting masterlcasses this year: Malts ...

Metamorphosis of Beirut From 1870 Till 2052 at Beyt Amir

1 month ago
There’s a really interesting exhibition taking place at Beyt Amir entitled “Temporary – Metamorphosis of a city: Beirut 1870 – 2052“. The exhibition is a tribute to Beirut through photographs, prints, and installations showing how ...

We’re Making Hariri Jokes, but the Joke is Really on Us!

1 month ago
Ever since PM Saad Hariri announced his resignation from KSA on Al Arabiya channel, we’ve all been receiving tons of jokes, memes and videos and while most of the jokes are quite hilarious, the sad ...