The 2016 Ghosties Awards: Best #Snapchat Artist of the Year is Lebanese Georgio Bassil

The Ghosties Awards were organized yesterday in the W Hotel Leicester Square in London and Lebanese Georgio Bassil won the Snapchat Artist of the Year award. The Ghosties, organized by Snaphappen, is the World's first Snapchat Awards "highlighting the biggest and best in the Snapchat game, from storytellers, news reporters to the brands using the platform as a marketing tool". The Ghosties are not endorsed or affiliated by Snapchat but it's still a pretty cool…

How Distracted are We by Social Media & The Internet?

This is a very long article but a very insightful one that I recommend you read. It makes you rethink the world around you and more specifically the online bubble that we are living in. The article is entitled "I Used to Be a Human Being: An endless bombardment of news and gossip and images has rendered us manic information addicts. It broke me. It might break you, too." Here are few excerpts but I…

Two Lebanese Athletes Competing at The 2016 WKU World Championship Kickboxing

Maroun Abboud & Jennifer Nehmeh are representing Lebanon this year at the WKU World Championship Kickboxing. Maroun is 24 years old and will compete in two categories: Light contact on September 26th and semi-contact on September 27th. Maroun has already won gold at the Lebanese and Asian Championships. Jennifer, who's a basketball player as well, will be competing in the semi-contact category on September 27th. I tried looking for their names and the exact schedule…

Google Helping The Clooney Foundation for Justice To Educate Refugee Children in #Lebanon

Georges and Amal Clooney are launching an initiative through "The Clooney Foundation for Justice" to help the 250,000+ refugee children in Lebanon who are not in school. They are getting support from Google, as well as Virgin Unite and The Radcliffe Foundation, to empower this lost generation and they're aiming to enroll 10,000 refugee children by next September and 50,000 more by 2018. The Clooneys are currently working with SABIS and are planning to launch…

When Will People Stop Blocking Roads in This Country?

1 month ago
I have yet to find a convincing reason for blocking main roads and highways to protest. Truck drivers were causing a huge traffic today in Dora and Beirut because of their protest and the only ...

Sabrina Sato in #Beirut

1 month ago
You’ve probably never heard of Sabrina Sato but she’s very well known in Brazil and has a very popular show. I was checking her Instagram and she has like 9 million followers. The only reason ...
Source: Beirut Grand Prix website

Few Thoughts on The Upcoming Beirut Grand Prix Event

1 month ago
Several people have been asking me about the upcoming Beirut Grand Prix, and why I haven’t written anything about it yet, especially given that I love cars and auto racing events. Honestly, I’ve been meaning ...

Amal Clooney is Taking ISIS to Trial

1 month ago
While the world is still making excuses for not fighting ISIS, and the UN is condemning ISIS in fancy press conferences while awarding contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to criminal regimes as part ...