Lebanese-American Journalist Raghida Dergham Among The 2017 Arab Woman Award Winners

The third edition of the Arab Woman Award was held in London last week and Lebanese-American journalist, Raghida Dargham, was one of the winners. The event is a prestigious new global celebration of achievement and excellence for Arab women who have left a positive impact on the regional and international scenes, in different fields. Raghida Dargham is known for her international scoops and politico-strategic articles. During her career, she has interviewed more than 20 presidents…

Who’s Behind Beirut 2022?

I found a FB page called Beirut2022 in my saved posts and I have no idea who's behind it or why it was created in the first place. I remember seeing something similar to it during the most recent municipal elections but I'm not so sure about it. They don't have a website or a description or even a contact number or email. It looks like a fictional page, just like the Beirut they're dreaming…

Traffic Apps Cannot Help Solve Lebanon’s Worsening Traffic Problem

December is here which means three things: Shopping, Christmas and more traffic. Our economy loses around $2 billion dollars on a yearly basis due to the chronic traffic problem and there's no will from the authorities to fix this problem or even consider a sustainable transport system for the whole country and especially for Beirut. In fact, I have no idea how those in charge can implement a whole system when they can't even plan…

HRW On Lebanon’s Garbage Crisis: “As If You’re Inhaling Your Death”

Human Rights Watch issued a 67-page report on Lebanon's waste crisis and the health risks of burning waste. They found that "Lebanese authorities’ lack of effective action to address widespread open burning of waste and a lack of adequate monitoring or information about the health effects violate Lebanon’s obligations under international law". If you don't want to read the whole report, it suffices to watch this 5-minute report to realize how bad the situation is…

Byblos Christmas Tree & Decoration 2017

1 month ago
The Municipality of Jbeil (Byblos) unveiled yesterday its Christmas tree and decoration and it’s a beauty. Not everyone enjoyed last year’s unusual Christmas tree (which I loved), so it appears the municipality worked on a ...

“Regram” Button Coming to Instagram?

1 month ago
The Next Web reported yesterday that Instagram is currently testing a range of new features, including one that will allow users to repost or as they called it “Regram” pictures on Instagram. As you all ...

The 2017 City Centre Beirut Christmas Tree Lighting

1 month ago
I couldn’t make it to the City Centre Christmas tree lighting this year but my brother was there to snap pictures and take videos of this yearly awaited event. This year’s Christmas tree looks even ...
Movies & Television

Justice League Officially Banned in #Lebanon

1 month ago
For those asking me about Justice League, I’ve been waiting for its release for a couple of weeks now but it was declared today that the movie will be banned here because of Gal Gadot.