Parachute Jumping in Lebanon

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I was on my way back from the North when I saw parachutes in the sky near Batroun. I always loved going skydiving or parachuting so I checked online to see if anyone does those activities in Lebanon and found out we have a Lebanese Parachute Association.

They have a website and offer tandem jumps as well as skydiving lessons, but the skydiving lessons are done outside Lebanon as the sport is still not legal in Lebanon.

I’m always worried about the safety measures when it comes to doing risky sports in Lebanon, so if anyone knows anything about the LPA or tried parachuting before, I would be grateful if they shared their experience since I am very eager to try them out.

You can visit the website here. [Website]

12 thoughts on “Parachute Jumping in Lebanon

  1. Joe

    am planning on trying Paragliding this summer, you jump off at Harissa and land in Maameltain on the coast

    i have no clue about safety procedures. and honestly am waiting to find someone who tried this before, to get more details about the experience.

    in all cases you can check more details here:

  2. Najib Post author

    How about you do it Joe and let me know if it goes well, and if I dont hear from you, then we ll know not to try it 😀

  3. Ronman

    Joe, i would suggest you start jumping in the Cedars, in any case, i’m not sure, but i think you need some hours logged on to jump from Harissa or you could do it Tandem.

    start with a Tandem in the Cedars,then see if you like it. it’s a risky sport if you dont take it, the training, your gear and yourself very serious.. knew a guy with good experience that got caught out by the wind on landing because he was showboating…he’s in a wheelchair now….sad story.

    I think Yellow Cab the shop just after the Ajaltoun crossing are involved in the paragliding scene.

    anyone for SCUBA?

  4. Joe

    @Najib, as much as it looks tempting, i would like someone to try it before me

    @Ronman, i will sure try it with a Tandem, it is my first time…and jumping alone needs a lot of training…Most probably during summer i will try it from Harissa with a tandem…will keep you posted

    @Ray thanks for the reference

  5. Fadi Keyrouz

    I tried paragliding in cedars (2008) awesome experience, i’m going again next month 🙂 you won’t be flying alone, but a monitor joins you

  6. Joe

    @Fadi, going again in Cedars or will you try a new location? how long is the flight time (as far as i read in Harissa its 20 mins)

  7. Ronman

    by the way there’s some really nice paragliding areas in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast between Marmaris and Gocek, that area..the guys there stay up in the air for hours.

  8. Joe

    @Ronman thx for the tip, if i liked it in lebanon on the small scale, i think it would be a nice trip to turkey to try it


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