Paris Hilton poses for Mouawad Jewerly

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Spotted at ABC Achrafieh

I knew Mouawad Jewerly was big but I had no clue it was that famous. In fact, Paris Hilton is one of many who wore their collections, including celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie to name few.

Fred and Pascal Mouawad are currently running the multinational jewelry and timepiece company founded back in 1891. Headquarters are not in Beirut but instead in Geneva, Switzerland.

You can read more about them [Here], and their unique diamonds collection [Here].

photo (40)
Spotted at ABC Achrafieh

5 thoughts on “Paris Hilton poses for Mouawad Jewerly

  1. Tarek Chemaly

    Najib, when it comes to high Jewelry, Lebanese and Armenian Lebanese dominate the market. Mouawad is known for its funky trendy high jewels whereas Tabbah is more timeless in its creations and both are equally famous.


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