Phone call from Israel

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I got a weird phone call today. The number was from the UK (+447624100000).
There wasn’t an actual person on the other side, it was a recording basically offering $10 million for any information on missing israeli soldiers.
I’ve always heard about these types of calls but I’ve never actually received one, until today.

10 million is a very tiny number compared to the amount of damage that was caused by Israel (see picture below). I hope people who actually do have this information don’t get greedy and sell out!

4 thoughts on “Phone call from Israel

  1. gilly

    Wow, I answered a phone call from +44 once and heard a recording about a $10m reward, I just hung up, thought it was some lotto thing…
    There are two different +44 numbers (missed calls) in my log as well.
    Those sneaky bastards :/

  2. yt

    Hi, got here searching for that numbers’ origin. I’m an israeli living in Germany, and got this call on my german cellphone. But the call i got simply offered me cheap calls from abroad into Israel… Reading your post I suspect even further that was no “innocent advertisement” cal… Here’s for a better future for us all.


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