Razan Maghrabi sex scandal

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I was expecting some sex movie or nude scenes but instead all I got was some dirty talk. It is quite funny how Arabs consider such silly things as scandalous. Also, I had no clue Razan Maghrabi was Lebanese.

As a result of this “scandal”, Razan has encountered a nervous breakdown. [Link]

20 thoughts on “Razan Maghrabi sex scandal

  1. Gianni

    Dude she was more than talking dirty…Was she giving the guy a “h…” job?Her hand was deep in his shorts. Sorry for being so straight forward…

  2. Gianni

    …and I am as liberal as they come…However giving someone a H job in front of other people?Sorry dude but that is totally fucked up!I would say that is more than slutty. I wonder if she was on some potent stuff!

  3. Najib Post author

    True Gianni but is it really a SEX scandal?

    She was messing around with some friends of hers, a bit too much, but that’s about it.
    Ba3den where did you see her giving him a hand job? She barely touches him.

  4. Gianni


    First her hand is inside his shorts…and just before the clip cuts off(where the guy says he won’t tape anymore), you can see her hand going up and down dude.
    Sorry man, if my gf tries that in front of other “friends” well she won’t be mine anymore…

  5. Mark

    She seems like a cool chilled out person, so unlike what I would have imagined her before this video.

    Gianni you shouldn’t be so stuck up. She was with her boy friend and her friends, they were drinking and it was in a private home. Reminds me of my uni days.

  6. Gianni

    Really Mark…I guess to each their own lol. 😀
    It seems those “friends” posted her “feat”…Now she knows who her “friends” are.
    If you think that’s the scene for you that’s ok bro…and trust me you couldn’t chill out the way I do. However, wherever you are in this universe you could not have respect to a woman who gives you a hand job in front of your friends.

  7. Mariam

    In the Arab world its a scandal. and most people don’t just give hand jobs like that. It’s odd and rather out there. Also to make it worse, the guy who recorded this was killed two days ago.

    My mom says they just want to ruin her career.. its probably true. She may have fans but she has many many haters.

  8. Alf

    I don’t think “they” want to ruin her career. she knew she was being recorded and she didn’t care. And as soon as she was really going at it, the guy who recorded turn off the cam (I think that was a gesture of good will)

  9. haissam

    i wouldn’t call this a sex scandal, but its still something huge. I mean a video of Miley Cyrus went viral as a scandal when she was smoking weed. Ms. Razan Maghrabi is talking about how a guy had a perfect dick and then starts rubbing a pencil in a sexual manner. This wouldn’t be too scandalous if it weren’t for the end part where you could clearly see her giving the guy a hand job. Its not a sex scandal but its still pretty embarrassing and will probably hurt her career.

  10. Saleem

    I think any TV or media station should really protect our young ones by boycotting Razan. In this clip this woman appears clearly as a cheap slut…I’d rather not to see her appear on my TV screen. By the way I want everyone to remember why Mr. Clinton was questioned? His act made his integrity questionable, although there were no viewer to whatever he did.


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