Rina Chibani not so hot after all

Miss Lebanon 2012 Rina Chibani didn’t even make it to the top 16 of Miss Universe 2012. Miss USA Olivia Culpo won the crown.


10 thoughts on “Rina Chibani not so hot after all

      1. jim

        You must be an American agent! poisoning the minds of BlogBaladi readers. My logic is infallible.

        seriously though, I’m not serious. just a sarcastic comment on how many lebanese think.

        1. Rachelle

          Haha! sorry I thought you were one of them, they’re everywhere (*whispering with a paranoid look*)
          And I don’t necessarily have to be a good agent, Lebanese people happen to have a pretty infamous history for being easily manipulated :)

  1. rana

    She’s pretty but doesn’t represent what a Miss Universe should be. Her personality is not that great, she seems full of herself, and her responses to the questions are absolutely horrible. If you hear the other contestants’ responses, you’ll know what I mean. Olivia Culpo deserves it!

  2. marcio

    A miss USA, não mereceu! Ela já era uma fralde desde o concurso nacional.Dados revelados pelo blog,tvemanalisecríticas.wordpress.com/2012/11/04confronto-de-dados-entre-a-48-aparcial. mostra as notas do desempenho de Olivia,que são inferiores da maioria das candidatas do Miss USA. No Miss Universo 2012, o que foi feito por Olivia de tão extraordinário para merecer o titulo? Ela não desfilou bem, ela tropeçou, Ela não era a mais bonita!(Rina, a mais bela), A miss Guatemala ganhou o premio de simpatia, A miss Kosovo ganhou fotogenia, miss China ganhou o melhor traje típico, disseram que a miss Porto Rico tinha o melhor corpo,e nem sequer ficou no top 16, A miss Brasil teve a melhor passarela, A miss USA não tem altura não tem pescoço e o tronco muito curto. Não vejo beleza o suficiente na Miss USA para ser considerada a mulher mais bonita do mundo! Rina Chibany seria a miss ideal!

    1. Rachelle

      :) Absolutely right! I’ve always thought about it… The earth is not the Universe, therefore this os not accurate… At least give them a chance ya3ne :-/

  3. Cynthia

    OMG she looks horrible in that picture i thought she was prettier with all the talk about her and all the iyyem el 3ezz crap. Her body has nothing no curves no appeal.


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