Roadster introducing smaller forks

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I was dining at Roadster yesterday when I noticed their forks have shrunk. I asked for a normal fork but apparently that’s all they got now. It’s not really a big deal but why would u change the size of your forks?

They also have two cup sizes for some reason and they are handed out randomly.

27 thoughts on “Roadster introducing smaller forks

  1. Najib Post author

    Well I care cause it’s annoying to eat with a smaller fork and it’s annoying to ask for a refill every 2 minutes cause the cup is small.

  2. Ali Hamdar

    I guess the different cup size is used to differentiate between diet or normal. Because on refilling the waiter refills my cup with the correct drink without asking you diet or normal.

  3. Najib Post author

    I thought so too but it’s not that way. We both had Diet Pepsi and Seven up yesterday and the cups had different sizes.

    What differentiates diet from normal is the color of the straw.

  4. Ralph

    For the fork i’ve seen in other European restaurants, it’s lighter and easier to handle while eating, but for the cups i guess it’s for avoid waste…

  5. Najib Post author

    Think of it that way Mark.

    With all the problems we have at the political, economical and security levels, and with all the traffic, crazy driving,underpay and hard work we have to live with everyday, it is frustrating to end up with smaller forks and smaller cups to eat your overpriced salad with and drink your diet coke.

    Still, it’s not as frustrating as finding a pickle or an onion in ur burger πŸ˜›

  6. Mark

    If anyone from Roadster is reading this… stop being stingy with the fries! I haven’t seen a place that serves less fries on the side of a burger than Roadster does. Either increase the quantity of the fries or decrease the size of the plate. This would also fit in with the small fork and tiny cups makeover.

  7. ed

    you keep ranting abt restaurants being overpriced but you still go there!!! if people stop going to these restaurants they will have to drop their prices and they will learn how to treat customers and people instead of robbing them…

  8. Najib Post author

    even asking to bring back the bigger forks?? Well I think they read the blog as well so they might as well lower their prices and put more fries πŸ™‚

  9. ed

    of course not Najib, but if roadster notices that the nb of customers is decreasing they will do smthg abt it.. btw im not only talking abt roadster.. how can someone order a man2ousheh in ZwZ?? it costs more than a dozen outside! the prices are really becoming crazy.. but the thing is that we talk abt it but keep going to these places..
    I understand very well that we’re not only paying for the food there but for the atmosphere and everything (eating a sandwich at roadster is not the same as eating a sandwich at snack abou fady) but still, the prices should be more studied so that the customer doesnt feel stupid and robbed when leaving..

  10. Roadster diner

    Dear Najib,

    After double checking with our operations manager, here is the info regarding forks, knives, and glasses at Rd:

    A. as regards the forks:

    1. Early 2011 we were facing difficulties for a certain period in having the supplier deliver the standard fork/knife that we have due to shortage of stock or due to inconsistency of supply.

    2. As mentioned above the standard fork is originally small.

    3. We have tried to collect the non standard forks since last April, but even the non-standard forks have never been bigger

    4. Non standard forks might have been with wider front.

    B. as regards the refill glasses:

    1. The refill glasses have grown bigger in shape since a couple of years and a half, and has remained the same since.

    2. Sometimes mistakes happen when the counter is out of refill glass stock the attendant serves the water glass awaiting to have supply from the dish washing.

    We sincerely thank you for your ongoing feedback, and certainly hope to keep on hearing from you. Furthermore if you have any inquiries, feel free to email us on

    Please we also would like to apologize for any inconvenience that may have happened.

    Have a great day,

    Hady C
    Rd Team

  11. fatsamurai

    ” understand very well that weÒ€ℒre not only paying for the food there but for the atmosphere and everything (eating a sandwich at roadster is not the same as eating a sandwich at snack abou fady)”

    A burger is a burger is a burger.

  12. Mark

    Guys man2oushe at zaatar w zeit costs 2,000LL why do people have trouble paying that? You want the manoushe at ZwZ to cost the same as a manoushe from one of those tiny saj places? I also want a porsche to cost the same price as a golf but that’s not reasonable.

  13. Joe

    I tried the 250 LL Zaatar Man’ouche from Ghalayini a few times and they were OK especially when watering it down with a 250 LL bonjus.

  14. ed

    funny mark, didnt know u were that specific…
    a man2ousheh isnt necessarily a zaatar man2ousheh (you focused ur calculations on that one), and if you think that the prices in lebanese restaurants arent high, niyyelak!

  15. Choura2yak

    Small Forks and Cups, with reducing the quantity of food offered by Plate , is the introduction to the change of Menu and increase in Prices ! This is how i see it ! Anyway Roadster and some few other restaurant are being successful in terms of business and they know how to deal with their customers in a way that they can change anything and increases prices and decrease the size of everything , while preserving the same number of clients.
    This is my opinion .. what is yours ?
    They are

  16. Mark

    ed: my point is you can’t expect the same product to cost the same everywhere just because it costs and X amount in one place.

    You can buy a bottle of booze for like $18 and you could go out and drink a glass of the same booze at a club for $10. Doesn’t mean you’re getting ripped off.

    why go that far, lets use coke as an exmaple. How much does it cost at a super market? how much does it cost at a casual restaurant? and how much does it cost at a high end restaurant?

    I get zaatar sajj from this place in seheili for LL1,500. Same sajj costs LL2,000 at ZwZ. That’s very reasonable.

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