Robin Mahfood, aka “Robin’ Mah Food”

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Food For The Poor, Inc. is a Christian charity that provides food, health, social, economic, and emergency relief services in 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The nonprofit organization helps those most in need through feeding, housing, medical assistance, education, water projects, micro-enterprise programs, and emergency relief operations. Food for the Poor was co-founded by Ferdinand Mahfood and his brother, Robin Mahfood, in 1982, which are both of Lebanese descent.
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You can’t get a better name than that as CEO of “Food for the Poor” lol!

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3 thoughts on “Robin Mahfood, aka “Robin’ Mah Food”

  1. Megan@FFP

    Yes, that’s the real name of Food For The Poor’s CEO. It’s funny, but what’s not funny is the number of people starving because they don’t have enough to eat. Please help Food For The Poor save lives by telling your friends about the dangerous food shortage currently underway,
    Thank you for your support,


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