17 thoughts on “Roula Yaacoub: The most recent victim of Domestic Violence in Lebanon

  1. maya

    Lebanese girls are the ones who allow themselves to be treated this way ,yeaaah yeaaah yeaaah Silence of the lambs

    1. dino Lazzati

      Really Maya???? Was that the best justification you were able to come up with??? How would you like to be treated that way??….beaten and cut up with a kitchen knife and left for dead in front of your 5 daughters…Have some respect to human life…especially battered women and mothers…shame on you for posting your senseless and ignorant comment

  2. Cynthia

    What i don’t get is how her neighbors say they heard her screams for help all night and one of her daughters who escaped told them her father is beating her mom with a stick and no one rushed to help i mean seriously shouldnt they have just got that woman out of the house!

    1. T

      Well like Maya said it’s the Lebanese women’s fault!
      One time I did what u just suggested and guess what i was to blame in the Maghfar!
      The “lady” stood by her husband and said i had no businesses interfering! So next time i c a woman geting beat by her husband i will do nothing! tostofil!
      Sad but that’s the way things are in Lebanon! if u’re not willing to protect/speak up for urself then why should we?

      1. Cynthia

        I agree with Maya too i think women should not put up with abuse its just sometimes they really can’t do anything about it if she runs away or goes to the police they won’t help her theyll just bring her back to her husband who will abuse her again and if her family or surrounding also won’t help her she has nowhere to go nothing she can do. It’s just hard to think about the situation she was in and no one doing anything about it. And whats also sad is her family who are now blocking roads and demanding justice NOW after he killed her when they knew that the guy abuses her and beats her for years.

      2. Georges

        You must be fucking kidding me.
        How are women supposed to speak up for themselves if there aren’t any laws protecting them? I’m not excusing this but to say “tostofil” is just too much.

        1. T

          no not really!
          what’s too much is for someone to side with the aggressor instead of the one that tried to help even if it is her husband! ino chou khayfeh tekoul atleh teneh ma you’re gona get that anyways walla khayfe yonkhorib bayta ma it is already makhroub!
          teaches u a lesson never to help out anybody ever again!
          one of those Chou wo2fit 3layeh situations!

        2. Tina

          George, I second that! you must be fucking kidding me!!! Too bad your intervention and help did not get you the outcome of your dreams miss tostofil… And yes you can give up on helping others when you realize it would involve doing much more than just denouncing someone: her not speaking against him should be the biggest trigger for those who really care to understand how rooted this fear and evil is in our society and how long we will have to work to get rid of it…
          The issue is much bigger than the individual scale of how single individuals react to their very special circumstances that we have no idea what they are.The issue is a public one affecting about half of our population who are denied safety and protection and BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS… Why didn’t the neighbors help, the family, or T, … Sure, we can reflect about that and be as cynical and blame-full as we want, but we are also all agreeing to live in a society like that, nostofil?
          ps. T, you not helping anyone again is probably best…

  3. Ed

    The comments on this article are the weirdest, from blaming women in general, to blaming this woman’s neighbors, to blaming her for marrying him in the first place…

  4. Gianni

    No one is holding the antiquated laws; YOUR MPs, the stupid culture accountable. Objectifying women (most with their acquiescence)…even though some women think they are liberated or “westernized”; more often they equate that liberalism with sleeping around.

    Women should be treasured and respected. There’s pleny of rancid cultural stench!!

  5. Rima

    I still can’t get over this sad story!

    One thing you need to know about violence and abuse is that the abuser is usually manipulative and evil. He adopts the following strategies:

    1-It is your fault I am treating you this way
    2-Emotional blackmailing: If you leave me you will never see your children again or I will kill them
    3-Financial dependency: he controls the money and therefore if the woman does not have a better option or a shelter to go to she will feel trapped
    4- Most importantly the abuser uses the carrot and the stick approach. After each episode of abuse, he promises to be a better person and never do it again. So the victim feels that she is trapped in a cycle of abuse and appeasement.

    We need an organization in Lebanon, maybe led by the church, to provide women and children who are victims of domestic abuse with a temporary shelter and legal advice to protect them. I am sure many volunteers and donors will be supporting the project.

    Domestic violence has deep rooted causes and society should interfere whether the woman allows it or not. The victim as I explained above is confused trapped and often traumatised from years of abuse and humiliation.

    My heart goes to the little girls who ended up with no mom and a criminal father! Can you imagine?

    Roula May you rest in peace! May your spirit hover over your daughters and protect them from further abuse.

  6. Dino

    The Motherfucker should be executed for murdering his wife. He should be beaten to death with a thick metal stick…Lebanon is not like Iran and Afghanistan and some of these countries where women are physically tortured,battered and murdered on a regular basis. That murderer should not get away with.

  7. May

    These women are very scared and they need help. These monstrous men make them believe it is their fault. The law need to be changed. Instead of strangers interfering with the matters, the police should had been called. Someone’s live should have been saved that day and still no body care it is absolutely disgusting . I am absolutely shocked to hear some of the other comments from other women saying it her fault. How dare.
    Imagine yourself in the situation with no money and no one to help and nowhere to go to.

    I hope the Lebanese government do something this time!,,,

    1. Dino

      I agree with you May 100%. These so called lebanese women who are posting their bios and ignorant comments could careless about what these women face on a daily basis. All these idiots care about is fixing their hair,doing pedicures and menicures, partying on rooftops in Beirut and getting drunk. I urge them to have a meaningful purpose in life like helping fellow battered lebanese women. It starts with them. They need to protest,hit city streets and make a positive change. They should demand justice for Roula and ask that her murderous husband be apprehended and indicted. In my opinion I think he should be sentenced to death for taking such a young and innocent life who happened to be the mother of his 5 daughters.

  8. May

    I absolutely agree with you. He should be trialed and sentenced even though I am much against capital punishment. But definitely he deserve a very harsh sentence for what he did.


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