Rush Hour: Lebanon edition

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I was on my way out on Sunday morning when I took a look from the balcony only to see my car and 5 others blocked by at least 2 cars.

I have no idea what those people were thinking to park like that, but I had to wait over an hour before they cleared the way. They did apologize for the inconvenience though which is not so common among Lebanese drivers.

5 thoughts on “Rush Hour: Lebanon edition

  1. Desmond Bey

    Apologies or not, the ignorance displayed by those drivers is monumental. As long as they are OK, to hell with anyone else.
    Maybe even worse is the general lack of any civic sense (and this goes for the whole of our wonderful country). Small things like obeying traffic laws, not throwing rubbish on the streets, respecting your neighbours, etc., have to be taught to our children which in turn changes the attitude of a generation, which hopefully changes the mindset of the country….
    Aahhhh, who am I kidding?

    As if…

    1. Najib Post author

      The problem is that you can’t mess with the land cause it was inherited by 10-15 individuals and they haven’t decided what to do with it.

      We should thank them they let us park in the first place 🙂

  2. A

    did they leave their numbers? when i have to park like that i make sure to leave my number clearly and be available whenever someone calls..
    i understand that they had to park like that, sometimes you just cant find a spot anywhere within 1km of your place and have to park somewhere..
    TL;DR: sorry

  3. Alphonse

    I have to totally agree with Desmond..
    Take a tour of the city and carry out a root cause analysis of traffic jams; a few (major) causes are, in random order:
    РDriver parking in the right lane to get his morning man2oush̩ bil Za3tar w MobilOil (YALLA YALLA DA2EE2AA.. WALAWWWW?????).
    РFriend of the above driver parking diagonally behind him, leaving just enough for a mobilette to pass, to get his fix of man2oush̩ and morning gossip.
    – Concentrated Driver, Texting, thinking traffic did not move on, and wondering WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE HONKING–THEY SHOULD BAN HORNS IN THIS COUNTRY…
    – Driver in heated debate with passenger, moving at 10km/h in the left lane, on a highway, ignoring trail behind.

    We have to add to Ghandi’s 7 Dangers to Human Virtue: Drivers without Manners.

    The sad thing is, One such specimen is enough to block the way for One Thousand well-behaved fellows..


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