13 thoughts on “Sabah complaining about electricity in Lebanon back in 1991

  1. Rob

    SO the problem existed since forever and was getting worse since then year after year, so dont blame ONE minister blame ALL

    1. Najib Post author

      Speaking of all ministers in charge of the electricity, I suggest you take a look at all the previous ones in charge ever since 1991.

      You’d find an interesting trend.

      1. Rob

        i dont care abt the trend, ALL ministers since 1991 should be blamed im not talking abt a political party i dont care

        1. Najib Post author

          I can’t agree more. Just pointing out a fact but keep in mind that people will judge the person in charge nowadays and not his predecessors.

    2. Gianni

      When new ministers take charge of an administration; they should honor or TRY to honor their promises. I would criticize any minister or government that is as incompetent and impotent as this one. Maybe you should check whether their new villas are lit 24/7??

      People should hold all these pols to higher standard than you guys do. Shame on the voters!

    3. Rachelle

      Ok I agree, but does blaming all the previous ministers (whoever they are) make the current one’s responsibility any less???
      When you hold a position of authority and come bragging about reform, well you should stand for it and stop whining.

    4. Alphonse

      Yes, and it shall remain there for a loooong time, mark my words.
      My theory is that the government(s), instead of having to invest($$$$$$$$) in new plants (God forbid), then hire, train, pay employees to run, maintain, network (kilovolts, anyone??), collect ($$), risk power theft or failing to collect..

      ..prefer to take the easy way out: Let the damn people PAY CASH for their private generators (Custom Duty,VAT), their maintenance (headache) and parts (Custom Duty,VAT), and most importantly MAKE THEM PAY CASH for the preciou$ Fuel (TAXXXXXXX,VAT)..

      Imagine the government NOT having to invest a SINGLE CENT, from start to end, just comfortably collect the TAXE$$$$$$. (If this is not racketeering, I do not know what is!!)
      My guess is that the crappy power situation lately is to cover for their newly approved $$$$-7-BILLION.
      Less EDL forces More Taxes (YESSSS!).
      (Point to ponder for these Gentlemen: if EDL=0, what is the upper limit of the expected taxes?!!? and NO, it CANNOT BE infinite, you moronzzzzz..)

      I guarantee you i saw this coming the day the cabinet “RESOLVED” their made-up SPENDING CRISIS.. ehem..resolved..
      Once again, we quote:
      “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

      WHY the problem still exists 22 FREAKIN YEARS after the ’75 war (supposedly) ended?
      QED, don’t you think..

      Bassile is just the fall guy.


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