Sawfar, Lebanon

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Sawfar is one of the most beautiful areas you pass by on your way to Zahle or the Beqaa and in Lebanon as a whole. The village consists of old Lebanese houses and a stunning green scenery. The Corniche is one of its most beautiful roads with trees, villas and old Lebanese houses on each side of the road.

You can also find in Sawfar the Donna Maria Sursock’s residence that was built by her husband Alfred in 1909. The Villa looks a little like a small fairy tale castle and is interesting because of its decorative elements in cast cement, a novelty at the time. [Link]

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  1. JenJen

    There are beautiful houses and Villas in Sawfar reflecting the traditional red roofed architecture… also there are some wonderful houses that do not appear on the road,they are on top of the mountain or in the valley. I love taking this road to Zahle every weekend:)


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