Sectarian Upbringing = Orthodox Law

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I just remembered this video that LBC’s Cheyef 7alak team produced back in June 2012 to fight sectarianism in Lebanon and raise awareness among the young Lebanese generations. Sadly enough, we’ve adopted an electoral law (taking aside all political considerations) that promotes sectarianism and makes kids sound like the ones in the ad.

I don’t care who you follow or vote for, each one of us has a social and an ethical responsibility to refuse this backwards thinking and this destructive way of dividing Lebanese into sects and obliging each to vote for his own sect only. By doing that, Lebanon, as described so well by Elias, “could find itself in breach of UN protocols and other conventions on human rights that require certain basic democratic principles like equality of suffrage, guarantees of the free expression of the will of the voter, etc. In other words, Lebanon’s confessional system would become a liability for its international obligations, which has often created opportunities for activists to get progressive legislation passed (as in the case of the anti-smoking ban).”

2 thoughts on “Sectarian Upbringing = Orthodox Law

  1. Fadi

    I am all for a non sectarian government.. however, how can anyone ensure that Lebanon’s future is not in the hands of Muslim extremists who do not tolerate anyone or anything outside of Islam culture/rule?
    If we go by the precedents set by the uprisings in other middle Eastern countries/governments, there is not much hope for a truly free Lebanon. The situation may seem bleak and hopeless now… but it could be much, much worse.
    Without faith in a future for truly free country… people have little choice.

  2. maya

    They should’ve adopted a laique perspective of voting ,but that’s removing all sects and they wouldn’t want that ,do they ,i have negative feelings about the recent couple’s marriage ,that promise of making civil marriage legal may just be a lie after all


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