Seheili is the ghetto

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When I’m in Lebanon I live in Seheili (it’s like 5 minutes after Jeita) and for some reason a lot of thefts and robberies take place there. For example my building got robbed twice during construction and the second time our buildings caretaker was held at gun point. Then yesterday night a neighbor across the street had his FJ Cruiser stolen. If that’s not bad enough the thieves contacted him from Baalbak the next day and told him he could have his car back for $10,000!

Seheili is starting to sound like the ghetto. It’s really odd.

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  1. The Razor

    all of this security situation in Lebanon and with the Ministry of Interior crying because he doesn’t have the means, we should ake this matter in our hands. any one with a high risk car (car that is most probably gonna be robbed)should install the anti-thieves system. it differs from the anti-theft system by one detail. Implant a bomb in the car. when the car is robbed, the owner will remotely explode the car hoping that he has made the most possible number of victims. for more reliance, add a GPS locator device to be sure that the car is in the thieves stronghold.

    I bet you no thieves will ever even try to rob cars anymore.

  2. A

    tell your neighbor that if he pays the 10K$ he should expect the car to be full in fuel.. 3ayb yekhdouwa w ma yreddouwa mfawwleh 3al alileh, tfeh 3al 3alam shu bala zo2..

    on a more serious note.. how the hell do you steal a state of the art machine?!

    btw, i live in Mar Elias street, and this street is a shopping mall for car thieves at night, besides my car, i know at least 7 other mercedes c class just like mine who had their mirrors “vanish” in the middle of the night.. the cost of 1 mirror? 300$ or 600$, depending on which parts exactly the robbers took


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