Shake Shack opening soon

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I just got confirmation that Shake Shack will be opening in Lebanon this July! I’m trying to find out exactly where but it’s pretty cool how both Fatburger and Shake Shack will be opening up nearly at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Shake Shack opening soon

  1. The Razor

    Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat news. But the real good news would be if they will have their burgers made with the fix. the fix is that, when they first opened in Kuwait, I hated their burger, but then I tried it again and felt it was much better. After asking, the answer was that they are not frying the meat anymore. I believe that, at the beginning, they used to soak the meat in the frying oil. Dunno how accurate this information is, but I hope that Mark would confirm it.

    1. Mark

      I don’t think they were frying their burgers but maybe they now grind the beef locally instead of grinding it in the US and then shipping it to Kuwait which is what they were originally doing.


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