Sheikh Ahmad Al Assir Reality Show: Season1 Finale

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The Season1 Finale ended up with a pleasant surprise, whereas Sheikh Ahmad Al Assir decided to end the sit-in in Saida as a gift on the occasion of Army Day. Season2 is still under negotiation and Sheikh Assir has decided to join Twitter in order to keep all his fans up to date. [@Ahmad Al Assir]

For those of you who missed the previous episodes:
Season1 – Episode1
Season1 – Episode2
Season1- Bonus Episode

2 thoughts on “Sheikh Ahmad Al Assir Reality Show: Season1 Finale

  1. Scirocc0

    tayeb l summer camp mabikoun kell l sayf ! 😛
    khalas sarit la7 totla3 l nateyej w bokra betbalish l ecole 😀


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