Should Lebanon stop receiving Syrian refugees?

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Young Al-Qaeda recruits heading to the training camp north of Lebanon

I honestly couldn’t stop laughing when I heard everyone talking about the Syrian refugees in the past few days and whether we should keep our borders open or not. The Syrian crisis has been ongoing for over a year now and tens of thousands have been fleeing to Lebanon/Jordan/Turkey yet we just noticed that we can’t handle that many refugees after they reached almost 200,000.

I don’t want to dig into details because they are pointless and boring. In fact, even if some people want to close down the borders, which I totally disagree with, the Lebanese authorities will never be able to monitor 375 Km of land boundaries. As for the refugees already in Lebanon, the government should have thought earlier about setting up camps to keep them safe and be able to monitor their numbers and needs. Last but not least, I ask any Arab/European/American side who wants to make us feel bad about not taking proper care of the refugees to send in money and donations because we’re not exactly at our best state right now. In other words, “ma minbeed massarĂ©!”

All in all, this is a purely humanitarian cause which should be dealt with as such. I can’t stop but thinking how these poor families will spend the next few days with the upcoming storm.

Syrian refugees living in a mosque in Arsal, in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon.
Syrian Terrorists threatening our community

14 thoughts on “Should Lebanon stop receiving Syrian refugees?

  1. Ali

    concerning the sarcastic comment below the pic of the children, well if not these in the pic there are for sure other islamists terrorists coming to lebanon. Well yeah we cant handle any more refugees :/ its not a matter of feeling pity for them or not. Besides the new thing is the Palestinians coming to leb from syria these are the major prob. so we should not allow ny more refugee to come. other arab countries are more able to take care of them so instead of blaming us, they should host them.

    1. Marwan

      Well terrorist wont sneak in with civilians…if a terrorist wants to get in our country they can do it with no matter what passport (you name it). Since the conditions in Syria are unsafe; our borders should definitely stay open (you cannot close the borders ‘n tell them keep dying), BUT this should be organized. It can stay chaotic as it is now.

  2. Rob

    well the palestinian issue was humanitarian also w leik wein wsolna we dont want to experience that AGAIN
    IF we can close/control borders we should do that like others
    almost 15% of the population are refugees syrians and palestinians
    its a small country we cant handle it, let them make us feel sorry better than BE sorry, we should deport them to another BIGGER countries where they have money also

    1. Marwan

      the Syrian issue is totally different than the Palestinians . and however the problem is within our politicians that lead us here with the Palestinian issue.

    2. Najib Post author

      Palestine was invaded by Israel. Syrians will be coming back to Syria trust me on that. They are not very happy being humiliated here.

  3. S

    We accepted the Palestinians look were we are now
    How do you think the Syrians are now making money by stealing and robbing everyone they see
    the nice Syrians are now living in a rented apartment and aren’t causing any problems
    About the sarcastic comments there are no men in the pictures because they are out stealing or fighting with the FSA

  4. Fadi

    During 2006 war in Lebanon, a Bakery shop in Damascus hanged a sign saying (Bread is free for our Lebanese brothers)

  5. Paul

    Of course we should stop receiving refugees. Its not correct to open old books but as was previously mentioned look what happened when we opened our doors to the Palestinians. I’m in AUB and I have to mention that there are more pro-Palestinians clubs than any other kind of club. Its a scary thing considering that we are in Lebanon and not in Palestine. Also look at what happened in Nahr el Bered. We have a lot of problems in our country, we don’t need more. Go somewhere else like Lebanese people had do when the Turkish, Syrians, and Israelis invaded or during the various years of civil wars.

  6. Vox p.

    How cute.

    What about the fighters crossing the border back and forth? Do you have cute pictures of them too?

    Who’s going to feed, educate and house those people? With whose money?

    Lebanon has enough refugees already. I would mine the border if I could.

  7. josef

    This Blog is becoming a Blind Farteen of March follower.
    YES for harboring the refugees who are fleeing their unsecured are located NEAR lebanon and who have no other choice.
    YES to put a limit to the number of refugees.
    YES to let the lebanese army control the refugees and make sure the MEN are well searched and unarmed.

    and YES there are TERRORISTS infiltrating our country from syria and guess what, they are backed up by high profile lebanese politicians, those same politicians who were screaming SIYEDE HORRIYE ISTEKLEL, they are the same one who are encouraging all sorts of ARAB fighters to infiltrate our country and screw our security and wave the syrian flag on the martyr square!!!! those same hypocrites are bringing back the 1975 but they are replacing the Palestinians with Syrians!

    1. Najib Post author

      On what basis are you coming up with those assumptions? Did you read what I had to say? I am all for controlling the flux of refugees but closing the borders is wrong plus the terrorists you are talking about are not going through the legitimate borders that you can be sure of and it’s been ongoing for years even before the Syrian crisis.

    2. Ali Sleeq

      Dude… what are you George W Bush? Enough with those scare tactics. If anything, March 14 followers are more worried about foreign intervention, seeing that all their politicians have been assassinated.

      Why don’t the “other” local polticians stop sending their support to the Syrian regime? Or is that acceptable to you?


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