So the speed tickets are real!

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I was still skeptical about all those radars and speed tickets since none of my friends and my friends’ friends has got a ticket so far until i saw one today.

This is how it looks like, no mention of where you got it or how much you have to pay (I am assuming it is still 50,000LL and irrelevant of your speed excess).

According to the ISF, “Accidents decreased by 18.4 percent, injuries decreased by 22.6 percent and fatalities dropped by 50 percent” since the radars were installed. [DailyStar]

PS: I noticed they removed the categories related to the ministers and member of parliaments from the ISF website.

5 thoughts on “So the speed tickets are real!

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  3. mouwaten

    I’ve got a speeding ticket in a region i wasn’t there and even if i check ISF website regularly it didn’t show and i was late and my ticket was transfered to the Mahkameh coz libanpost couldn’t deliver it to me coz my adress isn’t complete. I am with the speeding tickets but let’s have the process behind working good. Now i have to bear extra charges because i was late to pay which wasn’t related directly to me. I am realy pissed off the system.


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