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Someone should tell those behind this ad that including an old Lebanese teta does not do the job. The ad must make some sense to say the least, like the Taanayel ad for example.

While checking some of these ads, i found Abou Fouad’s “YES” ads, an 1973 Ariel ad, this cheesy “Patisserie L’escale” ad and tons of old Lebanese ads you can check out here.

8 thoughts on “Solet Tapis TETA W SEJJEDETA

  1. Samer

    come on man !! i love this ad… and it is meaningful…
    they r just trying to show how grandmas are always preoccupied with the house and 7att l sejed w sheil l sejed !!
    i thinks its a winner… at least it reminds me alot of my grandma…

  2. Tarek

    Well Najib how do you want it to make sense when the creative director of this ad is the same as the ” Sois belle et vote ” ad ??

  3. Michele

    Interesting! I didn’t know that Clementine did that ad as well.
    Just to emphasize on Tarek’s critic it’s the same agency who did the cheesy ad of “Mon bijoux, mon droit!”.
    I must admit though that the solet one is at least a bit creative!

  4. Najib Post author

    Actually the “sois belle et vote” made a lot of sense for the people who voted for them. They turned out to be real stupid and did vote 🙂

    But as you and Michelle said, if those previous two ads are theirs, then i should not expect anything good out of them.

  5. Samer

    najib i still think ur missing the whole point behind the ad which is why u hate it so much…
    the fact that she misses her rugs even in summer and treats them like her children is the main concept…
    i do agree with u that the history of this company isn’t so bright when it comes to smart ads
    but this one is a smart move…
    they r playing on nostalgia humor and a smart concept…
    and lets please try and keep a professional level of artistic criticism here. any1 has the right to like or dislike since “colors and tastes cant be argued”.
    criticism is based on a good concept and that has nothing to do with taste


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