Sorry bass .. .WTF?

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You know what is the thing that upset me the most about those two videos? Her singing and destroying a Melhem Barakat song! Why you ask? Because I had no expectations for this show whatsoever and I am a big Melhem fan.

I think OTV should seriously reconsider airing “Sorry Bass” if that’s the best they can pull.

12 thoughts on “Sorry bass .. .WTF?

  1. Jo

    7a2 3ala hayda el ahbal li 3azama 3al show , i don’t watch otv nor any lebanese channel , but seriously wtf is that in the first video , even that guy shatit ralto , i ddnt watch the second one, im pretty sure she destroyed the song

  2. Hala Moubarak

    Je ne sais pas si parler de Myriam Klink est une bonne chose. A force de parler d’elle, on ne fait que l’aider… on lui offre une publicité gratuite. Et même si notre critique est négative… elle ne fera qu’augmenter les doses du choquant chaque jour un peu plus.
    Elle ne prétendait pas etre artiste avec sa première chanson « 3antar », mais je trouve qu’elle désire vraiment l’être. Surtout avec ses dernières apparitions. Alors en parler pour la critiquer ou pas ???? Suivre le dicton : l’indifférence est la pire des attitudes et se dire que bientôt elle n’existera plus ! Je ne sais pas… je suis confuse …
    Ce a quoi il faut vraiment penser est autre.
    Nous sommes entrain de tomber bien bas. Et les media, les chaines télévisées ne sont pas entrain de nous aider à améliorer notre intellect. Abrutir les masses. Leur donner tout ce qu’il faut pour ne penser qu’a la sexualité, aux instincts primitifs de notre état d’être humain… il y avait Maya Diab, aujourd’hui il y a Josiane el Zir, demain il y aura Madame Carotte qui épluche des bananes…. Divertir… je suis pour ! Mais pas ainsi… pas avec ce coté pornographique déguisé, qui nous enterre un peu plus sous terre. Nous abrutir…. Et nous obliger a parler de Myriam Klink, malgré nous….

  3. M

    This TV show is so ridiculous. I dont know why they keep it airing from one season to another. It should simply be stopped.
    Most of the shows on lebanese channels are becoming shallow and stupid, either political or musical. Just to get ratings. No good movies, no good documentaries and no cultural events are being broadcasted. Such a waste of time.

    1. monique

      if they weren’t getting high viewership they would have stopped the show a long time ago!!! this is evidence of a degenerating society!!

  4. W

    It is funny because when Melhem sings this song, you are quite sure he is talking about his love but when Klink sings it, you get the impression she is definitely talking about something else…

  5. josef

    so this Blog and most of his fans are expressing full hate for a TV station… simply because a degrading singer appeared on it?!
    reading the above replies makes one think that the singers on MTV, LBC, NTV… are world class DIVAS?

    seriously if you guys want to curse OTV because it represent a political party you better do it in a more intelligent and subtle way, because you really sound ridiculous.

    Klink sucks big time, she doesn’t deserve all that attention and t agree with Hala, the more you talk about her the more she will feel important.

    1. Michele

      You know what’s really ridiculous ya Zouzou, your ridiculous comment! And what’s funny that you mentioned the word “intelligent” in a non-intelligent comment!
      Sunddenly Klink sounds more “Intelligent” than you!

  6. ed

    I think we should encourage her doing more songs and releasing an album, and then a big concert somewhere in Lebanon, and when it starts, we bomb the place and that’s how you erase a big portion of stupid people 🙂

    P.S: this is a joke, please don’t arrest me, I have no intention doing something like that, I swear!


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