Speeding Ticket (Update)

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As I mentioned almost two weeks back, I wa surprised to find on the ISF website that I received a speeding ticket dating back from October 2011. Even though the ticket was from October, it was published on the website in April 2012, which means over 6 months late.

Nevertheless, it turns out I am not the only one receiving late speeding tickets, so I followed the instructions on the website and called LibanPost. After several attempts, the LibanPost operator informed me that my ticket did not yet arrive and that it is still at Jounieh’s police station. I told them that it’s a very old ticket dating back from October but they confirmed to me that it wasn’t received yet.

Having said that, I tried to find Jounieh’s police station contact number but in vain, so I will be waiting for LibanPost to contact me now. However what amazes me is that I passed my “mecanique” in December even though I had unpaid tickets on my profile. I understand delaying the speeding ticket on the website but shouldn’t it be updated with the “Mecanique” database at least?

Last but not least, I was told by a friend that I cannot pay LibanPost once they deliver my ticket but have to go to their office to do so, which means that it is useless to ask LibanPost to deliver the ticket since you will have to go back and pay it afterwards.

3 thoughts on “Speeding Ticket (Update)

  1. jennifer

    don’t wait for liban post or anything they same the same thing for me for my speeding ticket 3 months later nthg …. i ended up having to go from markaz amin 3am to another in vain running after finding my speeding ticket after 4 months it reached el mahkameh el 3askarey…. paid it there

  2. A

    Hey najib, same thing happened to me, i saw the ticket 4 months later.. libanpost never got it.i went to the police station in question to pay it , i was surprised to find that i have no ticket, the entry was later removed.. i lived happily ever after.

  3. anna

    you can pay upon delivery. it’s 5,000 ll extra. postage and whatever. also they can deliver to supermarkets or places of work.


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